XTM Mobile 2.2 released
XTM Mobile 2.2 released illustration
AuthorJagoda Modrzyńska

XTM Mobile 2.2 introduces enhancements that enable localization managers to manage their projects with increased flexibility and user experience while on the go.

We have been updating the XTM Mobile app more regularly since November, which has been welcomed by users. Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International commented, “XTM Mobile 2.2 brings us one step closer to our vision: give our clients the tools to manage their localization projects anytime and anywhere, no matter on which device they work. Users have liked the agile approach we are taking to more regular updates, this means we can get new functionality out to users, more quickly.”

The new release gives localization managers more flexibility to oversee projects while away from their office or home desk. They can now archive or reactivate a project directly from within the app. Thanks to the Reactivate a project option, project managers can enable previously closed projects again, and linguists can then resume working on those projects.

The option to reanalyze a project has also been added to XTM Mobile 2.2. This ensures the metrics and costs reflect any project updates.

Visit the release notes to find out more about the latest enhancements in XTM Mobile 2.2.