XTRF 9.8: Enhanced Project Management
XTRF 9.8: Enhanced Project Management illustration
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With the release of XTRF Version 9.8, we’re excited to bring you a range of new features and improvements that empower you to work even more seamlessly with your favorite CAT tools, whether it’s MemoQ or XTM Cloud, as well as adding some more flexibility to project creation and editing.

Let’s dive into the latest additions that will enhance how you manage your translation projects.

Improved CAT tool integrations for better project management in Smart Projects

Enhanced XTM Cloud Integration for Effortless Project Management

With XTRF 9.8, project managers are now able to manage projects fully without having to login to XTM Cloud, when it is their CAT tool of choice. Once the project has been created in XTM Cloud, everything else can be done within the XTRF platform:

  • Vendor assignments will be automatically populated in XTM Cloud based on your XTRF settings.
  • Translators will automatically receive links to XTM Workbench via XTRF emails or the XTRF Vendor Portal.

Moreover, once the project is done, the target files generated within XTM Cloud can be downloaded straight from XTRF, enabling you to send them directly to the client without having to log in to XTM Cloud, streamlining the whole process.

Customizable Process Templates

For both XTM Cloud and MemoQ, you can now add new CAT tool steps and map them with their counterparts in the CAT Tool on your own, without having to rely on predefined settings.

This gives you more flexibility in regards to the naming of the steps and their pricing, as now you can have multiple variants of the same CAT Tool step defined within XTRF.

XTM Cloud Update

With XTRF 9.8, you can create and define custom process steps in XTM Cloud and have them accurately reflected in XTRF.

This level of synchronization ensures that the project workflow accurately mirrors your desired process, whether it involves translation, review, proofreading, or other steps. As XTM Cloud enables you to create your own custom steps, the possibilities are endless—and now reflected in XTRF.

MemoQ Update

XTRF 9.8 now ensures that MemoQ users are following the right process, making sure that only the right steps can be selected.

For instance, the system will prevent you from selecting the same translation step twice or placing it after the review step, which would cause an error in MemoQ. The enhanced validation ensures that only recognized steps are selectable within your CAT tool.

Flexible Project Creation and Editing

Have you ever wished you could switch between client or service settings mid-project?

Well, now you can.

This dynamic feature empowers you to make adjustments up to a specific project stage, eliminating unnecessary hassle and saving you time.

Previously, once a project was created, its client and service settings were fixed. However, XTRF 9.8 allows users to change these settings within a certain timeframe, reducing the risk of errors and facilitating project adjustments.

For example, if you initially create a project without a specified client or service, you can now easily edit and define these details as the project progresses. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for projects that require dynamic adjustments, such as when client details are incomplete at the project’s inception, or when a project is created from a CAT tool integration.