XTM TechTalk: Retooling language review with CAR technology
XTM TechTalk: Retooling language review with CAR technology illustration
AuthorJagoda Modrzyńska

A committed, expert language reviewer is a valuable resource. They provide a critical pair of eyes that helps prevent errors in the final translation ensuring a high quality deliverable. Many reviewers are subject matter experts (SME) from specialized fields, think medical professionals or field engineers, who do not necessarily have knowledge of CAT tools or understand the translation lexicon we take for granted.
How do you help them to perform a great review?

Computer Aided Review (CAR) technology is the solution.

Ahead of the upcoming LocWorldWide42 event, we are publishing another XTM TechTalk with a focus on CAR technology. This time Dave Ruane (Digital Content and Partnership Manager) had a conversation with Sara Basile (Product Manager) and Alex Zekakis (Global Solutions Architect Manager) about this new approach to language review. They will explain what Computer Aided Review (CAR) is and why it is important, what the current state of language review is and how XTM Cloud caters to different language review scenarios.

Play the video to find out more!