XTRF Joins XTM in the K1 Investment Management Family
XTRF Joins XTM in the K1 Investment Management Family illustration
AuthorBilly Burnet
Reading time 2 minutes

XTM International is delighted to share that in late September, our friends at XTRF secured a growth equity investment from K1 Investment Management. This follows K1’s investment in XTM from earlier in 2021.

Established in 2010, XTRF is a leading provider of translation management software for the language services market. Their software enables customers to integrate their entire localization process in one globally accessible platform. The cloud-based system streamlines the management of translation and localization workflows by linking client requirements, internal processes and vendor management in a seamless online environment. XTRF and XTM have been partners for many years, and I’ve known the XTRF leadership team for quite some time.

With XTM and XTRF both part of the K1 family, I’d like to address a few frequently asked questions.

Since XTRF and XTM are both part of the K1 Family, will they be integrated together?
Both XTM and XTRF remain focused on executing their respective growth plans and will continue to run as separate entities. 

Will XTM and XTRF both maintain their partnerships and integrations with language technology providers?
For each company, all existing partnerships and integrations will continue to be supported and developed according to market and client needs.

Are the software platforms changing? Will they be merged together?
We will continue investing in and improving both XTM Cloud and the XTRF platform to bring increased value to customers. When it comes to XTM and XTRF, the integration between the companies’ products will be strengthened. There are no plans to merge the products.

Are there any changes to the product roadmaps?
The investments both companies received allow both to invest more in the roadmap and accelerate innovation. XTM and XTRF will continue to develop according to market and client needs.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.