XTM Live 2024 First Agenda and Speakers Revealed
XTM Live 2024 First Agenda and Speakers Revealed illustration
Aleix Gwilliam
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XTM Live 2024 | Agenda and Speakers Revealed

We’re very excited to present the first version of the XTM Live 2024 agenda.

XTM Live 2024 will be taking place in New York City on April 10-11, and it will congregate localization and globalization leaders and experts from around the world for two days packed with insightful presentations and fantastic networking opportunities.

This year’s agenda includes some of the industry’s most renowned figures on stage with thought-leadership sessions on some of today’s most relevant topics. Renato Beninatto (Nimdzi) will be discussing how AI and new technologies are impacting global business strategies; Carrie Fischer (Subway) will be presenting the self-explanatory ‘How To Make Sense Of The AI Chaos’; and AI pioneer Andrzej Zydroń will be showcasing the latest advancements in large language models.

The ever-dynamic panel discussions also promise to be one of the event’s main focus points, and the first one of the event will have Ben Cornelius (Cornelius Communications) and Nicole Alves (Crown Equipment Corporation) discussing whether companies still need to compromise on quantity and quality with the arrival of Generative AI, a session that will no doubt provide answers to the many questions that are currently floating around on a daily basis in the industry.

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There are also some eye-opening and thought-provoking case studies in the lineup, including Red Hat’s pioneering transition from XML to AsciiDoc presented by Lène Spee and Jourik Ciesielski (C-Jay International), Toyota North America’s Will Carroll on their successful journey of how they managed to scale up in quality and volume by reinvesting the savings brought by deploying smart localization technology, and Ron Egle (Ariel Corporation) will be speaking about how they improved their MT model performance through TM training.

XTM CEO Ian Evans will be presenting a session on CEO vision, and Product Director Sara Basile will be uncovering the XTM Roadmap and presenting some of XTM Cloud’s most exciting new features and those that are planned for the future, a must-see for anyone who wants a sneak peek of what to expect in the coming months.

On Day 2, there are also two XTM Cloud training sessions for Advanced and Intermediate users led by XTM Xperts Andreas Ljungström and John Weisgerber, a fantastic opportunity to maximize your usage of XTM Cloud and learn new tips and tricks, as well as see the new features in action. Will Yao (Prisma International) will be talking about the substantial benefits of integrating automated workflows across different platforms, and AI expert Rafał Jaworski will be presenting how classic AI language models are applied to quality assurance, a session that will no doubt be of great interest to companies who are particularly interested in enhancing their content quality without compromising efficiency.

There are still more sessions to be confirmed in the coming days, so stay tuned to our website for further updates or, to make it easier, sign up for XTM Live 2024 updates to receive them all in your inbox directly.

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