XTM Mobile v2.7 – Upwardly Mobile
XTM Mobile v2.7 – Upwardly Mobile illustration
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In the two months since the release of XTM Mobile 2.6, further progress has been made in making this product a must-have tool for language service professionals on the go.   

Due Credit

Meeting delivery deadlines is an important part of the language service professional’s job, and XTM Mobile 2.7 enables users to stay fully informed of project due dates and amend those dates while on the go. Make the changes you need to make and edit workflows at the click of a button. A pop-up showing available options will guide you.

Keeping You Updated

XTM Mobile 2.7 now offers you an option to add or remove target languages from a translation project, giving you even greater flexibility in project management. One click generates a new form with a choice of language combinations to upload, and one further click then takes you to a refreshed view of your updated project.

“It’s not enough just to give users access to project information via mobile. We want XTM Mobile users to have a full range of project management tools available to them. Version 2.7 enables language professionals to update important information, add and remove target languages to existing projects and ensure that delivery dates remain accurate and expectations are managed. We’re proud of this release and, as ever, we look forward to the opinions that matter most – those of our clients.”

Sara Basile, Product Manager XTM International.

Here’s what XTM Mobile users have to say about the app:

“An excellent user experience”

“The focus should always be on the user experience, and XTM Mobile gives the user the freedom to work effectively while away from their desks.”

“The language combinations I want, when and where I want them”

“XTM Mobile is the app that gives me the language choices I want, not just giving me mobile access to projects but giving me the options I need to truly manage them.”

XTM is client-led, and many upgrades in XTM Cloud and XTM Mobile are the result of user feedback. We value your suggestions for further enhancements, so please log in to XTM On Demand and share them with us via XTM WishList.

XTM Mobile 2.7 is now available for download from Google Play and Apple store.

For further information on XTM Mobile 2.7, please refer to the release notes.

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