Change log 13.1

2022-05-27 - 2022-06-02

Date of deployment: 2022-06-05
ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-81572An issue with generating LQA reports in projects with many jobs has been fixedLQA Statistics & MetricsClosed220602_0927
XC-79117Fixed a problem that occurs in projects with no-analyzable files with workflow set, with auto-start enabled not started after reanalysis. PM WorkflowClosed220531_0259
XC-77678Fixed a rare issue where Aligned90+ file generated by align process included matches with lower probability than 0.9.NLP-relatedClosed220530_0259
XC-80077Fixed a rare issue where segments from MS Word files were duplicated in workbench.File processingClosed220525_0259
XC-80238Fixed a rare issue with error message in MS Excel while opening generated target excel file.File processingClosed220531_0259
XC-79049Fixed an issue where comments extracted from multiple columns in excel file were incorrectly merged.File processingClosed220531_1433
XC-80157Fixed an issue where comments in .po files were incorrectly extracted for more segments than necessary.File processingClosed220602_0927
XC-80437Fixed an issue where entities inside CDATA were not preserved properly in generated target XML fileFile processingClosed220530_0259
XC-79839Fixed an issue where some workflow settings were not respected when adding new files to a project.PM WorkflowClosed220531_0259
XC-79182Fixed issue with Google Auto ML setting on project template.MTs PM UIClosed220602_0927
XC-81481Fixed the SOAP API method obtainXTMEditor which was not working correctly if the query management module was enabled in XTM Cloud.REST API SOAP APIClosed220602_0927