Change log 13.1

2022-06-03 - 2022-06-09

Date of deployment: 2022-06-12
ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-79051An issue with displaying empty rows in the "Cost and metrics > Cost and metrics per Linguist" report has been fixedReportsClosed220608_0259
XC-79120An issue with displaying total price value instead of management fee and/or fixed price values in Cost and Metrics reports has been fixedCosts ReportsClosed220608_0259
XC-80045An issue with returning API response parameters in INT format instead of FLOAT in the obtainCostsUsingGET method has been fixedCosts REST APIClosed220607_0259
XC-77699Fixed a problem with managing Systran MT profiles for the preprocessing language combination.MTsClosed220609_1112
XC-80155Fixed an issue affecting the correct filtering of LQA errors in Workbench after changing the workflow step type where the LQA was performed.LQA WorkbenchClosed220610_0259
XC-81561Fixed an issue for which non-breaking spaces could not be used in the configuration responsible for automatically converting the format of numbers in the target language.File processing WorkbenchClosed220605_0259
XC-81701Fixed an issue where workflow, statistics and metrics tab was missing from project editor display.Analysis Manager UIClosedXTM BUILD: 220608_0259
XC-79844Fixed an issue with a REST API method findProjectStatisticsUsingGET not returning statistics to an LSP for files deleted by the contractor after they were translated by the LSP.REST API Statistics & MetricsClosed220607_0259
XC-81833Fixed an issue with disabling the option to receive project creation and update notifications from the subcontractor.MailingClosed220609_1112
XC-80043Fixed an issue with the Workbench link sent to the linguist via email.Mailing PM WorkbenchClosed220608_0259
XC-81652Fixed an issue with the visibility of active tasks on dashboards after release XTM version 13.1PM SubcontractingClosed220607_0259
XC-81507Fixed issue with metrics download for files and projects with very long names.PM Statistics & MetricsClosed220607_0259
XC-81441Fixed problem with saving of project update dates in the database.PM WorkflowClosed220608_0259