XTM Portal 20.3: Simple, Customizable, Transparent
XTM Portal 20.3: Simple, Customizable, Transparent illustration
AuthorJagoda Modrzyńska

XTM International is pleased to announce the release of the new version of XTM Portal, the web-based platform for the XTM Cloud translation management system. XTM Portal enables users to submit translation requests, approve costs and download translated files. The 20.3 version sees increased customizability, improved transparency and enhanced user experience for both Portal users and administrators.

Sara Basile, Product Manager at XTM International commented on the latest upgrade: “The new XTM Portal release introduces a brand new naming convention (year + released version), creating a distinct development pipeline. The 20.3 release offers a series of improvements to achieve greater transparency by still relying on the power of simplicity. Enterprise and LSP translation requesters will experience a more intuitive project submission workflow, while administrators have additional tools to customize the user’s experience.”

Improved customization for administrators

XTM Portal 20.3 gives additional customization options, enabling translation requesters to adapt the user interface the way they want. Portal users can now define their custom project names or accept pre-defined names offered by the system. This feature which can be enabled by administrators, will help users to identify projects more quickly. Administrators can also hide columns which are not relevant to users, and change the order of their appearance. For example, some users may not need to know about price estimations, this and other columns can be disabled from the Project listing view.
Registration is now more user-friendly as Portal administrators are in a position to decide which fields are required or not. Fewer fields to fill in means a faster sign up process.

More transparent, more efficient

XTM Portal 20.3 aims to increase transparency and improve communication between Portal users and project managers in XTM Cloud. In order to save unnecessary work and improve overall clarity, requesters can cancel their translation request any time before submitting it. This way, project managers in XTM Cloud are quickly notified of the project cancellation before they allocate resources to a project. Administrators can also see if the XTM Portal version they are working on is compatible with a specific version of XTM Cloud.

Enhanced user experience

We have added additional user experience enhancements which cover extended user permissions, UI enhancements for mobile users and user-friendly configuration of translation options. Users can also delete their Portal account without having to contact administrators. Lastly, configuring translation options has become more user-friendly.

If you are interested to learn more about how XTM Portal 20.3 can make it easier to request translations, contact our team of language technology experts!

About XTM International

XTM International develops XTM, the world’s leading cloud-based translation management solution (TMS) with an integrated Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) and Computer Aided Review (CAR) tools. It is designed to be scalable, flexible and agile, with industry open standards at its core.
Focused on streamlining complex localization processes and supply chains, XTM centralizes TM assets for real-time collaboration, maximizing translation reuse. The system incorporates in-context WYSIWYG reviews, LQA tests, alternative translations for transcreation, a mobile app for project managers and a REST API with off the shelf connectors for most CMSs.
XTM’s customers include many of the world’s largest LSPs and leading enterprises in a variety of industries. More information is available at the XTM website and XTM free trial.