Change log 12.8

ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-69472A problem with generating a PO report with a custom field with a date value has been fixedCostsClosed1115_1325
XC-65246A problem with the visibility of Minimal price padding values ​​in Costs & Metrics reports has been fixedCostsClosed0930_0856
XC-61130API - fixed problem with not assigned linguists when cloning project.REST APIClosed0810_0830
XC-64844Added comment to "request cost approval" email.MailingClosed0819_1046
XC-69340Added configuration to improved generating Extended PDF Table for large projectsFile processingClosed1104_1129
XC-63832Added filtering by project's name to REST API APIClosed0729_0914
XC-63019Added matching for back translations in Workbench.WorkbenchClosed0722_1128
XC-65962Added new configuration for PO files, which allows to import emojis from source file as emojis in Workbench.File processingClosed0921_1057
XC-61102Added tooltips for WWC columns in projects and tasks listsReports Statistics & MetricsClosed1008_1350
XC-68411An issue with Internal Server Error during the cost generation process has been resolvedCostsClosed1103_1133
XC-67994An issue with decorating terms in XTM Workbench for DITA files has been fixedTerm engineClosed 1109_1101
XC-73965An issue with displaying "Minimal price padding" in Costs & Metrics reports has been fixedReportsClosed220518_0246
XC-66115An issue with displaying segments that contain inline tags in terminology matches in XTM Workbench has been resolvedTerm engineClosed0923_0903
XC-66098An issue with displaying terms in the Terminology Manager has been resolvedTerm engine Term ManagerClosed210921_0246
XC-70195An issue with duplicate "Minimum charge per project" value in Costs and metrics reports has been fixedCosts ReportsClosed220504_0246
XC-76444An issue with generating costs and metrics reports for large projects has been fixedReportsClosed0413_0246
XC-66157An issue with highlighting segments with terms in square brackets has been resolvedTerm engineClosed0924_0908
XC-70436An issue with not including PM user in the generation of costs based on statistics, if the translation was done without assigning PM user to the workflow, has been fixedCostsClosed-
XC-66836An issue with omitting some users during cost generation using the Aggregated PO feature has been resolvedCosts Statistics & MetricsClosed1018_0246
XC-69007An issue with opening Termweb on the subcontractor side has been resolvedTerm engineClosed1028_1028
XC-68763An issue with zero values in metrics in the "Costs and metrics report" for cancelled jobs has been resolved.Reports Statistics & MetricsClosed1026_0813
XC-63742Bug fixed - If a deleted user was set as a dummy user for cost generation, it will be removed from this option too.Costs PMClosed0730_1027
XC-68922Empty CDATA elements will be preserved in target files.File processingClosed1027_1208
XC-62583Fixed UI issue blocking segment range from being entered on filters in Workbench.UI WorkbenchClosed1008_1043
XC-71529Fixed a bug affecting the update of a workflow transition type ("," "->" or "#").UI WorkflowClosed220505_0246
XC-69179Fixed a bug caused displaying additional inline tags inside cross-file repetitions text when a sentence was decorated by terminology matches.WorkbenchClosed1103_1314
XC-68611Fixed a bug causes a problem to show users with thee PM limited role as Project Managers or Creators on the projects advanced search form.Role managementClosed1103_1030
XC-69351Fixed a bug causing duplication of jobs on LSP's workflows after updating source files by the contractor.PM Subcontracting WorkflowClosed1109_1210
XC-63286Fixed a bug that allowed deleted steps to be taken into account when generating project costs during the Costs and Metrics report generation.Costs ReportsClosed0730_1027
XC-74668Fixed a bug that caused it was not possible to select the configured Custom MT when creating a project.MTs PMClosed220523_0246
XC-68710Fixed a bug that caused problem to take into account changes made in the TM penalty profile while updating TM matches in Workbench segments.WorkbenchClosed1027_1026
XC-68338Fixed a bug that caused the Workbench to freeze due to a batch update of the XLIFF:doc status.WorkbenchClosed1018_1232
XC-74253Fixed a bug that caused the translation memory status to be incorrectly updated according to the workflow step setting when the auto-populated Leveraged match contained the same phrase in the source and target.TM engine WorkflowClosed220510_0246
XC-79751Fixed a problem caused by the latest release of Chrome browser.UIClosed0428_1352
XC-77205Fixed a problem where moving back one type of workflow caused moving another workflow in the project back.PM Subcontracting WorkflowClosed-
XC-64423Fixed a problem with a cost generation based on time tracking using the "Use zeros for missing rates" option.CostsClosed0930_1338
XC-65067Fixed a problem with converting entities to characters in attributes in HTML files.File processingClosed0831_0851
XC-76783Fixed a rare issue where the target file could not be generated when a Workbench filter to hide repeated segments was used on merged segments.File processing WorkbenchClosed0413_0246
XC-68959Fixed an issue for video preview where Vimeo returned "Video does not exist" message even when the link was correct.WorkbenchClosed1027_1026
XC-65653Fixed an issue in REST API method uploadFilesUsingPOST occurring when the file name didn't contain the file extension.REST APIClosed0920_0842
XC-65120Fixed an issue in reports generated by Costs & Metrics causing some projects to be omitted in the results.Costs ReportsClosed 0830_1134
XC-76414Fixed an issue occurring in the Extended LQA reports which were still showing the contractor usernames when downloaded by an LSP subcontractor.LQAClosed0414_0246
XC-62543Fixed an issue that resulted in duplicate segments in Visual Mode for DOCX files.Editor UI WorkbenchClosed0806_0737
XC-63656Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect calculation of costs based on statistics when a project has more than one target language and a linguist is assigned to tasks in one of them.CostsClosed 0804_1143
XC-66821Fixed an issue that resulted in problems opening the Workbench after updating source files in a project.WorkbenchClosed1014_0940
XC-64980Fixed an issue that resulted in problems with retrieving statistics in the All statistics report in projects.Costs Statistics & MetricsClosed0909_1010
XC-68951Fixed an issue that resulted in the Weighted Word Count not being calculated correctly after updating the source file.File processing PM WorkbenchClosed1115_1117
XC-66209Fixed an issue that resulted in the translation of a repeated segment matched with another file being returned from a variant language translation.TM engineClosed211001_1043
XC-63451Fixed an issue that resulted in window freezing when searching a phrase containing a hard space using the Find & Replace option in Workbench.WorkbenchClosed0730_0946
XC-75918Fixed an issue where PDF preview file margins were incorrectly processed for Arabic languages.File processingClosed-
XC-76327Fixed an issue where an incorrect additional attribute was added to the root node of resx target files.File processingClosed0419_0814
XC-66954Fixed an issue where for mqxliff files incorrect inline tags were visible in the workbench.File processing WorkbenchClosed1008_1043
XC-65816Fixed an issue where it was not possible to generate and download a multilingual excel target file through REST API requests.File processingClosed210921_0931
XC-74434Fixed an issue where the "Searched projects only" option was omitted when generating the Costs and metrics report.PM ReportsClosed0422_0856
XC-68604Fixed an issue where the file name was occasionally hidden in the Project editor> Workflow view.UI WorkflowClosed1021_1208
XC-76862Fixed an issue where the option to generate an offline excel editor file was sometimes missing for linguist role.Offline editors PM UIClosed220518_0246
XC-63642Fixed an issue where the segment filter could be disabled by a linguist in Workbench despite being locked in the "Segment filter profile" system settings.WorkbenchClosed0825_1020
XC-68613Fixed an issue where the source text was copied as translations in segments that received the leveraged match unpopulated to target.TM engine WorkbenchClosed 1103_0246
XC-65213Fixed an issue where workbench was unresponsive and an error message was missing when there was invalid inline tag placement in a segment while working in video preview.UI WorkbenchClosed0906_0957
XC-68356Fixed an issue with 'downloadFilesUsingGET' method returning wrong status code(500) when trying to access an archived project's files. It has been changed to a proper code - 404.API REST APIClosed1221_0246
XC-76267Fixed an issue with XML target file generation when XML source file started with a comment instead of an XML node.File processingClosed0405_0259
XC-76780Fixed an issue with a REST API method patchJobsWorkflowUsingPATCH causing the multiplication of the same workflow options in Projects Workflow tab in certain scenariosREST API WorkflowClosed220518_0246
XC-79761Fixed an issue with auto-inline placement when translating from Japanese to English.NLP-relatedClosed220721_0246
XC-64007Fixed an issue with incorrect wordcount in Metrics and Stats - now Grave Accent character will be considered as part of a word instead of splitting it.File processing Statistics & MetricsClosed0802_1104
XC-79532Fixed an issue with missing hyperlinks URL in docx target files.File processingClosed-
XC-76519Fixed an issue with missing quotes characters in po and pot target files with embedded HTML.File processingClosed220511_0246
XC-69190Fixed an issue with new projects created from source projects(cloning), for which the 'All languages' view in Workflow tab did not work properly.REST API WorkflowClosed1102_0922
XC-62601Fixed blinking cursor when hovering over decorated QA errors in Workbench.Editor UI WorkbenchClosed0709_0726
XC-62652Fixed bug affecting cost generation based on statistics when the linguists were unassigned from the workflow.Costs Statistics & MetricsClosed0813_0854
XC-65121Fixed bug that blocks preparing of the "Costs and metrics per linguist" report generated from the Actions tab.Costs ReportsClosed0830_1134
XC-66096Fixed bug with Edit Distance Calculation score saving error after importing offline editor.MTs ReportsClosed0921_1057
XC-63956Fixed code that caused performance issues when one user started parallel Workbench sessions.WorkbenchClosed0730_1027
XC-63935Fixed cost generation problems in projects where workflow was set for non-analyzed source files.Costs ReportsClosed0729_0914
XC-65479Fixed default behaviour for imported translation memory - the leading and trailing whitespaces should be removed during import.API TM engine TM ManagerClosed0903_0733
XC-63602Fixed displaying custom fields for subcontractor.Custom fields SubcontractingClosed0723_0756
XC-64194Fixed displaying quotation marks in HTML extended previewFile processingClosed0805_0744
XC-65576Fixed incorrect behaviour when updating tags in TM records - now when a segment force modification of TM record new tags should be added to the existing ones instead of overwriting them.TM engine WorkbenchClosed 0913_1222
XC-62796Fixed incorrect saving of segment duplicate when two segments were merged in Workbench and the 'Modify existing TM segment' options require context compliance.TM engineClosed0806_0737
XC-61119Fixed issue with cost generation when the minimal price per language for one of the languages is missing in the rate card.CostsClosed0811_0741
XC-62569Fixed issue with downloading target files in WorkbenchWorkbenchClosed 0721_0729
XC-62784Fixed issue with ignoring MT while using separator conversion.File processing MTsClosed0713_0246
XC-62951Fixed issue with opening Corrector's changes.WorkflowClosed0719_0804
XC-62788Fixed issue with terminology extraction not respecting already existing terms in terminology.NLP-related Term engineClosed0907_0246
XC-62212Fixed issues with Project Managers logging into a subcontracting-only account.PM UIClosed0818_0848
XC-66082Fixed issues with displaying emoji in Workbench.WorkbenchClosed0921_0745
XC-63791Fixed issues with finishing QA check.QA WorkbenchClosed0913_1222
XC-63164Fixed loading issue while opening WorkbenchWorkbenchClosed0715_0746
XC-63072Fixed matching issues for segments with ">" characterTM engine WorkbenchClosed0723_0756
XC-63484Fixed missing content in the LQA Extended table report in the section per Language.LQA Reports SubcontractingClosed 0730_0946
XC-69075Fixed missing newline character between XML declaration and a root nodeFile processingClosed1103_0905
XC-69314Fixed missing text color information within Excel cellsFile processingClosed1117_1019
XC-63287Fixed not working Workbench shortcut "Confirm, go to next segment selecting best match if segment incomplete".WorkbenchClosed0728_1009
XC-68378Fixed performance issues when displaying metrics and statistics in projects that contain a large amount of source files.Statistics & MetricsClosed-
XC-69480Fixed performance problem with the batch update of segment statuses in XTM Workbench which occurred when including internal file repetitions that were not yet populated with the translation of the first occurrence.WorkbenchClosed1115_1117
XC-61124Fixed problem affecting TM leverage for segments containing the 'greater-than' special character.MTs TM engine WorkbenchClosed0716_1316
XC-64459Fixed problem in Filter Templates with excluding strings from XLSX based on their color.File Filter Builder File processing UIClosed1001_1043
XC-65953Fixed problem with "Manage projects" for filtered projects.PM UIClosed0930_0856
XC-63068Fixed problem with "Save" button in User details.PM UIClosed0720_0926
XC-65523Fixed problem with Accept task message showing when PM opens the Workbench.PM WorkbenchClosed0908_0908
XC-65257Fixed problem with All languages workflow view when project has been cloned via API.REST API WorkflowClosed0831_0851
XC-68616Fixed problem with Android XML files with plural elementsFile processingClosed1025_0834
XC-62807Fixed problem with CPM login when SSO has been enabled.PM UIClosed0707_0812
XC-63964Fixed problem with Continuous Project for zip files.PMClosed0804_1143
XC-62663Fixed problem with Dutch language matchingFile processingClosed0708_0919
XC-62480Fixed problem with Excel preview file and alternative translations.File processingClosed0726_1001
XC-61131Fixed problem with IDML target files with XML tags in them.File Filter Builder File processingClosed210714_0811
XC-64881Fixed problem with Last modification date being updated when costs were generated via API.PM REST APIClosed0823_0954
XC-62565Fixed problem with Match Rate Colour Coded not working for all matches.WorkbenchClosed0818_1057
XC-62763Fixed problem with Preview not working for Arabic and Chinese.Editor UI WorkbenchClosed0825_0806
XC-66234Fixed problem with QA profiles duplication when clicking Save multiple times.PM QA UIClosed 0928_0906
XC-62636Fixed problem with Save button in User details when user is not allowed to change the password.PMClosed210719_0804
XC-65993Fixed problem with Users export.PMClosed0927_0955
XC-63283Fixed problem with Visual Mode and merged segments in DOCX files.File processing WorkbenchClosed1005_0246
XC-65438Fixed problem with accepting tasks by user groups.PM UIClosed0903_0821
XC-64137Fixed problem with assigning linguist from template to the step which is automatically finished after project creation.PM WorkflowClosed-
XC-64903Fixed problem with auto-finishing step when all segments are done when the last step in workflow is a Management task.WorkflowClosed0831_0851
XC-61086Fixed problem with auto-populating Workflow start and finish date when they are left empty.PM UIClosed 0910_1055
XC-64422Fixed problem with automatic workflow step stuck after reanalysis.WorkflowClosed0812_0710
XC-65288Fixed problem with blocked workflow after all tries of reassigning subcontractor when it's server is down.PM WorkflowClosed0902_0716
XC-64134Fixed problem with blocked workflow on pre-processing after reanalysis.PM UI WorkflowClosed0826_0939
XC-64502Fixed problem with blocking "Workflow due date" to be set after "Delivery due date".PM UI WorkflowClosed0906_0957
XC-65359Fixed problem with callbacks when project includes pre-processing.REST API WorkflowClosed0903_0246
XC-62793Fixed problem with changing project delivery due date by subcontractor.Subcontracting UIClosed0712_0914
XC-64364Fixed problem with changing project delivery due date when creating project with pre-processing, without source files and via API.PM REST APIClosed0812_0710
XC-63033Fixed problem with connection to the Workbench after changing QA rules.PM QA WorkbenchClosed0809_0236
XC-64312Fixed problem with corrector changes not being displayed from the Workflow editor on the subcontractor's instance.PM Subcontracting UIClosed0812_0710
XC-65353Fixed problem with creating a project from template with pre-processing via API.REST APIClosed0906_0957
XC-65535Fixed problem with creating project without pre-processing due date even if it's obligatory to have one.PM UI WorkflowClosed0906_0957
XC-62584Fixed problem with different markup in Visual Mode and selected segment in Workbench.File processing WorkbenchClosed210708_1321
XC-61129Fixed problem with disappearing customers after deleting one from the Tag group.PM UIClosed0706_0712
XC-64593Fixed problem with displaying LSP name in Workbench filter "Modified by".WorkbenchClosed0816_1115
XC-64078Fixed problem with displaying Tag group name in metadata in Workbench.WorkbenchClosed0809_1216
XC-65141Fixed problem with displaying entities in the Custom MT results.MTsClosed0831_0851
XC-62305Fixed problem with displaying information about users in Excel extended table.Reports SecurityClosed0813_0854
XC-65403Fixed problem with due dates not correctly updated on subcontractor side.PM Subcontracting UIClosed0902_0716
XC-62799Fixed problem with duplicate inputs in Additional users tab.PM SaaSClosed0805_0744
XC-64561Fixed problem with empty Metrics when project has only Approve TM step.Statistics & MetricsClosed0819_0918
XC-64461Fixed problem with empty Workflow tab when project has pre-processing.PM UI WorkflowClosed0818_0848
XC-62193Fixed problem with empty files affecting project analysis with a pre-processing workflow.File processing WorkflowClosed0705_0643
XC-64234Fixed problem with escaping entities in Excel Extended Table.File processingClosed0823_0954
XC-63185Fixed problem with extracting overset elements from IDML files.File processingClosed210903_0821
XC-66931Fixed problem with file groups displayed incorrectly.PM UIClosed1008_1043
XC-62619Fixed problem with filter "Any updates to target, status or comments" not filtering segments with changed status.WorkbenchClosed0923_0903
XC-65966Fixed problem with finishing tasks in Workbench caused by an incorrect behavior of the QA inconsistency checks.WorkbenchClosed0917_0842
XC-63959Fixed problem with freezing Workbench after using shortcut setting a non-translatable segment to the Draft state.WorkbenchClosed0730_1027
XC-63481Fixed problem with generating costs for a user who does not have a billing currency set - now correct information should be returned when generating costs.CostsClosed0720_0926
XC-63497Fixed problem with generating estimates for some projects.PM processing SOAP API Statistics & MetricsClosed0721_1132
XC-64594Fixed problem with generating other file types instead of XLIFF file originated in XTM.File processing PMClosed0816_1115
XC-63527Fixed problem with generating source/target PDF table.Extract File processing WorkbenchClosed0726_0822
XC-62264Fixed problem with generating target files when "Hide repeated segments" feature is used in project.File processing WorkbenchClosed0730_1027
XC-64380Fixed problem with ignoring custom subject matters when importing users.PM UIClosed0813_0649
XC-63039Fixed problem with importing terminology for Korean language.Term ManagerClosed0721_0903
XC-62830Fixed problem with incorrect values in "Characters %" when downloading Statistics from the Project.Reports Statistics & MetricsClosed0816_1028
XC-61098Fixed problem with incorrect values in LQA extended report per Language.LQA PM Reports Subcontracting UIClosed-
XC-62469Fixed problem with indentations in generated YML target file.File processingClosed210720_0926
XC-64433Fixed problem with linguist assignment not being cloned when using API method to clone project.REST API WorkflowClosed0908_1219
XC-64605Fixed problem with linguist's settings blocking PM to download Excel extended table.PM Reports SecurityClosed0823_0954
XC-62990Fixed problem with loading the Additional words tab under the My account page on Group accounts.SaaSClosed0806_0737
XC-64165Fixed problem with mechanism of project creation on LSP side when the server is down.PM WorkflowClosed0809_1216
XC-64199Fixed problem with metrics report where values were over 100%.PMClosed0806_0737
XC-64432Fixed problem with missing label for Workflow due date in Manage projects.PM UIClosed0817_0746
XC-61146Fixed problem with missing segments in LQA extended table when segments were merged.LQA ReportsClosed 0719_0804
XC-64062Fixed problem with missing values for name duplication when creating project via API.REST APIClosed0804_1004
XC-63746Fixed problem with multilingual Excel and same target and source languages in project.File processingClosed0726_0822
XC-63108Fixed problem with new functions in Advanced search.PMClosed0713_0932
XC-64954Fixed problem with new workflow definition creation when saving template from existing projects.WorkflowClosed0823_0954
XC-64626Fixed problem with not all term variants being highlighted.Term engineClosed0818_0848
XC-64198Fixed problem with not updating last modification date of the project when linguist accepts a task from the group.PMClosed0809_1216
XC-61225Fixed problem with obtaining Project templates for inactive customer via REST API.REST APIClosed0706_0712
XC-62650Fixed problem with opening "Manage projects" for Limited PMs.PMClosed0719_0804
XC-62658Fixed problem with opening Metrics when workflow has been changed via API.PM Statistics & Metrics UIClosed0707_0717
XC-64429Fixed problem with opening files in Workbench as a subcontractor's linguist.PM Subcontracting UIClosed0812_0710
XC-66393Fixed problem with original workflow taken after file upload instead of changed one.WorkflowClosed210928_0906
XC-65531Fixed problem with overwriting assignment via Manage projects popup when option was turned off.WorkflowClosed0906_0957
XC-62519Fixed problem with page numbers in DOCX files being extracted for translation when they should not.File processingClosed0705_0643
XC-64075Fixed problem with populating workflows from project templates in pre-processing projects.PM UI WorkflowClosed0910_1055
XC-61132Fixed problem with pre-processing projects and no-content files not included in target "all files" package.File processingClosed0723_0756
XC-66041Fixed problem with preserving leading and trailing whitespace characters in bilingual filesFile processingClosed0922_0829
XC-63459Fixed problem with project TM not being actually deleted via project context menu.TM ManagerClosed0813_0649
XC-65318Fixed problem with project deletion on subcontractor side when contractor used the same project name as before.PMClosed0903_0821
XC-63953Fixed problem with project deletion when uploading same source file with targetLanguages value via API.REST APIClosed0818_1057
XC-64487Fixed problem with quotation marks not being replaced with entities in XML and HTML attributes.File processingClosed0831_0851
XC-62964Fixed problem with saving segments in the Workbench.WorkbenchClosed0816_1115
XC-64014Fixed problem with segmentation in multilingual Excel files.File processing WorkbenchClosed0830_1134
XC-62557Fixed problem with setting the status of 100% segments to "Draft" using shortcut key.WorkbenchClosed0723_1003
XC-64956Fixed problem with showing only usernames of Project Managers in Manage project popup.PMClosed0903_0733
XC-62504Fixed problem with showing zero in Metrics report on subcontractor's side.Reports Statistics & MetricsClosed0813_0649
XC-65032Fixed problem with some XTM e-mails recognized as spam.MailingClosed1005_0901
XC-62767Fixed problem with target files always being zipped despite of the system settings.PM UIClosed0708_0919
XC-65651Fixed problem with updating project files via API.REST APIClosed0909_1010
XC-63860Fixed problem with workflow of a new file on contractor side when subcontractor added a step.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed0802_0749
XC-66557Fixed problem with wrong workflow when creating a project via REST API and uploading a new file.REST API WorkflowClosed1013_0715
XC-73785Fixed problems with accepting tasks assigned to a user group in Workbench. PM WorkbenchClosed220523_0246
XC-66379Fixed problems with calculating progress bar values in Workbench for Asian source languages.Statistics & MetricsClosed0929_0246
XC-66003Fixed problems with displaying "Project editor" content due to workflow definition changes in the project.Statistics & Metrics UI WorkflowClosed0917_0842
XC-62944Fixed problems with incorrect values in the "Statistics summary" report and the projects' statistics.Statistics & MetricsClosed0722_1128
XC-66642Fixed problems with starting Main Workflow after finishing Pre-processing.WorkflowClosed1004_1055
XC-64181Fixed redundant orange message in the Workflow editor when reopening a file.PM UI WorkflowClosed0816_0711
XC-61112Fixed the "Old password is incorrect" message which is now correctly displayed when changing password and entering a wrong old password.PM SaaS Security UIClosed0802_0749
XC-65741Fixed the Hindi (Latin) language code from hi_LT to hi_Latn.PM Term engine Term Manager TM engine TM ManagerClosed0930_0856
XC-63348Fixed the bug in TM Manager causes problem to find correct entries using Tags as filter parameter.TagsClosed0726_1001
XC-62572Fixed the issue with Create Project method - Filter Template provided in API request not overwriting the default filter template set in the Project Template used.API REST APIClosed0720_0926
XC-62487Fixed the issue with findProject SOAP API method ignoring the createDate parameter.SOAP APIClosed0720_0806
XC-62993Fixed warning message for missing rate card valuesCostsClosed0715_0746
XC-66244Fixed wrong behavior due to which a linguist without terminologist's permissions was able to add a Term entry from the Workbench.UI WorkbenchClosed1021_1053
XC-62771Fixed wrong behavior for which it was possible to modify due dates and project managers in auto-zipped projects via the Manage projects options in the Action tab.PM WorkflowClosed0730_1027
XC-62360Fixed wrong behaviour of Mac shortcut Command+Z in Workbench.WorkbenchClosed0723_0756
XC-62260Fixed wrong behaviour with Custom MT being applied to already existing projects and templates when turned on as default in the system configuration.MTsClosed0709_0726
XC-65675Fixed wrong cost calculation when a linguist assigned to multiple tasks in a project was billed based on Time tracking.CostsClosed0908_0908
XC-69345Identifying segment's context when importing translation memory from XLIFF file has been improvedTM engineClosed1108_0246
XC-68715Improved QA functionality 'Spaces around inlines' in Workbench.QA WorkbenchClosedN/A
XC-66097Improved QA functionality 'Spaces around inlines' in Workbench.QA WorkbenchClosedN/A
XC-63096Improved a bug causing a warning not being displayed when costs were generated without any defined exchange rates for a linguist's currency.CostsClosed0924_1140
XC-65640Improved auto-inlines placement.NLP-related WorkbenchClosed0908_0908
XC-66464Improved encoding declaration for files encoded in UTF-16File processingClosed1001_1043
XC-68408Improved extracting text from VSDX filesFile processingClosed1020_1203
XC-65104Improved generation of PDF Extended Table.File processingClosed0927_0955
XC-68785Improved multilingual Excel filter for XLSM filesFile processingClosed1026_0813
XC-69778Improved performance in XTM Workbench in conjunction with the use of specific analysis templates. Now the transition from one segment to the other works smoother. WorkbenchClosed1222_0757
XC-62947Improved performance of opening Workflows for clients with many steps on their accounts.WorkflowClosed0708_0919
XC-64734Improved processing of .strings files with newline characters in keys.File processingClosed0908_0908
XC-66169Improved processing of MD filesFile processingClosed0923_0903
XC-79292Improved segment status change after using the auto-insert inline tags option.WorkbenchClosed220505_0246
XC-64825Improved target file generation time.File processing JMSClosed210820_1112
XC-61113Improved the calculation of statistics for segments that have been merged in the Workbench.Statistics & Metrics WorkbenchClosed-
XC-66100Improved the parsing accuracy of filter templates for Excel files.File Filter BuilderClosed211007_0913
XC-62292Improved validation in "Manage projects" popup - user can't set the delivery due date before the creation date now.PM WorkflowClosedN/A
XC-68806Introduced "conf" attribute to SDLXLIFF filesFile processingClosed1110_0954
XC-63434Overall improvements to the system performance, focused on data update times.WorkflowClosed0719_0804
XC-63801Project ID is now visible in emails for subcontractor.MailingClosed0727_0819
XC-62197The Workbench user will be informed after exceeding the character limit that can be translated by the Free Systran MT account.PMClosed211007_1026
XC-69113The display of file names in the file groups view has been improved.PM UIClosed1117_1019
XC-63612The options displayed under the context menu in tasks assigned to user groups have been corrected.PM UIClosed0723_1129
XC-76489The problem with displaying the creator name in Cost & Metrics reports for projects created via the Portal has been fixedPortal ReportsClosed0414_0246
XC-66451The use of the TM penalty profile in a project created by Limited Project Manager has been improved.Tags WorkbenchClosed-
XC-63531Updated Aspose library will help in generating and analyzing Office and PDF files.File processingClosed0728_0246
XC-75931Workbench QA rule "Translation of a term not found" has been improved.QA Term engine WorkbenchClosed-
XC-61085XTM will now preserve CR and LF newlines as they were used in a source file.File processingClosed210831_1213
XC-61138XTM will now preserve standalone attribute in XML declaration in XLIFF files.File processingClosed0712_0914