XTRF 9.9: Elevating Efficiency
XTRF 9.9: Elevating Efficiency illustration
Melissa Lorraine
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We’re thrilled to unveil XTRF 9.9 and the exciting advancement it brings in the integration between XTRF and XTM Cloud. Our team has been hard at work to bring you a seamless experience that empowers users with greater control and efficiency, along with better project management and a new client invoicing flow.

Enhanced Integration Between XTRF Smart Projects and XTM Cloud

We’re excited to announce a significant enhancement to our integration between XTRF and XTM Cloud, aimed at empowering our users with greater control and efficiency. 

With XTRF 9.9, users can now initiate projects seamlessly from XTRF to XTM Cloud, complementing the existing functionality of project creation from XTM Cloud to XTRF. Everything created in XTRF will be replicated in XTM Cloud: vendor assignment, workflow, deadline, etc., enabling project managers to save time and manage everything from XTRF without having to log in to XTM Cloud.

Then, linguists can seamlessly leverage XTM Cloud and its advanced terminology features, powerful translation memory, query management functionality, QA checks, LQA, and more.

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Even Better Vendor Management

XTRF 9.9 introduces a brand new Restricted Vendor Pool, providing users with unprecedented customization in managing vendors, making it easier than ever to assign the right ones to key clients.

By designating Sensitive Clients and Trusted Vendors, users can ensure a higher level of precision and reliability in vendor selection, increasing client satisfaction. Only a meticulously curated set of trusted vendors will be assignable to sensitive clients, ensuring a successful and reliable collaboration.

Each sensitive client will have one tailored set of Customized Vendor Pool or bespoke set of vendors, handpicked to precisely align with their unique business requirements. That way, you can rest assured that clients who require extra precision in their translations will be satisfied.

Revamped Client Invoicing Flow

XTRF 9.9 introduces a transformative redesign to the client invoicing flow, with a particular emphasis on the enhancement of PDF storage and retention capabilities. This significant update enables users to not only generate but also store and access sent client invoice PDFs.

This stored file can be conveniently utilized for download in both the Home and Client Portals, greatly improving traceability and transparency throughout the invoicing process. The key innovation lies in the retention of invoice PDF files, marking a departure from the previous practice of generating documents using current data. Plus, a convenient invoice preview pane has been added so invoices can be viewed easily without having to be downloaded.

Now, with this improvement, XTRF allows users to generate and store the invoice PDF once, facilitating seamless reuse in any ‘send invoice’ and ‘download invoice’ scenarios. This enhancement not only streamlines the invoicing workflow but also ensures a comprehensive invoicing history, thereby eliminating confusion and bolstering accuracy in financial documentation. This change is particularly noteworthy for existing clients, providing them with a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

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