Change log 13.1

ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-88300Added language mapping for languages supported by SAP MT (Arabic, Indonesian, and Serbian).MTsClosed221130_1228
XC-81971Additional configurations to decide whether or not escape special characters were added.File processingClosed220621_0259
XC-88342An issue causing terms to be incorrectly flagged in the Workbench QA check has been fixed.QA Term engineClosed221220_1340
XC-77688An issue with a discrepancy in number formatting for CSV reports containing metrics has been fixedStatistics & MetricsClosed220706_0259
XC-89959An issue with contractor name being displayed instead of LSP linguist as evaluee in LQA tab has been fixedLQA Subcontracting UIClosed230207_1049
XC-80091An issue with creating duplicate jobs for a given file after the pre-processing workflow is finished has been fixedStatistics & Metrics WorkflowClosed220527_0259
XC-80185An issue with decorating terms containing a number at the beginning has been fixedTerm engine WorkbenchClosed220811_0259
XC-81994An issue with displaying LQA errors from uncommitted segments from Workbench in LQA reports has been fixedLQA Reports WorkbenchClosed220621_0259
XC-89763An issue with displaying an empty context menu in the Tasks > LQA tab has been fixedLQA UIClosed221229_2000
XC-89572An issue with displaying an unwanted warning when generating costs after using the "Use zeros for missing rates/time" option has been fixedCostsClosed221201_2000
XC-88186An issue with displaying character count instead of word count in PO reports and Costs and metrics reports for Machine Translation matches has been fixed.Costs ReportsClosed221115_0829
XC-89274An issue with displaying current metrics instead of initial metrics in the "Metrics, custom fields included" report on the subcontractor side has been fixedReports Statistics & MetricsClosed221205_2000
XC-89939An issue with displaying different LQA scores in the LQA tab in the project editor and in the LQA report "per language" has been fixedLQAClosed221220_2000
XC-79051An issue with displaying empty rows in the "Cost and metrics > Cost and metrics per Linguist" report has been fixedReportsClosed220608_0259
XC-83232An issue with displaying incorrect cost value for Fixed price/Minimum charge fields in Cost and metrics reports has been fixedCosts ReportsClosed220920_2000
XC-77684An issue with displaying the LQA report in the wrong tab on the LQA side has been fixedLQA PM Subcontracting UIClosed220519_0259
XC-77668An issue with displaying the contractor account name in LQA reports has been fixedLQAClosed220504_0259
XC-89311An issue with displaying the current term value in term traslation history has been fixedTerm ManagerClosed221130_1041
XC-79120An issue with displaying total price value instead of management fee and/or fixed price values in Cost and Metrics reports has been fixedCosts ReportsClosed220608_0259
XC-86529An issue with displaying warnings when generating costs based on "Time or metrics" when manual time tracking was not entered has been fixedCostsClosed221005_1038
XC-81572An issue with generating LQA reports in projects with many jobs has been fixedLQA Statistics & MetricsClosed220602_0927
XC-87018An issue with generating LQA reports via REST API has been fixedLQA REST APIClosed221110_1019
XC-89875An issue with generating costs in a project with many steps of the same type has been fixedCostsClosed221216_1347
XC-90090An issue with ignoring exchange rates when generating costs has been fixedCostsClosed221219_1118
XC-84583An issue with ignoring security settings regarding usernames while generating the simple LQA report has been fixedLQA ReportsClosed220901_0545
XC-83470An issue with including custom LQA errors in LQA reports has been fixedLQA REST APIClosed220926_0906
XC-77680An issue with including in AggregatedPO generation linguists with a fixed price in rate cards that created a statistic before the previous AggregatedPO generation has been fixed.CostsClosed220721_1026
XC-89845An issue with incorrect number of total words being displayed in the PO report while using the subtraction calculation method has been fixedCostsClosed221214_2000
XC-84178An issue with missing "Time" column in Cost and metrics reports has been fixedReportsClosed220823_2000
XC-83506An issue with not blocking manual time at language and group level when the time was manually set for specific job has been fixed.PM WorkflowClosedXTM BUILD: 220810_0259
XC-82277An issue with not displaying warning messages during cost generation in projects where linguists were not assigned has been fixedCosts ReportsClosed220727_0259
XC-91638An issue with not including LQA errors in auto-approved segments that received a repetition match in the translation step done by the LSP user has been fixedLQAClosed230221_1044
XC-77682An issue with not including PM user in the generation of costs based on statistics, if the translation was done without assigning PM user to the workflow, has been fixedCostsClosedN/A
XC-77435An issue with not including PM user in the generation of costs based on statistics, if the translation was done without assigning PM user to the workflow, has been fixedCostsClosed-
XC-82645An issue with not including custom fields when exporting terminology has been fixedCustom fields Term ManagerClosedN/A
XC-79047An issue with not including projects without the indicated project manager in Cost & metrics reports has been fixedCosts PM Reports UIClosed220719_0826
XC-83387An issue with not sending e-mails regarding tasks acceptance has been fixedMailingClosed220726_0259
XC-83532An issue with not sending emails regarding workflow start to user groups in projects using pre-processing has been fixedMailingClosed220817_2000
XC-90318An issue with obtaining incorrect dates related to terms from a TBX file during the terminology import process has been fixedTerm engine Term Manager UIClosed230104_2000
XC-80055An issue with recognizing TermWeb terms containing a period at the end has been fixedTerm engine WorkbenchClosed220611_0259
XC-83880An issue with resetting the cost values ​​after they have been approved has been fixedCostsClosed220825_1203
XC-80045An issue with returning API response parameters in INT format instead of FLOAT in the obtainCostsUsingGET method has been fixedCosts REST APIClosed220607_0259
XC-88797An issue with the ability to generate LQA reports via the REST API for auto-archived projects has been fixedLQA REST APIClosed221122_2000
XC-82874An issue with the availability of Extended LQA reports for LSPs has been fixedLQA Reports SubcontractingClosed220711_0259
XC-90015An issue with the cost generation including EDC has been fixedCostsClosed221216_1347
XC-82681An issue with the differences in the results for the Multi-LQA report and the project LQA report has been fixedLQAClosed220712_0800
XC-81723An issue with the displayed data format for the "parentPath" parameter in the LQA report available via REST API has been fixed (XTM Labs feature)LQA REST APIClosed220803_0259
XC-85499An issue with the format of the file containing the "Metrics history" report has been fixedReports Statistics & MetricsClosed220929_0936
XC-83153An issue with the generation of Cost and metrics reports for projects where the workflow was set for non-analysable files has been fixedCosts Reports Statistics & MetricsClosed220720_0259
XC-82577An issue with the incorrect number of words processed in the Statistics tab after reopening the project or changing the assignee has been fixedStatistics & MetricsClosed220811_0259
XC-81724An issue with the lack of information about the value of the parameters 'parentId' and 'parentPath' for the highest LQA error category for the LQA report in JSON format available via REST API has been fixedLQA REST APIClosed220705_0259
XC-83575An issue with the lack of visibility of comments added by LSP in the report available under the "Download all comments" option has been fixedReportsClosed220808_0259
XC-80380An issue with the visibility of initial metrics on the subcontractor side has been fixedStatistics & Metrics SubcontractingClosed220623_0259
XC-82875An issue with the visibility of projects with non-analysable files in Cost and metrics reports has been fixed.PM Reports WorkflowClosed220808_0259
XC-85657An issue with updating current metrics has been fixedStatistics & Metrics WorkbenchClosed221005_1218
XC-79196Changes are now better reflected in Visual mode when working with .docx files.WorkbenchClosed 220615_0259
XC-90917Changing a step's workflow to another step in Edit Workflow no longer causes errors.PM UI WorkflowClosedN/A
XC-88603Fixed File navigator and highlighting of files that are currently displayed in the Workbench.UI WorkbenchClosed221115_0829
XC-79781Fixed REST API method createProjectUsingPOST that, when using a template, set the delivery due date to the value taken from a project which was used as base for the template instead of the due date provided in the request.REST APIClosed220726_1041
XC-85456Fixed TM Manager search error when the "Use stemming" option is enabled.TM ManagerClosed220921_2000
XC-85930Fixed Workbench init error despite having correct number of licenses available.Licences WorkbenchClosed220922_2000
XC-79984Fixed a REST API method downloadFilesUsingGET allowing to download files from a project that is in analysis. It is now impossible to do it.REST APIClosed220527_0259
XC-79704Fixed a REST API method findProjectStatisticsUsingGET returning only partial statistics for subcontracted jobs, if multiple linguists were assigned to them.REST API Statistics & Metrics SubcontractingClosed220615_0259
XC-79680Fixed a SOAP AI method findConcordance that was returning a faultcode response, despite a proper request being sent.SOAP API TM engineClosed220623_0259
XC-79198Fixed a bug in the TM matching penalty mechanism when the first occurrence of a repeated segment receives a match from the same project - now such match will be subject to the TM penalty rule if the Penalty profile is set on the project.WorkbenchClosedN/A
XC-85357Fixed a bug that prevented linguists from finishing a workflow step for non-analyzable files if such files had been reanalyzed.Workbench WorkflowClosed221130_2000
XC-83578Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of a workflow for files with no content.WorkflowClosed220802_0837
XC-90245Fixed a bug where the progress bar in the Tasks tab was not displaying correctly, reflecting the number of “to do” for CJK languages.PM Statistics & Metrics UIClosed230207_1049
XC-88174Fixed a glitch inside the QA docked panel in Workbench that was causing the view to jump to the middle of the tab when clicking a QA error.UI WorkbenchClosed221118_1333
XC-82537Fixed a problem affecting the correct completion of automatic steps if the workflow was finished through the finishWorkflow operation via REST API.Workbench WorkflowClosed220821_2000
XC-91842Fixed a problem in which project analysis was stuck because of the “Automatically finish steps where all segments are green/done” option.PM PM processingClosed230213_1231
XC-79117Fixed a problem that occurs in projects with no-analyzable files with workflow set, with auto-start enabled not started after reanalysis. PM WorkflowClosed220531_0259
XC-77672Fixed a problem with accepting planned tasks.PM Subcontracting WorkflowClosed220901_0545
XC-82161Fixed a problem with an incorrect e-mail being sent to the subcontractor when assigned to a workflow step and starting the project.MailingClosedXTM BUILD: 220705_0259
XC-81650Fixed a problem with an incorrect e-mail being sent to the subcontractor when assigned to a workflow step.MailingClosed220614_0259
XC-87250Fixed a problem with deactivation of projects on the Subcontractor side after the Continous Project Update.SubcontractingClosed221104_0953
XC-86482Fixed a problem with displaying a deactivated LSP in the workflow, after creating a project using a template with assigned the LSP to the workflow.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed221005_1218
XC-84510Fixed a problem with displaying data in the Costs and metrics reports – Words, time per linguist, language and task for projects in progress.Reports Statistics & MetricsClosed220913_0951
XC-82160Fixed a problem with displaying the General info of projects created with a project template after cloning one of them.REST APIClosed220623_0259
XC-86407Fixed a problem with displaying the Tasks Active tab where columns were sorted by WWC, access to which was hidden.PM UIClosed221116_1113
XC-77699Fixed a problem with managing Systran MT profiles for the preprocessing language combination.MTsClosed220609_1112
XC-85959Fixed a problem with the project's Delivery and Workflow due dates being changed by the subcontractor.PM SubcontractingClosedN/A
XC-85725Fixed a problem with unavailable User metadata for comments in Workbench and in the generated comment report.WorkbenchClosed221115_0829
XC-88937Fixed a rare issue for which any text added after a line break in Workbench was removed in DOCX target files.File processingClosed221214_2000
XC-85129Fixed a rare issue for which it wasn't possible to upload two source files with the same name through REST API.File processing REST APIClosed230205_2000
XC-87076Fixed a rare issue for which no files were shown in the main project workflow with pre-processing and occurring when uploading new source files and finishing the pre-processing step at the same timeFile processing WorkflowClosed 221130_1228
XC-86342Fixed a rare issue impacting the correct generation of a PDF preview for specific PPTX source files.File processingClosed221204_2000
XC-82205Fixed a rare issue that caused empty segments to appear in Workbench.File processingClosed221104_0953
XC-77678Fixed a rare issue where Aligned90+ file generated by align process included matches with lower probability than 0.9.NLP-relatedClosed220530_0259
XC-81311Fixed a rare issue where MT matches were not properly populated in continuous project after project update if segments were previously untranslated and unchanged.File processing WorkbenchClosedN/A
XC-79102Fixed a rare issue where SAP MT returned translation of incorrect language.File processing JMS MTsClosed220509_0917
XC-88420Fixed a rare issue where a comma was missing in JSON ICU target files.File processingClosed221130_1136
XC-81991Fixed a rare issue where aligned90+ file contained segments with lower probability than 0.9NLP-relatedClosed-
XC-79202Fixed a rare issue where auto inline insertion did not work correctlyNLP-relatedClosed220526_0700
XC-77693Fixed a rare issue where comments from pptx files could not be extracted for translation.File processingClosed220812_0259
XC-79054Fixed a rare issue where empty segments were visible in workbench.WorkbenchClosed220621_0259
XC-81901Fixed a rare issue where generated InDesign target file was corrupted.File processingClosed220707_0259
XC-89236Fixed a rare issue where generated JSON target file was empty.File processing PM Repo connectors WorkbenchClosed221124_1418
XC-85889Fixed a rare issue where generated target .docx files were sometimes missing correct links to images.File processingClosed221026_2000
XC-86910Fixed a rare issue where generated target for .xliff 2.0 files did not contain translation from the workbench.File processingClosed221118_1333
XC-80414Fixed a rare issue where language codes were populated incorrectly in target columns for Multilingual Excel target files.File processingClosed220623_0259
XC-81855Fixed a rare issue where matches in color-coded HTML preview were missing color formatting.File processingClosed220707_0259
XC-88322Fixed a rare issue where numerical values from source files were missing in multilingual Excel target files.File processingClosedN/A
XC-84536Fixed a rare issue where preview could not be generated for adobe files.File processingClosed220824_1003
XC-85608Fixed a rare issue where searching for chats in QMM resulted in an error instead of a list with found chats.ChatClosed220928_2000
XC-80077Fixed a rare issue where segments from MS Word files were duplicated in workbench.File processingClosed220525_0259
XC-86981Fixed a rare issue where some of the strings originating from source .docx file were missing in generated target file.File processingClosed221116_1113
XC-79901Fixed a rare issue where target TS files included additional incorrect XTM attributes when preprocessing was usedFile processingClosed220629_0259
XC-86888Fixed a rare issue where the reanalysis of continuous projects with pre-processing reverted the source file to an older version.File processing WorkflowClosed221026_2000
XC-88251Fixed a rare issue where translation was incorrectly merged into one segment in generated target file.File processingClosed221121_0732
XC-86148Fixed a rare issue where uploaded target file caused incorrect folder structure in a target file zip that was generated afterwards.File processingClosed221030_2000
XC-81907Fixed a rare issue where workbench did not open properly for XLSX files if column with comments to extract was empty.File processing WorkbenchClosed220720_0259
XC-85614Fixed a rare issue where workflow was empty after double project reanalysis when project has pre-processing enabled and files were divided into bundles.File processing PM UI WorkflowClosed230109_2000
XC-89266Fixed a rare issue where zip files inside zip archive were not properly analyzed when uploaded after project creation.File processing WorkflowClosed230206_2000
XC-82019Fixed a rare issue where zip packages without compression were not properly uploaded to a project.File processingClosed220802_0837
XC-79872Fixed a rare issue with custom variables incorrectly catching parts of already existing target translation in PO filesFile processingClosed220629_0259
XC-80238Fixed a rare issue with error message in MS Excel while opening generated target excel file.File processingClosed220531_0259
XC-80015Fixed a rare issue with incorrect BOM encoding in generated XML target files.File processingClosed220524_0259
XC-89901Fixed a rare issue with incorrect html code recognition for MS Excel source files.File processingClosed221216_0807
XC-84737Fixed a rare issue with incorrect links to images in generated docx target file.File processingClosed220901_2000
XC-85713Fixed a rare issue with reading matches from XLIFF 2.0 source files that resulted in file marked as no content in project editor.File processingClosed220920_2000
XC-85031Fixed a rare issue with target generation for XLIFF files.File processingClosed220920_0748
XC-84124Fixed a rare scenario where chat could not be properly created.Chat PM UIClosed220926_2000
XC-79227Fixed a rare scenario where frequency count was incorrect for bilingual term extraction.NLP-relatedClosed220821_2000
XC-83981Fixed an An issue with redirecting to the project listing page instead of to a specific project after using the URL from the email informing about creating the project has been fixedMailing UIClosedXTM BUILD: 220901_2000
XC-80155Fixed an issue affecting the correct filtering of LQA errors in Workbench after changing the workflow step type where the LQA was performed.LQA WorkbenchClosed220610_0259
XC-84659Fixed an issue affecting the correct saving of changes in the Main workflow area of the Template editor.UI WorkflowClosed220922_0933
XC-91341Fixed an issue affecting the date format when the workflow was edited by a Project Manager that was not the project creator.PM UI WorkflowClosed230206_1229
XC-86292Fixed an issue causing LQA errors not being included in LQA reports if they were entered in segments which were automatically set to complete through a batch action in Workbench.LQA Reports WorkbenchClosed221005_1218
XC-84675Fixed an issue causing a minimum price padding to be incorrectly included in the PO for projects with multiple files not exceeding the minimum priceCostsClosed221004_2000
XC-79830Fixed an issue causing an inconsistency between due dates in the Workflow editor and in the Workflow tab view when the option to auto-calculate due dates for workflow steps was used. PM UIClosed220526_0847
XC-82531Fixed an issue causing files without translatable content to get the wrong workflow definition when a workflow ID was provided in the REST API call.REST API WorkflowClosed220714_1058
XC-89350Fixed an issue causing the Chat docked panel to be displayed in Workbench when opened via API link even if the Chat feature was disabled in the account configuration.Chat REST API SOAP APIClosed230109_2000
XC-91094Fixed an issue causing the target file generation to be sometimes stuck for all project files whenever a specific target file was previously uploaded for a job manually.File processing PMClosed230208_1338
XC-89616Fixed an issue connected with the discrepancy in Due dates between workflow view and edit workflow view after due dates were changed.UI WorkflowClosed221220_1340
XC-79641Fixed an issue displaying the list of Customers in a user's Access rights after importing a user.PM UIClosed220622_0524
XC-90931Fixed an issue for which an additional backslash was occasionally inserted before the exclamation mark in markdown target files.File processingClosed230206_2000
XC-89543Fixed an issue for which empty cells in Excel extended tables were populated with invisible characters.File processingClosed221214_2000
XC-81561Fixed an issue for which non-breaking spaces could not be used in the configuration responsible for automatically converting the format of numbers in the target language.File processing WorkbenchClosed220605_0259
XC-81970Fixed an issue for which terms related to a customer were decorated in XTM Workbench, even if only the TM related to this customer was used in the project.Term Manager WorkbenchClosed220829_2000
XC-83052Fixed an issue for which the Delete REST API call was returning an incorrect success response when the project was still in analysis.REST APIClosed220718_0259
XC-83090Fixed an issue in MIF files where Tab character was incorrectly formatted in generated target files.File processingClosed220725_0259
XC-88465Fixed an issue occasionally affecting cost generation when a workflow step was added by the subcontractor.Costs WorkflowClosed230209_2000
XC-83386Fixed an issue occurring in continuous projects with pre-processing and that was preventing the projects from being correctly analyzed.File processing PM Statistics & Metrics WorkflowClosed220819_0931
XC-77694Fixed an issue related to blocking the time tracking field on language view when a subcontractor assigned to a workflow.UI WorkflowClosedXTM BUILD: 220815_2200
XC-81669Fixed an issue that caused an attempt to open Workbench Visual mode for a source file extension that is not supported in this mode.UI WorkbenchClosed220714_0259
XC-82110Fixed an issue that caused the "Cannot display project details" dialog to appear in the Project Editor's tabs when Systran MT was used in the project.MTs PMClosed220615_1124
XC-92259Fixed an issue that caused workflowTransitionCallbacks to not be sentCallbacks WorkflowClosed230317_0929
XC-82055Fixed an issue that prevented an LSP user from finishing a workflow step from Workbench.WorkbenchClosed-
XC-89244Fixed an issue that was preventing target MS Word files to be correctly opened in Word.File processingClosed-
XC-90739Fixed an issue that was preventing the workflow dropdown to be displayed on the project workflow editor.UI WorkflowClosed230117_2000
XC-85775Fixed an issue where .html tags were not properly recognized and shown in Workbench for .xlf source files.File processingClosed221026_1902
XC-81291Fixed an issue where Files tab for a project couldn't be loadedFile processing PM UIClosed220524_0259
XC-79720Fixed an issue where Final Text column in preview extended table used incorrect step name.File processing ReportsClosed220726_0259
XC-83885Fixed an issue where HTML preview could not be properly generated for XLSX files with more than one sheet.File processingClosed220929_0936
XC-82545Fixed an issue where ICE matches based on segment IDs were sometimes not returned when the option "Search only if there are no ICE matches" was disabled for Leveraged matches.TM engine WorkbenchClosed220720_0259
XC-89340Fixed an issue where Match coloured preview HTML files were showing markers as text.File processingClosed-
XC-80254Fixed an issue where Workbench did not reflect properly new lines from source .po files.File processingClosed220622_0524
XC-89806Fixed an issue where XTM markings that are not part of the source files were visible in Visual mode for AEM files.File processing WorkbenchClosed230101_2000
XC-80476Fixed an issue where an additional space was added after double-byte character in Workbench for Multilingual excel files.File processingClosed220804_0727
XC-79110Fixed an issue where an automatic update of hidden repetitions after swapping phrases was not performed.WorkbenchClosed220707_0259
XC-86764Fixed an issue where an option "Show only unread chats" in query management wasn't working properly for newly created chatsChatClosed221031_1138
XC-79634Fixed an issue where asterisk was incorrectly escaped in MD files when preceded by two tabs indentation.File processingClosed220623_0259
XC-82050Fixed an issue where changes in the ITS configuration were not applied after project reanalysis when one of the project files was originally identified without content.File processingClosed220705_0259
XC-79049Fixed an issue where comments extracted from multiple columns in excel file were incorrectly merged.File processingClosed220531_1433
XC-80157Fixed an issue where comments in .po files were incorrectly extracted for more segments than necessary.File processingClosed220602_0927
XC-91761Fixed an issue where configuration created through Filter templates would in rare cases overwrite already existing configuration parts that are not yet supported in UI.File Filter BuilderClosed230221_2000
XC-85621Fixed an issue where configurations for MS Excel files created in Filter templates were missing some ITS rules.File Filter BuilderClosed220920_1006
XC-89268Fixed an issue where custom HTML tags were incorrectly recognized as HTML inlines when using a specific backend configuration.File processingClosed221216_0807
XC-81605Fixed an issue where dates were not updating for LSP after they were changed in the Manage projects view by Contractor.PMClosed220720_0259
XC-88451Fixed an issue where due dates could not be removed through the Manage projects option on the project Actions tab.PM UIClosed221227_2000
XC-82202Fixed an issue where entities in non-translatable parts of HTML files were incorrectly converted.File processingClosed220628_0259
XC-80437Fixed an issue where entities inside CDATA were not preserved properly in generated target XML fileFile processingClosed220530_0259
XC-84873Fixed an issue where equations were incorrectly displayed in visual mode for .docx files.File processing WorkbenchClosedN/A
XC-84593Fixed an issue where extended table report had incorrect value for match type and XTM status for non CAT tool stepsReportsClosed221005_1038
XC-82122Fixed an issue where in rare cases custom variables weren't working properly for .po filesFile processingClosed221106_2000
XC-88176Fixed an issue where incorrect analysis status label was displayed for non-analyzable files in project workflow tab.File processing PMClosed221122_2000
XC-77705Fixed an issue where indent spaces from md source files were not properly kept in the target.File processingClosed220705_0259
XC-79827Fixed an issue where index entries from .docx files were not extracted fully for translation.File processingClosed220629_0259
XC-82911Fixed an issue where inline tags were displayed in the Preview after segments translation.UI WorkbenchClosed220829_2000
XC-85460Fixed an issue where line breaks added during translation wasn't properly kept in target and pdf preview for .docx files.File processingClosed221116_0933
XC-84703Fixed an issue where multilingual target excel files were not correctly displaying the translation from Workbench if there were more custom variables in source than in target.File processingClosed221012_2000
XC-87009Fixed an issue where only first sheet was imported for translation from embedded .xlsx files insides .pptx file.File processingClosed221124_2000
XC-84585Fixed an issue where projects were not displayed for Limited Project Managers when using the “My projects” tab.PM Role management Support UIClosed220901_0545
XC-80504Fixed an issue where repetition matches would appear instead of fuzzy matches when the "Populate target with fuzzy repeat" option was enabled.WorkbenchClosed 220614_0259
XC-85739Fixed an issue where repetitions of MT match had inline tags ungrouped.WorkbenchClosed220921_0912
XC-84042Fixed an issue where section titles from PPTX source files were not imported properly for translation.File processingClosed220921_2000
XC-90153Fixed an issue where some elements containing text for translation were not properly parsed for IDML files.File processingClosed221221_1138
XC-82125Fixed an issue where some of the DOCX file content was not properly extracted for translation and missing.File processingClosed220705_0259
XC-79839Fixed an issue where some workflow settings were not respected when adding new files to a project.PM WorkflowClosed220531_0259
XC-82694Fixed an issue where status of repetitions was propagated incorrectly.WorkbenchClosed220926_0906
XC-82926Fixed an issue where target segments for XLIFF files were not properly populated with translation from source file when configuration to fix inline differences was in place.File processingClosed220712_0800
XC-88071Fixed an issue where terminology permissions were granted to a user despite canceling the Terminologist role for the user.Role management UI WorkbenchClosed221030_2000
XC-82591Fixed an issue where text from chart axis in PPTX files was not extracted properly for translation.File processingClosed220719_1045
XC-79217Fixed an issue where the cross-file repetitions were not hidden in the second file.PM WorkbenchClosed230101_2000
XC-86841Fixed an issue where the customized logo was not displayed correctly after logging out.PM UIClosed221027 0932
XC-86596Fixed an issue where the linguist unassigned from the task is still visible on the project cost details list.CostsClosed221117_1132
XC-85572Fixed an issue where the notification icon for mentions was missing for minimized chats.ChatClosed221002_2000
XC-82382Fixed an issue where the subcontractor did not receive an email about a newly created project when it was assigned to a project where a template with automatic assignment was used.Mailing SubcontractingClosedXTM BUILD: 220623_0259
XC-82261Fixed an issue where the subcontractor project was activated after an incorrect attempt to activate a contractor's project.PMClosed220714_1058
XC-78789Fixed an issue where watermarks were missing translation in MS Office Word target file.File processingClosed220614_0259
XC-81701Fixed an issue where workflow, statistics and metrics tab was missing from project editor display.Analysis Manager UIClosedXTM BUILD: 220608_0259
XC-86149Fixed an issue with REST API method updateDueDatesUsingPUT misguidingly returning an error message, despite successfully updating the due date.API WorkflowClosed220929_2000
XC-84824Fixed an issue with Systran MT where ampersand sign included segments were not receiving machine translation.MTsClosed220901_2000
XC-79844Fixed an issue with a REST API method findProjectStatisticsUsingGET not returning statistics to an LSP for files deleted by the contractor after they were translated by the LSP.REST API Statistics & MetricsClosed220607_0259
XC-79804Fixed an issue with a REST API method generateEditorLinkUsingPOST session expiring quickly when the task is subcontracted to a client on another server.REST API WorkbenchClosed220901_0545
XC-79687Fixed an issue with a REST API method uploadSourceFilesUsingPOST causing linguists to get unassigned from the existing jobs when using no 'workflowId' parameters, if there were any set during project creation.REST API WorkflowClosed220513_1028
XC-85886Fixed an issue with a configuration for escaping characters in android xml files.File processingClosed221114_1103
XC-84747Fixed an issue with adding Reference materials from the project General info tab.UIClosed220908_0927
XC-82684Fixed an issue with adding new entries to the default spellchecker dictionaries in Workbench.SpellClosed 220712_0800
XC-86260Fixed an issue with an incorrect QA warning regarding non-breakable space.QA WorkbenchClosed221002_2000
XC-83399Fixed an issue with an incorrect message about the Contractor updating a project when a Subcontractor made changes.MailingClosed220819_0931
XC-79185Fixed an issue with an incorrect population target with source by matches that were downgraded by penalty profile.TM engine WorkbenchClosed220901_0545
XC-82929Fixed an issue with auto-inline placement when translating from Japanese to English.NLP-relatedClosed-
XC-85778Fixed an issue with available Manual time tracking for LSPs after contractor changes at the language and group level.WorkflowClosed221026_2000
XC-88439Fixed an issue with deleting dates on the project.PM UIClosed221214_1344
XC-81833Fixed an issue with disabling the option to receive project creation and update notifications from the subcontractor.MailingClosed220609_1112
XC-83547Fixed an issue with displaying TM for customers that subcontractor did not have access to. Subcontracting TM ManagerClosed220804_0727
XC-82547Fixed an issue with displaying due dates in the emails.MailingClosedXTM BUILD: 220801_0259
XC-79734Fixed an issue with displaying escaped characters for properties files.File processingClosed220705_0259
XC-84017Fixed an issue with duplicated languages in project templates when setting language specific workflows for them. PM UIClosed221101_2000
XC-79795Fixed an issue with duplicated nodes in XML target files if there was a comment before root element.File processingClosed220525_1404
XC-83534Fixed an issue with generating aggregated PO when options for automation of continuous projects were selected in costs settings. Costs Statistics & MetricsClosed220809_0259
XC-86788Fixed an issue with incorrect information about metrics, statistics, and costs per match in POs.CostsClosed221012_0856
XC-79208Fixed an issue with incorrect repetition status after merging segments.WorkbenchClosed221025_2000
XC-87013Fixed an issue with incorrect subtotal values being displayed in Purchase Orders if the rate for unmatched words was lower than 100% and the selected calculation method was subtraction.CostsClosed221211_2000
XC-86588Fixed an issue with incorrect values of custom fields in the “Costs and metrics per Linguist” report.Custom fields ReportsClosed221118_0901
XC-83507Fixed an issue with manual time tracking on the group/language level showing a wrong value when first it was set for the whole group and then modified on the job level.PM WorkflowClosed220815_2200
XC-82029Fixed an issue with missing QA warning in Excel extended table for soft hyphen defined as forbidden character.File processing QAClosed220720_0259
XC-85623Fixed an issue with missing chat notifications for user if that user was mentioned in the chat.ChatClosed221006_2000
XC-79531Fixed an issue with missing hyperlinks URL in docx target files.File processingClosed220526_0259
XC-85002Fixed an issue with missing spaces between sentences in generated SDLXLIFF target files.File processingClosed220921_2000
XC-81852Fixed an issue with missing text formatting in IDML target files.File processingClosed220621_0259
XC-79204Fixed an issue with non-translatable segments being sent to machine translation from Workbench.MTs WorkbenchClosed220804_0727
XC-82259Fixed an issue with not including projects in the Cost and metrics per Linguist report when the "Minimum charge per language" option was enabled in the rate card during the generation of costs.Costs ReportsClosed220714_1058
XC-89366Fixed an issue with outdated due dates being displayed in the Edit workflow view.UI WorkflowClosed221205_2000
XC-84422Fixed an issue with prematurely sending callbacks related to job finish before the analysis was completed.API File processingClosed220905_2000
XC-83529Fixed an issue with project statistics not zeroing out after an action that should have triggered a save of the project statistics.Costs Statistics & MetricsClosed220819_0931
XC-81578Fixed an issue with proper displaying manually set costs in generated cost reports.Costs ReportsClosed221110_1418
XC-85331Fixed an issue with respecting the "Search only if there are no ICE matches" setting for fuzzy repetitions.File processing WorkbenchClosed221116_2000
XC-82429Fixed an issue with statistics after updating a source file using REST API.REST API Statistics & MetricsClosed220801_0259
XC-88970Fixed an issue with the Workbench Simplified mode settings affecting the view of the Project Files tab.PM UI WorkbenchClosed221124_2000
XC-80043Fixed an issue with the Workbench link sent to the linguist via email.Mailing PM WorkbenchClosed220608_0259
XC-79200Fixed an issue with the emoji conversion when importing TM.TM engine TM ManagerClosed221104_0953
XC-90027Fixed an issue with the inability to setting the workflow due date past the delivery date.UI WorkflowClosed230208_1338
XC-84457Fixed an issue with the moving workflow for the whole language after canceling one of the jobs.UI WorkflowClosed220901_2000
XC-81652Fixed an issue with the visibility of active tasks on dashboards after release XTM version 13.1PM SubcontractingClosed220607_0259
XC-83553Fixed an issue with workflows for no content files set incorrectly after reanalysis of the project WorkflowClosed220803_0259
XC-83847Fixed analysis issue for a continuous update after adding the same file.File processingClosed220922_2000
XC-85457Fixed and issue causing the duplication of files added to projects using a filter template and with an LSP assigned by default.API File processing JMS WorkflowClosed220927_2000
XC-85230Fixed automatic client selection for Terminology and TM in the project creation form.PM UIClosed221110_1418
XC-79199Fixed bugs in the favorite filters feature related to adding and enforcing new filters while working in Workbench.WorkbenchClosed220803_0259
XC-77711Fixed duplication of workflow definitions in projects where a new source file was added after modifying the workflow.WorkflowClosed-
XC-79068Fixed incorrect QA errors for the "Missing or incorrectly formatted number" rule when target language is Hindi or Arabic.QA WorkbenchClosed221102_2000
XC-88045Fixed incorrect displaying of the phrase search result in Workbench if the "Include segments from all files" option was used.WorkbenchClosed221122_2000
XC-89110Fixed incorrect match return to the first occurrence of a phrase if the "Hide repetition" feature was used in the project.TM engine WorkbenchClosed221124_0633
XC-88423Fixed information in the popup about the current software version after the server upgrade.PMClosed221106_2000
XC-80293Fixed internal server error being thrown when searching for projects through Advanced search.UI WorkflowClosed220526_0700
XC-81889Fixed issue with DITA file not highlighting in the Workbench File Navigator.UI WorkbenchClosed220911_2000
XC-79182Fixed issue with Google Auto ML setting on project template.MTs PM UIClosed220602_0927
XC-82846Fixed issue with downloading source files for archived projects.PMClosed220727_0259
XC-81507Fixed issue with metrics download for files and projects with very long names.PM Statistics & MetricsClosed220607_0259
XC-90392Fixed issue with missing extended version of LQA report.LQAClosed230103_1314
XC-83032Fixed issues with TM Align for the German language.TM engineClosed220720_0259
XC-80079Fixed issues with displaying time tracking input field in subcontracted projects.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed-
XC-77704Fixed issues with emoji in text sent for machine translation using Custom MT.MTsClosed220614_0259
XC-86416Fixed problem of creating new initial metrics for the subcontractor, after the Approve TM step, which was on the contractor's side.Statistics & Metrics WorkflowClosed221003_1009
XC-80308Fixed problem with Manage files opening for all target languages in the project despite selecting a specific language.PMClosed220720_0259
XC-82276Fixed problem with Microsoft Translator being automatically activated in newly created Customers after disabling it in the global admin settings.MTsClosed220728_0902
XC-84615Fixed problem with QA camelCase error incorrectly invoked.QAClosed221106_2000
XC-86289Fixed problem with analyzing project created via REST API used a template with file joining.PMClosed220927_1200
XC-84656Fixed problem with correct loading of segments into the working area view in the Workbench.WorkbenchClosed221107_2000
XC-81395Fixed problem with filtering Contractor's projects by Workflow status on the LSP side.PM Subcontracting UIIn Testing
XC-86793Fixed problem with generating Excel Extended Tables with QA warnings via API for projects without QA errors.API File processing QAClosed221012_2000
XC-83926Fixed problem with generating target for big idml files.File processingClosed221004_0746
XC-81441Fixed problem with saving of project update dates in the database.PM WorkflowClosed220608_0259
XC-83150Fixed problems with apostrophe and quotation marks not being correctly displayed in segments returned by Systran MT when the AI-enhanced TM feature is enabled.MTsClosed220801_0259
XC-86255Fixed projects listing for LPMs (project creator & viewer).PM UIClosed221005_2000
XC-88693Fixed rare issue where embedded HTML <code> element caused analysis failure for json source files. File processingClosed221205_2000
XC-80313Fixed spell check errors prevent a phrase from being highlighted by the "Find and replace" feature.WorkbenchClosed220615_0259
XC-85885Fixed the REST API method getProjectsUsingGET returning wrong value of parameter xtm-total-items-count when pagination was used.REST APIClosed221112_2000
XC-77687Fixed the SOAP API createProject method that was adding a number to the source file name when using a zip archive and joining feature during project creationAPI File processing SOAP APIClosed220510_0259
XC-81481Fixed the SOAP API method obtainXTMEditor which was not working correctly if the query management module was enabled in XTM Cloud.REST API SOAP APIClosed220602_0927
XC-84425Fixed the SOAP API parameter useGoogleMachineTranslation in a createProjectMTOM method not overwriting the Google MT template settingAPI SOAP APIClosed220822_2000
XC-84890Fixed the WorflowTransitionCallback sometimes being sent as a GET without any JSON payload. It is now always a POST call with JSON body.REST API SOAP APIClosed220922_2000
XC-81857Fixed the issue where LSP could not be used as a dummy user for cost generation when user group was assigned to the workflow.CostsClosed220726_0259
XC-84544Fixed the mechanism for returning TM matches if an exact-match candidate based on a segment ID was penalized.TM engine WorkbenchClosed 220920_1006
XC-89217Fixed the problem with empty metrics in the PO after manually editing any value in the Project cost details.Costs Statistics & MetricsClosed230205_2000
XC-77670Fixed the update process of TM entries where no changes were made to a segment in the Workbench, but the automatic time tracking option triggered a save to the database.TM engine WorkbenchClosed220611_0259
XC-82046Fixed visibility of the time tracking field in the project workflow for a Subcontractor that does not have this option turned on.PM WorkflowClosed220905_2000
XC-84153From now on, whenever a langauge/step combination ceases to exist in a Project Template, its default assignee is removed along with it. WorkflowClosed230209_2000
XC-93133Improved performance when running QA on a big number of segments in XTM Workbench.WorkbenchClosed230322_2000
XC-91571Improved processing and segmentation capabilities for .txt files that use line breaks and empty lines to separate strings.File processingClosed230227_2000
XC-89278Improved project search in the Advanced search by Date created option.PM UIClosed221204_2000
XC-79210Improved the QA rule "Missing or incorrect formatted number" to be able to correctly process both MinusSign and Hyphen-Minus characters for negative numbers.QA WorkbenchClosed221002_2000
XC-84862Improved the REST API method findProjectStatisticsUsingGET to also include statistics for unfinished steps from deleted jobs when parameter fetchType is set as COMPLETED_AND_DELETED_STEPSAPI REST API Statistics & MetricsClosed220913_0951
XC-82488Improved the ability to download statistics via API for projects with steps or jobs deleted.REST API WorkflowClosed220720_0259
XC-79019Improved the calculation of statistics for segments that have been merged in the Workbench.Statistics & Metrics WorkbenchClosed220825_2000
XC-88906Improved the focus of active segments in Workbench when applying changes and loading new segments quickly.WorkbenchClosed 221117_1132
XC-84973Improved workflow editing behavior in Project Editor when the multiple languages view is applied.WorkflowClosed220907_2000
XC-89591It is now possible to request a custom configuration of project emails sent to LSPs to display the contractor's PM name.Mailing PM SubcontractingClosed230210_0907
XC-79916Renamed option 'Enable XTM Messenger' to 'Enable XTM Chat' in System settings to keep consistency across the application.Chat PM UIClosed220526_0847
XC-79184Sending machine translation requests in continuous projects has been improved.MTs UI WorkbenchClosed220615_1124
XC-88067Statistics visibility issue for broken files after continuous project update update has been fixedStatistics & Metrics SubcontractingClosed221121_1219
XC-84820Sudanese Arabic language is now properly displayed as RTL language in workbench.File processing WorkbenchClosed220904_2000
XC-79297The Approve TM auto-step mechanism now works more reliably when entries in the translation memory have been previously deleted.TM engineClosed220822_2000
XC-83147The SOAP API method obtainXTMEditorLink now has a validation for the userOuterDescriptor field which prevents users from using a comma sign as part of the name. The comma caused problems when opening Workbench.APIClosed220809_0259
XC-82971The Save button freezing issue after upload Reference material has been fixed.PM UIClosedN/A
XC-86581The behavior of the automatic step has been corrected and now segments that are not saved in the translation memory and are not a duplicate of the existing records will be saved as new records if they meet the conditions of the automatic step.TM Manager WorkflowClosed221025_2000
XC-83999The correct rendering of the PDF file in the generated target file has been fixed.File processingClosedN/A
XC-78897The display of due date in e-mail sent to a group of users has been corrected.MailingClosedXTM BUILD: 220726_0259
XC-82118The penalty profile execution has been improved for the matches that have been already downgraded by the action of the "Set matches with inline differences as fuzzy" option.TM engine WorkbenchClosed220815_2200
XC-84217The problem with Project history containing aggregated data from other projects and accounts was fixed.PM SecurityClosedXTM BUILD: 220811_1111
XC-79195The translation memory search in Thai has been improved.TM ManagerClosed220824_1003
XC-82084The way of displaying data for "parentPath" parameters in LQA report in JSON format (available via REST API) has been changed (XTM Labs v13.0)DB upgraders LQAClosed220705_0259
XC-85356The way segments containing terminology matches are sent to Google Auto ML engines has been improved.MTs Term engine WorkbenchClosed220922_2000
XC-79045Warning message displayed when costs are generated for inactive linguist assigned to the workflow was corrected. CostsClosed220628_0259
XC-91413Whenever Google AutoML is disabled, when selecting the "Do not match for this language" option for Google AutoML at the project level, MT model mappings will be ignored. This avoids issues with Google NMT.MTs PMClosed230206_2000
XC-79132Workbench QA rule "Translation of a term not found" has been improved.QA Term engine WorkbenchClosed220525_1404
XC-88195Workbench behavior for LSP linguists assigned to many files in the same project has changed. Now after finishing one file, the Workbench session will be preserved and directly show the next available file.Subcontracting Workbench WorkflowClosed221104_0953
XC-89581Workflows in continuous projects are now updated more reliably when replacing no-content source files with files with content, and vice versa.WorkflowClosed230131_1013