Change log 13.1

2022-05-06 - 2022-05-26

Date of deployment: 2022-05-29
ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-80091An issue with creating duplicate jobs for a given file after the pre-processing workflow is finished has been fixedStatistics & Metrics WorkflowClosed220527_0259
XC-77684An issue with displaying the LQA report in the wrong tab on the LQA side has been fixedLQA PM Subcontracting UIClosed220519_0259
XC-77668An issue with displaying the contractor account name in LQA reports has been fixedLQAClosed220504_0259
XC-79984Fixed a REST API method downloadFilesUsingGET allowing to download files from a project that is in analysis. It is now impossible to do it.REST APIClosed220527_0259
XC-79102Fixed a rare issue where SAP MT returned translation of incorrect language.File processing JMS MTsClosed220509_0917
XC-79202Fixed a rare issue where auto inline insertion did not work correctlyNLP-relatedClosed220526_0700
XC-80015Fixed a rare issue with incorrect BOM encoding in generated XML target files.File processingClosed220524_0259
XC-79830Fixed an issue causing an inconsistency between due dates in the Workflow editor and in the Workflow tab view when the option to auto-calculate due dates for workflow steps was used. PM UIClosed220526_0847
XC-81291Fixed an issue where Files tab for a project couldn't be loadedFile processing PM UIClosed220524_0259
XC-79687Fixed an issue with a REST API method uploadSourceFilesUsingPOST causing linguists to get unassigned from the existing jobs when using no 'workflowId' parameters, if there were any set during project creation.REST API WorkflowClosed220513_1028
XC-79795Fixed an issue with duplicated nodes in XML target files if there was a comment before root element.File processingClosed220525_1404
XC-79531Fixed an issue with missing hyperlinks URL in docx target files.File processingClosed220526_0259
XC-80293Fixed internal server error being thrown when searching for projects through Advanced search.UI WorkflowClosed220526_0700
XC-80079Fixed issues with displaying time tracking input field in subcontracted projects.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed-
XC-77687Fixed the SOAP API createProject method that was adding a number to the source file name when using a zip archive and joining feature during project creationAPI File processing SOAP APIClosed220510_0259
XC-79916Renamed option 'Enable XTM Messenger' to 'Enable XTM Chat' in System settings to keep consistency across the application.Chat PM UIClosed220526_0847
XC-79132Workbench QA rule "Translation of a term not found" has been improved.QA Term engine WorkbenchClosed220525_1404