Change log 12.9

ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-70302A problem with "&" in the workflow definition name which was affecting the ability to work on tasks has been fixed.PM UI WorkflowClosed1125_0738
XC-71596A problem with LQA reports generation when more than one linguist worked in a given workflow step has been fixedLQA PM Reports UIClosed0125_1015
XC-68755A problem with access to terminology for users whose access rights are limited to certain language combinations has been fixedTerm ManagerClosed0119_0259
XC-76250A problem with displaying automatic time tracking in the Costs & Metrics report has been fixedReports Statistics & MetricsClosed0329_0259
XC-71532A problem with displaying data related to a given term when the role of the terminologist was taken away from the has been fixedPM Term ManagerClosed0120_0259
XC-71958A problem with displaying the correct number of characters in PO reports has been fixed.CostsClosed0315_1134
XC-69473A problem with generating a PO report with a custom field with a date value has been fixedCostsClosed1108_1418
XC-68201A problem with generating costs for projects created by users with the requester role has been fixed.Costs PMClosed0112_0259
XC-71449A problem with reanalyzing projects with a large number of workflows has been fixedStatistics & MetricsClosed1223_0928
XC-68996Added configuration to improved generating Extended PDF Table for large projectsFile processingClosed1029_0932
XC-68698Added tooltip with password requirements to "Reset password" screen on Microsoft Edge browser.PM SaaS Security UIClosed0308_1018
XC-68412An issue with Internal Server Error during the cost generation process has been resolvedCostsClosed1029_1106
XC-77246An issue with LQA settings not being correctly saved has been fixed.LQA PM UIClosed0412_0259
XC-79300An issue with a discrepancy in number formatting for CSV reports containing metrics has been fixedStatistics & MetricsClosed220711_0259
XC-73493An issue with a value for "Evaluee" appearing in the "Evaluator" tab in the LSP LQA section on the subcontractor side has been fixedLQA PM UIClosed0131_0259
XC-80093An issue with creating duplicate jobs for a given file after the pre-processing workflow is finished has been fixedStatistics & Metrics WorkflowClosed220512_1215
XC-67995An issue with decorating terms in XTM Workbench for DITA files has been fixedTerm engineClosed 1105_1141
XC-70571An issue with deleting files during reanalysis has been resolved.PMClosed1202_0853
XC-69822An issue with detecting terms in a translation containing measurement units has been fixedTerm ManagerClosed0211_0924
XC-73723An issue with displaying "Minimal price padding" in Costs & Metrics reports has been fixedReportsClosed0407_0259
XC-77209An issue with displaying automatic time tracking information in statistics report in XLSX format has been fixedStatistics & MetricsClosed0427_0259
XC-79053An issue with displaying empty rows in the "Cost and metrics > Cost and metrics per Linguist" report has been fixedReportsClosed220628_0259
XC-77480An issue with displaying the LQA report in the wrong tab on the LQA side has been fixedLQA PM Subcontracting UIClosed220504_0259
XC-79882An issue with displaying the contractor account name in LQA reports has been fixedLQAClosed220504_0259
XC-79122An issue with displaying total price value instead of management fee and/or fixed price values in Cost and Metrics reports has been fixedCosts ReportsClosedXTM BUILD: 220621_0259
XC-70196An issue with duplicate "Minimum charge per project" value in Costs and metrics reports has been fixedCosts ReportsClosed0401_0858
XC-76938An issue with duplicate LQA reports on the subcontractor side has been fixed.LQA PM Reports UIClosed220527_0259
XC-71514An issue with finishing LQA step when LQA error was deactivated has been fixedLQAClosed1217_0259
XC-81567An issue with generating LQA reports in projects with many jobs has been fixedLQA Statistics & MetricsClosed220602_0259
XC-73710An issue with generating costs and metrics reports for large projects has been fixedReportsClosed0401_0858
XC-73020An issue with generating costs if a target language of a given project was in a language group has been fixedCostsClosed0401_0858
XC-71104An issue with inaccuracy in displaying information about the translation progress in Workbench and Project list tab has been fixedStatistics & Metrics UIClosed220511_1024
XC-73966An issue with including in AggregatedPO generation linguists with a fixed price in rate cards that created a statistic before the previous AggregatedPO generation has been fixed.CostsClosed-
XC-70437An issue with not including PM user in the generation of costs based on statistics, if the translation was done without assigning PM user to the workflow, has been fixedCostsClosed-
XC-68189An issue with omitting some users during cost generation using the Aggregated PO feature has been resolvedCosts Statistics & MetricsClosed1015_1035
XC-69008An issue with opening Termweb on the subcontractor side has been resolvedTerm engineClosed1105_1141
XC-74200An issue with proposal calculation after removing target language from a project has been fixed.Costs PM UIClosed0211_0924
XC-80057An issue with recognizing TermWeb terms containing a period at the end has been fixedTerm engine WorkbenchClosed220615_0259
XC-80047An issue with returning API response parameters in INT format instead of FLOAT in the obtainCostsUsingGET method has been fixedCosts REST APIClosedXTM BUILD: 220610_0259
XC-76580An issue with the LQA Extended report visibility has been fixedLQA PM Reports UIClosed0405_0259
XC-82758An issue with the availability of Extended LQA reports for LSPs has been fixedLQA Reports SubcontractingClosed220714_0259
XC-68199An issue with the date display in the xlsx file created when exporting terminology has been resolvedTerm engineClosed0222_0259
XC-82683An issue with the differences in the results for the Multi-LQA report and the project LQA report has been fixedLQAClosed220714_0259
XC-80382An issue with the visibility of initial metrics on the subcontractor side has been fixedStatistics & Metrics SubcontractingClosedXTM BUILD: 220628_0259
XC-68764An issue with zero values in metrics in the "Costs and metrics report" for cancelled jobs has been resolved.Reports Statistics & MetricsClosed1025_0807
XC-75866Authentication of callbacks has been improved and is now possible using oAuth 2.0.API PM SecurityClosed0330_0259
XC-78764Bulk actions performed on the whole project(Project Finish and Workflow Update) no longer update jobs that were previously cancelled. PM REST API UIClosed0425_0602
XC-76594Changes are now better reflected in Visual mode when working with .docx files.WorkbenchClosed220622_0259
XC-73468Corrected display of joining level for DITA Map files in the project template.PM UIClosed 0201_0259
XC-68923Empty CDATA elements will be preserved in target files.File processingClosed1026_0903
XC-79783Fixed REST API method createProjectUsingPOST that, when using a template, set the delivery due date to the value taken from a project which was used as base for the template instead of the due date provided in the request.REST APIClosed220524_0825
XC-74574Fixed TM entry changing state to Approved when option "Mark segments as done in subsequent steps when not changed by corrector" is applied.MTs TM engine WorkbenchClosed0218_0259
XC-70836Fixed a REST API issue where newSourceWorkflowId property was taken for each target language workflow instead of correct id for pre-processing projectsREST APIClosed 0114_0259
XC-79986Fixed a REST API method downloadFilesUsingGET allowing to download files from a project that is in analysis. It is now impossible to do it.REST APIClosed220531_0259
XC-79702Fixed a REST API method findProjectStatisticsUsingGET returning only partial statistics for subcontracted jobs, if multiple linguists were assigned to them.REST API Statistics & Metrics SubcontractingClosed220506_0726
XC-80333Fixed a SOAP AI method findConcordance that was returning a faultcode response, despite a proper request being sent.SOAP API TM engineClosed220629_0259
XC-76523Fixed a Workbench problem when the match from the XLIFF type source file was imported to the workbench as "unknown".WorkbenchClosed 0406_0259
XC-71521Fixed a bug affecting the correct saving of a workflow transition type ("," "->" or "#") when changing the project workflow.UI WorkflowClosedN/A
XC-69180Fixed a bug caused displaying additional inline tags inside cross-file repetitions text when a sentence was decorated by terminology matches.WorkbenchClosed1103_0855
XC-68612Fixed a bug causes a problem to show users with thee PM limited role as Project Managers or Creators on the projects advanced search form.Role managementClosed1105_1141
XC-69352Fixed a bug causing duplication of jobs on LSP's workflows after updating source files by the contractor.PM Subcontracting WorkflowClosed1105_1141
XC-69734Fixed a bug that caused TM matches to be returned for non-translatable segments even when disabling the "Match against TM" option.File processing TM engineClosed0204_0259
XC-70157Fixed a bug that caused a new workflow definition to be created after adding a new file to the project.UI WorkflowClosed1206_1251
XC-74437Fixed a bug that caused it was not possible to select the configured Custom MT when creating a project.MTs PMClosed220223_1054
XC-68675Fixed a bug that caused problem to take into account changes made in the TM penalty profile while updating TM matches in Workbench segments.WorkbenchClosed1027_1056
XC-68957Fixed a bug that caused the "Mark segment as locked when" setting not to apply correctly when changed at project template level after the template creation.PM UIClosed1202_0853
XC-68339Fixed a bug that caused the Workbench to freeze due to a batch update of the XLIFF:doc status.WorkbenchClosed1018_0845
XC-74254Fixed a bug that caused the translation memory status to be incorrectly updated according to the workflow step setting when the auto-populated Leveraged match contained the same phrase in the source and target.TM engine WorkflowClosed220427_0259
XC-83576Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of a workflow for files with no content.WorkflowClosed220804_0259
XC-79739Fixed a problem caused by the latest release of Chrome browser.UIClosed0428_1050
XC-79119Fixed a problem that occurs in projects with no-analyzable files with workflow set, with auto-start enabled not started after reanalysis. PM WorkflowClosed220526_0259
XC-76834Fixed a problem where moving back one type of workflow caused moving another workflow in the project back.PM Subcontracting WorkflowClosed220518_0259
XC-72824Fixed a problem with an incorrect error message during cost generation informing about duplicate rate cards, when rate cards were differing only by subject matterCostsClosed0119_0259
XC-69619Fixed a problem with analyzing PDF files.File processingClosed0124_0259
XC-82426Fixed a problem with displaying the General info of projects created with a project template after cloning one of them.REST APIClosed220707_0259
XC-69817Fixed a problem with generating Extended Tables in Workbench in subcontracted projects.File processing QA SubcontractingClosed1203_0850
XC-68679Fixed a problem with generating target DOCX fileFile processingClosed1022_0921
XC-79838Fixed a problem with managing Systran MT profiles for the preprocessing language combination.MTsClosed220622_0259
XC-71191Fixed a problem with numerators and intendancy in Markdown filesFile processingClosedN/A
XC-76708Fixed a problem with spaces in the number type field of Custom fields.PM UIClosed0419_1138
XC-70943Fixed a problem with term extraction.ExtractClosed 0118_0259
XC-77406Fixed a rare issue where Aligned90+ file generated by align process included matches with lower probability than 0.9.NLP-relatedClosed-
XC-77240Fixed a rare issue where MS Office Word target file would throw an error when opening.File processingClosed0425_0602
XC-79104Fixed a rare issue where SAP MT returned translation of incorrect language.File processing JMS MTsClosed0427_0259
XC-76443Fixed a rare issue where XML target file structure was corrupted if file joining was used.File processingClosed0318_0940
XC-76584Fixed a rare issue where a visual preview for MS Office Word did not preserve spaces for some words.File processing WorkbenchClosed220511_0259
XC-73505Fixed a rare issue where alignment file contained duplicated source language instead of the proper source/target language pairsFile processing NLP-relatedClosed0131_0259
XC-74062Fixed a rare issue where auto inline insertion did not work correctlyNLP-relatedClosed220526_0259
XC-72583Fixed a rare issue where parts of XML file were not properly extracted for translation when XML declaration was missingFile processingClosed0113_1054
XC-82589Fixed a rare issue where segments from MS Word files were duplicated in workbench.File processingClosed220707_0259
XC-76785Fixed a rare issue where the target file could not be generated when a Workbench filter to hide repeated segments was used on merged segments.File processing WorkbenchClosed0406_0259
XC-76590Fixed a rare issue where translation was not properly parsed for data validation objects in MS Office Excel target and pseudo target files.File processingClosed0420_0815
XC-82021Fixed a rare issue where zip packages without compression were not properly uploaded to a project.File processingClosed220804_0259
XC-79874Fixed a rare issue with custom variables incorrectly catching parts of already existing target translation in PO filesFile processingClosed220705_0259
XC-72581Fixed a rare issue with custom variables pattern processing that was preventing further patterns from working correctlyFile processingClosed0113_0651
XC-77328Fixed a rare issue with duplicated attributes in XLIFF 2.0 target files.File processingClosed0412_0259
XC-80240Fixed a rare issue with error message in MS Excel while opening generated target excel file.File processingClosed220614_0259
XC-80017Fixed a rare issue with incorrect BOM encoding in generated XML target files.File processingClosed220520_0259
XC-76719Fixed a rare issue with incorrect file structure for alternative translation excel preview.File processingClosed0422_0259
XC-73951Fixed a rare issue with incorrect processing of link-label-reference elements in MD filesFile processingClosed0217_1406
XC-71674Fixed a rare issue with pre-processing projects where workflow files were stuck in analysis after target uploadFile processing WorkflowClosed0222_0259
XC-74205Fixed a rare issue with processing zipped source files when files and folders inside contained special characters.File processingClosed0224_0259
XC-73546Fixed a rare issue with the generation of the project terminology extraction file.NLP-relatedClosed0201_0259
XC-73325Fixed accessibility issues with target files uploaded by linguists.UI WorkflowClosed0201_0259
XC-70876Fixed an incorrect behavior of finishing tasks from Workbench when the 'All segments must be completed to finish the task' option is enabled.WorkflowClosed1221_0259
XC-70942Fixed an issue affecting LQA report generation after changing LQA errors names and adding new LQA.LQAClosed1208_0803
XC-81489Fixed an issue affecting the correct filtering of LQA errors in Workbench after changing the workflow step type where the LQA was performed.LQA WorkbenchClosed220629_0259
XC-72252Fixed an issue affecting the creation of filter templates for a specific customer when there was already an empty ITS mapping file for that customer.File Filter BuilderClosed220112_0259
XC-79832Fixed an issue causing an inconsistency between due dates in the Workflow editor and in the Workflow tab view when the option to auto-calculate due dates for workflow steps was used. PM UIClosed220522_0259
XC-81368Fixed an issue causing duplication of workflow steps on the LSP side and incorrect workflow synchronization after changes to due dates introduced by the LSP.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed-
XC-68960Fixed an issue for video preview where Vimeo returned "Video does not exist" message even when the link was correct.WorkbenchClosed1027_1056
XC-77251Fixed an issue for which TM matches with text formatting inline tags were incorrectly populated into the target segment when not needed, causing target file generation issues when the file format was not supporting formatting.File processing WorkbenchClosed0428_1050
XC-72730Fixed an issue for which it was possible to create duplicate language combinations in the 'Customized language combination only' option at Customer level.PMClosed0211_0924
XC-81563Fixed an issue for which non-breaking spaces could not be used in the configuration responsible for automatically converting the format of numbers in the target language.File processing WorkbenchClosed220602_0259
XC-73724Fixed an issue for which the subcontractor (when allowed) was not able to correctly see all contractor custom fields if they had the same name.PM SubcontractingClosed0224_1217
XC-71546Fixed an issue in YAML target file generation where coordinates did not keep correct structure from the sourceFile processingClosed0128_1031
XC-69882Fixed an issue occasionally occurring when generating Multilingual Excel target files which led to the file missing translations when the project had a pre-processing workflow.File processingClosed0128_1031
XC-72878Fixed an issue occasionally occurring with alignment, where source and target segments were marked as Same even though they were different. NLP-relatedClosed0120_0259
XC-72611Fixed an issue occasionally occurring with the generation of YAML target files containing comments.File processingClosed0114_0259
XC-66906Fixed an issue occurring during monolingual term extractions in specific source languages.NLP-related Term engineClosed1011_1012
XC-71103Fixed an issue occurring in rare cases in projects with pre-processing where, after reanalysis, the source file from the pre-processing step was overwritten by the version of the pre-processed file.PMClosed1217_0259
XC-76352Fixed an issue occurring in the Extended LQA reports which were still showing the contractor usernames when downloaded by an LSP subcontractor.LQAClosed0405_0259
XC-68676Fixed an issue occurring with the PDF extended table not showing updated comments after the source Excel file was updated in the project.File processingClosed0301_0259
XC-70946Fixed an issue that blocked updating the subcontractor's job activity if the LSP is unassigned from the workflow.WorkflowClosed1228_0259
XC-82112Fixed an issue that caused the "Cannot display project details" dialog to appear in the Project Editor's tabs when Systran MT was used in the project.MTs PMClosed220622_0259
XC-66973Fixed an issue that resulted in problems opening the Workbench after updating source files in a project.WorkbenchClosed1013_0903
XC-68952Fixed an issue that resulted in the Weighted Word Count not being calculated correctly after updating the source file.File processing PM WorkbenchClosed211112_1107
XC-76734Fixed an issue where BOM characters were incorrectly added in XML target files.File processingClosed0401_0259
XC-79722Fixed an issue where Final Text column in preview extended table used incorrect step name.File processing ReportsClosed220728_0259
XC-73711Fixed an issue where HTML comments did not keep newlines from source file in generated target fileFile processingClosed0208_0259
XC-75919Fixed an issue where PDF preview file margins were incorrectly processed for Arabic languages.File processingClosed0329_0259
XC-71281Fixed an issue where TM Manager search results were not found for condition Projects: All.TM engineClosed1213_1626
XC-79112Fixed an issue where an automatic update of hidden repetitions after swapping phrases was not performed.WorkbenchClosed220712_0259
XC-76329Fixed an issue where an incorrect additional attribute was added to the root node of resx target files.File processingClosed0315_0259
XC-75061Fixed an issue where batch align was returning incorrect resultsNLP-relatedClosed0223_1054
XC-82052Fixed an issue where changes in the ITS configuration were not applied after project reanalysis when one of the project files was originally identified without content.File processingClosed220707_0259
XC-81607Fixed an issue where dates were not updating for LSP after they were changed in the Manage projects view by Contractor.PMClosed220725_0259
XC-74580Fixed an issue where dummy dtd declaration was incorrectly placed in XML filesFile processingClosed0222_0259
XC-82204Fixed an issue where entities in non-translatable parts of HTML files were incorrectly converted.File processingClosed220707_0259
XC-80439Fixed an issue where entities inside CDATA were not preserved properly in generated target XML fileFile processingClosed220601_0259
XC-77747Fixed an issue where file generation status icon for PDF preview was not reflecting correctly the actual state.File processingClosed0419_0814
XC-76578Fixed an issue where incorrect characters were converted into inline variables for strings files.File processingClosed220510_0259
XC-76859Fixed an issue where indent spaces from md source files were not properly kept in the target.File processingClosed220712_0259
XC-79829Fixed an issue where index entries from .docx files were not extracted fully for translation.File processingClosed220706_0259
XC-80502Fixed an issue where repetition matches would appear instead of fuzzy matches when the "Populate target with fuzzy repeat" option was enabled.WorkbenchClosed220621_0259
XC-77333Fixed an issue where some hidden characters from JSON source files resulted in empty Workbench segments.File processing WorkbenchClosed0412_0259
XC-82127Fixed an issue where some of the DOCX file content was not properly extracted for translation and missing.File processingClosed 220706_0259
XC-79841Fixed an issue where some workflow settings were not respected when adding new files to a project.PM WorkflowClosed220602_0259
XC-82593Fixed an issue where text from chart axis in PPTX files was not extracted properly for translation.File processingClosed220721_0612
XC-70152Fixed an issue where the Description field filled in in the project template was not copied to the project created with this template.PM UIClosed1125_1301
XC-68605Fixed an issue where the file name was occasionally hidden in the Project editor> Workflow view.UI WorkflowClosed1025_0807
XC-76864Fixed an issue where the option to generate an offline excel editor file was sometimes missing for linguist role.Offline editors PM UIClosed220524_0825
XC-68614Fixed an issue where the source text was copied as translations in segments that received the leveraged match unpopulated to target.TM engine WorkbenchClosed1029_0932
XC-73718Fixed an issue where the step added to the workflow by LSP was visible only for the Contractor.PM WorkflowClosed0218_0259
XC-82263Fixed an issue where the subcontractor project was activated after an incorrect attempt to activate a contractor's project.PMClosed220719_0646
XC-77256Fixed an issue where watermarks were missing translation in MS Office Word target file.File processingClosed220621_0259
XC-81703Fixed an issue where workflow, statistics and metrics tab was missing from project editor display.Analysis Manager UIClosed220611_0259
XC-68280Fixed an issue with 'downloadFilesUsingGET' method returning wrong status code(500) when trying to access an archived project's files. It has been changed to a proper code - 404.API REST APIClosed1203_1213
XC-70292Fixed an issue with 'findProjectStatisticsUsingGET' method returning the same values for 'lastCompletionDate' and 'creationDate' fieldsREST API Statistics & MetricsClosed1125_0738
XC-76440Fixed an issue with API-created project seemingly missing the source files.API PM REST API SOAP APIClosed0419_1138
XC-71670Fixed an issue with IDML file analysis related to missing anchor info for threaded text frames.File processingClosed1230_0259
XC-73463Fixed an issue with JSON ICU incorrect target file generation tied to nested plurals in selectFile processingClosed0128_0259
XC-72089Fixed an issue with Multilingual excel target file generation caused by incorrect non-numeric translations placed in numeric fields.File processingClosed0105_1040
XC-73360Fixed an issue with PPTX files where some of the notes were not extracted properly for translationFile processingClosed0128_1031
XC-76746Fixed an issue with REST API method findProjectStatisticsUsingGET not respecting the fetchType parameter for subcontracted projects.REST APIClosed0412_0259
XC-73719Fixed an issue with TIPP package importOffline editors SOAP APIClosed0209_0259
XC-71688Fixed an issue with TIPP package upload when one of the source files had no content for translation after project analysis.Offline editors WorkflowClosed1230_0259
XC-76266Fixed an issue with XML target file generation when XML source file started with a comment instead of an XML node.File processingClosed0315_0259
XC-69205Fixed an issue with XTM Workbench behaving improperly when called via the REST API method 'Obtain link to a Editor' with a unit range as a parameter.REST API WorkbenchClosed1202_0259
XC-79846Fixed an issue with a REST API method findProjectStatisticsUsingGET not returning statistics to an LSP for files deleted by the contractor after they were translated by the LSP.REST API Statistics & MetricsClosed220504_0259
XC-76782Fixed an issue with a REST API method patchJobsWorkflowUsingPATCH causing the multiplication of the same workflow options in Projects Workflow tab in certain scenariosREST API WorkflowClosed0412_0259
XC-79689Fixed an issue with a REST API method uploadSourceFilesUsingPOST causing linguists to get unassigned from the existing jobs when using no 'workflowId' parameters, if there were any set during project creation.REST API WorkflowClosed0427_0259
XC-71686Fixed an issue with a moveProjectWorkflow SOAP method not working when there was a non-analyzable/no-content file in the project.API WorkflowClosed211228_0259
XC-82686Fixed an issue with adding new entries to the default spellchecker dictionaries in Workbench.SpellClosed220714_0259
XC-79760Fixed an issue with auto-inline placement when translating from Japanese to English.NLP-relatedClosed220505_0259
XC-71031Fixed an issue with createMultiProjectsUsingPOST method creating projects with mismatched files and target languages. That happened when uploading multiple zip archives as source files per different target languages and each archive had inside of it some files that were named the same as files in other archives. APIClosed0111_1203
XC-73749Fixed an issue with creating a project via API using a template with file joining enabled. If the source file was a zip then an additional number was wrongly added to the job filename.API File processingClosed0222_0259
XC-74199Fixed an issue with custom field visibility on a subcontractor account.PM SubcontractingClosed0315_0259
XC-72436Fixed an issue with default assignees overwriting already existing assignments after updating the file in continuous mode.PM UIClosed0119_0259
XC-79736Fixed an issue with displaying escaped characters for properties files.File processingClosed220707_0259
XC-79115Fixed an issue with displaying incorrect Remaining WWC on the project list after reanalyzing projects with the “Automatically finish steps where all segments are green/done” option activated.PM UIClosed0422_1201
XC-70949Fixed an issue with displaying the due date in the General info view of archived projectsPMClosed0211_0924
XC-71602Fixed an issue with displaying the right level of user details in Workbench filters according to the system Security settings.WorkbenchClosed0208_0259
XC-79797Fixed an issue with duplicated nodes in XML target files if there was a comment before root element.File processingClosed220523_0259
XC-71022Fixed an issue with finishing tasks from Workbench in subcontracted projects.Role management WorkbenchClosed0113_1054
XC-70229Fixed an issue with finishing tasks in workflows for non-analyzable files.PM UI WorkbenchClosed1230_0259
XC-72660Fixed an issue with generateProjectFile SOAP API method not generating the file properly if a 'no content' file was a part of the project.SOAP APIClosed0119_0259
XC-70177Fixed an issue with inactive users being omitted when generating costs.CostsClosed0124_0259
XC-77477Fixed an issue with incorrect escaping in JSON ICU files.File processingClosed0420_0815
XC-76604Fixed an issue with incorrectly marked corrector's changes in the Extended Table report when segments were containing quotation marks.ReportsClosed0414_0946
XC-76819Fixed an issue with jobFinished callbacks being sent for all of the jobs, while only one was actually being finished. This occured only for highly customized workflows using pre-procesing and custom steps.REST APIClosed0401_0858
XC-73359Fixed an issue with loading Filter templates tab when username contained non-ascii charactersFile Filter BuilderClosed220128_0259
XC-79534Fixed an issue with missing hyperlinks URL in docx target files.File processingClosed220525_0259
XC-73737Fixed an issue with missing information in terms when added from XTM WorkbenchTerm ManagerClosed0208_0259
XC-73044Fixed an issue with missing inlines in alignment of Chinese filesNLP-relatedClosed0125_0259
XC-76521Fixed an issue with missing quotes characters in po and pot target files with embedded HTML.File processingClosed220510_0259
XC-81854Fixed an issue with missing text formatting in IDML target files.File processingClosed220623_1119
XC-73096Fixed an issue with missing translation from functions in Excel target filesFile processingClosed0128_0259
XC-69189Fixed an issue with new projects created from source projects(cloning), for which the 'All languages' view in Workflow tab did not work properly.REST API WorkflowClosed 1102_0958
XC-72529Fixed an issue with preparing XTM Workbench connection on the Contractor side.Workbench WorkflowClosed0128_1031
XC-74389Fixed an issue with project history download when project source files contained dot at the start of a filename.PM processingClosed220518_0259
XC-74713Fixed an issue with returning incorrect languages in target files after generating them simultaneously for multiple target languages with generateFilesUsingPOST API requestAPI REST APIClosed0222_0259
XC-73494Fixed an issue with segment length limit in Workbench for multilingual excel filesFile processingClosed0131_0259
XC-82431Fixed an issue with statistics after updating a source file using REST API.REST API Statistics & MetricsClosed220803_0526
XC-68326Fixed an issue with target file generation error icon not disappearing from the Project listing after the file was eventually generated successfully. PM UIClosed0113_1054
XC-74058Fixed an issue with target file generation occurring in projects with joined files when the source zip package was containing unsupported files.File processingClosed0222_0259
XC-70336Fixed an issue with the auto-calculate due dates option in pre-processing projects.PM UI WorkflowClosed0131_0259
XC-78945Fixed an issue with the display of tooltips in the Workbench resulting in hiding the working area and displaying a gray screen.QA Spell WorkbenchClosed0427_0259
XC-71305Fixed an issue with the incorrect processing of HTML code in entity form that was embedded in XML filesFile processingClosed 0128_0259
XC-71772Fixed an issue with the request to obtain OAuth2 token requiring an Authorization header to be properly processed.APIClosed0105_0259
XC-81881Fixed an issue with the visibility of active tasks on dashboards after release XTM version 13.1PM SubcontractingClosed220615_0259
XC-70389Fixed an issue with unassigning users when adding new languages to a project.PM UI WorkflowClosed0217_1021
XC-76588Fixed an issue with unavailable statistics in the project, in which the file was split into bundles.PM Statistics & MetricsClosed220518_0259
XC-83896Fixed an issue with workflows for no content files set incorrectly after reanalysis of the project WorkflowClosed220804_0259
XC-72362Fixed an rare issue with color-coded target file elements formatting being incorrectFile processingClosed0223_1054
XC-76586Fixed and improved the REST API method patchJobsWorkflowUsingPATCH to work faster and no longer throw error 500 when updating a massive amount of jobs in a single request. REST API WorkflowClosed0426_0654
XC-71615Fixed bug in TM Manager and now it is possible to delete translation memory for all customers at the same time.TM ManagerClosed0301_1320
XC-72572Fixed bug which caused incorrect display of the time tracking input element in Workflow view for groups of files.UI WorkflowClosed0113_0651
XC-77042Fixed cause of freezing Workbench after using a phrase search in the "Find and replace" popup.WorkbenchClosed0412_0259
XC-72280Fixed displaying special characters icons inside "Insert inline tag or special character" popup in Workbench.WorkbenchClosed0114_0259
XC-71957Fixed duplication of workflow definitions in projects where a new source file was added after modifying the workflow.UI WorkflowClosed-
XC-71308Fixed getTimeTrackingsJobsUsingGET method returning improper header 'xtm-page-items-count' value caused by not ignoring empty files in the project.REST APIClosed1229_0259
XC-70320Fixed incorrect cursor positioning in segments with "Set start position for the cursor in the target to the beginning of the segment" option enabled.WorkbenchClosed1221_0259
XC-70252Fixed incorrect due dates handling on the side of a subcontractor working on v12.9 if the project was founded by a contractor using v12.8 or lower.WorkflowClosed0225_1156
XC-76857Fixed incorrect updating of subcontractor's workflows when LSP user entered an additional step at the end of the workflow.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed0419_1138
XC-80295Fixed internal server error being thrown when searching for projects through Advanced search.UI WorkflowClosed220520_0259
XC-77614Fixed issue with Google Auto ML setting on project template.MTs PM UIClosed220606_0259
XC-79988Fixed issue with WWC hiding in the project Workflow.PM UIClosed-
XC-76125Fixed issue with displaying target languages during project creation when customized on a Customer level.PMClosed220520_0259
XC-82848Fixed issue with downloading source files for archived projects.PMClosed220728_0259
XC-76512Fixed issue with metrics download for files and projects with very long names.PM Statistics & MetricsClosedXTM BUILD: 220610_0259
XC-73626Fixed issue with reverted terminology access rights when modifying access to workflow steps.PMClosed0204_0259
XC-71128Fixed issue with uploading zipped files as offline target files.PM UIClosed0120_0259
XC-76551Fixed issue with visible SAP MT during project creation and in the Project template when it was globally turned off.PM UIClosed0315_0259
XC-70817Fixed issues with automatic insert inline tags feature.WorkbenchClosed0121_0259
XC-70761Fixed issues with displaying time tracking input field in subcontracted projects.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed0114_0259
XC-71770Fixed issues with incorrect wordcount for Bengali languageFile processing Statistics & MetricsClosed1229_0246
XC-69548Fixed issues with receiving Machine Translation matches for bilingual source files.MTsClosed0113_1332
XC-70279Fixed issues with removing and adding whitespace at the beginning and end of segments in TM Manager.TM ManagerClosed1210_0924
XC-79272Fixed machine translation option "Populate target with match" set to "Always, fixing the inline tags" causing the project analysis process to fail.File processing MTsClosed0420_0815
XC-69076Fixed missing newline character between XML declaration and a root nodeFile processingClosed1105_1141
XC-69315Fixed missing text color information within Excel cellsFile processingClosed0118_0259
XC-68383Fixed performance issues when displaying metrics and statistics in projects that contain a large amount of source files.Statistics & MetricsClosed-
XC-69481Fixed performance problem with the batch update of segment statuses in XTM Workbench which occurred when including internal file repetitions that were not yet populated with the translation of the first occurrence.WorkbenchClosed1112_1107
XC-68617Fixed problem with Android XML files with plural elementsFile processingClosed1022_0921
XC-70456Fixed problem with CDATA in HTML filesFile processingClosed1202_0853
XC-69753Fixed problem with aligning MIF filesFile processing NLP-relatedClosed1229_0259
XC-72346Fixed problem with an invisible option "Mark segments as locked when" in the project.PM UIClosed0111_0259
XC-69717Fixed problem with continuous projects with pre-processing and fuzzy matches.File processing TM engine WorkbenchClosed0114_1456
XC-71563Fixed problem with disappearing comments in the Workbench after importing XLIFF file.UI WorkbenchClosed0119_0259
XC-69918Fixed problem with generating XML target files with entities declarations.File processingClosed 0128_0259
XC-66878Fixed problem with leading and trailing spaces not being correctly counted in the character length limitations among segments belonging to the same sentence.File processing WorkbenchClosed1027_1220
XC-66779Fixed problem with missing evaluees in the Multi-project LQA report for LSP chain.LQA Reports SubcontractingClosed0203_1128
XC-70179Fixed problem with saving different workflows for target languages on the project template level.UIClosed0119_0259
XC-82017Fixed problem with saving of project update dates in the database.PM WorkflowClosed220611_0259
XC-71585Fixed problem with segment length taken from XLSX integers cells.File processingClosed1228_0259
XC-69839Fixed problem with workflow steps with "&" in name.File processing PM UIClosed1207_0259
XC-68693Fixed problem with wrong error in Workbench about invalid inline tags instead of corrupted characters.PM WorkbenchClosed1028_0824
XC-66967Fixed problem with wrong workflow when creating a project via REST API and uploading a new file.REST API WorkflowClosed1012_1110
XC-73786Fixed problems with accepting tasks assigned to a user group in Workbench. PM WorkbenchClosed0307_0259
XC-83152Fixed problems with apostrophe and quotation marks not being correctly displayed in segments returned by Systran MT when the AI-enhanced TM feature is enabled.MTsClosed220803_0526
XC-76514Fixed rare issue with Fatal error message in aligned files.NLP-relatedClosed0315_0259
XC-69911Fixed some issues with generating Arabic PPTX filesFile processingClosed1202_0853
XC-80315Fixed spell check errors prevent a phrase from being highlighted by the "Find and replace" feature.WorkbenchClosed220621_0259
XC-77532Fixed the SOAP API createProject method that was adding a number to the source file name when using a zip archive and joining feature during project creationAPI File processing SOAP APIClosed0420_0259
XC-76789Fixed the automatic population of translations to repeated segments when the first occurrence received a translation from MT during the project analysis.File processing MTs WorkbenchClosed0406_0259
XC-68697Fixed the bug that blocked the transition to the next file when you reviewing the phrase search result in Workbench after using the "Include segments from all files" search option.UI WorkbenchClosed0111_0259
XC-71196Fixed the createTemplateUsingPOST method omitting some of the MT engines that were active in the base project.REST APIClosed1229_0259
XC-72430Fixed the issue where Custom MT was used in projects created by API, using Project templates. The issue happened when using templates that existed before Custom MT was configured, despite not having the Custom MT enabled for those.API MTsClosed0127_0259
XC-81859Fixed the issue where LSP could not be used as a dummy user for cost generation when user group was assigned to the workflow.CostsClosed220728_0259
XC-72735Fixed the issue with generateFilesUsingPOST REST API method that caused the generated HTML_EXTENDED_TABLE type of file to have QA errors values copied into the LQA errors column. File processing LQA REST APIClosed0120_0259
XC-72731Fixed the issue with getTimeTrackingsJobsUsingGET REST API method returning error 400 when time trackings were unavaliable, suggesting that the request was wrong. The error code returned now is 404, which is clearer to interpret.API REST APIClosed0121_1026
XC-76264Fixed the possibility to obtain metrics for finished jobs when the project is in analysis.PM REST APIClosed0308_0259
XC-70455Fixed the process of counting words in the Words column in Project listing.PM UIClosed1130_0837
XC-80237Fixed the update process of TM entries where no changes were made to a segment in the Workbench, but the automatic time tracking option triggered a save to the database.TM engine WorkbenchClosed220623_0957
XC-68665Fixed wrong behavior due to which a linguist without terminologist's permissions was able to add a Term entry from the Workbench.PM UI WorkbenchClosed1022_0921
XC-69346Identifying segment's context when importing translation memory from XLIFF file has been improvedTM engineClosed211105_1141
XC-68682Improved QA functionality 'Spaces around inlines' in Workbench.QA WorkbenchClosedN/A
XC-72172Improved displaying an correct message in the workflow in a project in which only unsupported source files were uploaded.WorkflowClosed0120_0259
XC-68409Improved extracting text from VSDX filesFile processingClosed1019_0926
XC-68786Improved multilingual Excel filter for XLSM filesFile processingClosed1025_0807
XC-69779Improved performance in XTM Workbench in conjunction with the use of specific analysis templates. Now the transition from one segment to the other works smoother. WorkbenchClosed0111_1203
XC-79294Improved segment status change after using the auto-insert inline tags option.WorkbenchClosed0425_0602
XC-68896Improved the calculation of statistics for segments that have been merged in the Workbench.Statistics & Metrics WorkbenchClosed0427_1237
XC-76777Improved the mechanism of returning translations to fuzzy repeated matches if the activated segment has such a match related to the previous segment.WorkbenchClosed220414_0946
XC-74612Improved the way text is displayed in Visual mode and fixed occasional issues with overlapping characters.File processing WorkbenchClosed 0223_1054
XC-70343Improved transfer of information about custom fields in subcontracting projects to 'Costs and Metrics' reports.Custom fields Reports SubcontractingClosed0222_0259
XC-68807Introduced "conf" attribute to SDLXLIFF filesFile processingClosed1105_1141
XC-74285Limited Project Managers can now generate all target files simultaneously.PM UIClosed0302_1132
XC-73644Restored correct behavior of description field in project templates - the description field is no longer populated to the projects created with given template.PM UIClosed 0202_0259
XC-71418Secured log4j vulnerability in affected XTM apps.File Filter BuilderClosed1215_1201
XC-77534Sending machine translation requests in continuous projects has been improved.MTs UI WorkbenchClosed220623_1119
XC-68646The behaviour of the user interface in the Workbench has been improved and you can now place the cursor between two inline tags.WorkbenchClosed1026_0903
XC-69114The display of file names in the file groups view has been improved.PM UIClosed1202_1505
XC-66993The list of languages supported by GeoFluent MT has been updated.MTsClosed211027_1220
XC-70233The problem with automatic calculation of costs during the generation of Costs and metrics reports has been fixedCosts ReportsClosed0105_1040
XC-73709The problem with displaying the creator name in Cost & Metrics reports for projects created via the Portal has been fixedPortal ReportsClosed0412_0259
XC-68341The problem with duplicate PO numbers has been fixedCosts ReportsClosed0114_0259
XC-72137The problem with opening Workbench on the subcontractor side when TermWeb is enabled for contractor's customer has been fixedTerm engine WorkbenchClosed0105_1040
XC-70135The rights of User groups have been improved by always respecting the rights that each linguist in the group has for their respective customers.PM UIClosed0225_1156
XC-66966The use of the TM penalty profile in a project created by Limited Project Manager has been improved.PM Tags WorkbenchClosed220530_0259
XC-77292The workflow synchronization process on the contractor's side has been improved when the subcontractor finishes workflows for a large number of jobs.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed0406_0259
XC-71751This issue had no descriptionFile processingClosed0225_0259
XC-69756Weighted word counts are now correctly calculated for fuzzy matches when applying a custom weight matrix.Statistics & MetricsClosed211203_1213
XC-75932Workbench QA rule "Translation of a term not found" has been improved.QA Term engine WorkbenchClosed220524_0825
XC-74272Workflow for languages added after project creation is now properly updated for uploadSourceFilesUsingPOST REST API.API REST APIClosed0302_1132