Change log 13.1

2022-06-10 - 2022-06-16

Date of deployment: 2022-06-19
ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-80055An issue with recognizing TermWeb terms containing a period at the end has been fixedTerm engine WorkbenchClosed220611_0259
XC-79196Changes are now better reflected in Visual mode when working with .docx files.WorkbenchClosed 220615_0259
XC-79704Fixed a REST API method findProjectStatisticsUsingGET returning only partial statistics for subcontracted jobs, if multiple linguists were assigned to them.REST API Statistics & Metrics SubcontractingClosed220615_0259
XC-81650Fixed a problem with an incorrect e-mail being sent to the subcontractor when assigned to a workflow step.MailingClosed220614_0259
XC-82110Fixed an issue that caused the "Cannot display project details" dialog to appear in the Project Editor's tabs when Systran MT was used in the project.MTs PMClosed220615_1124
XC-80504Fixed an issue where repetition matches would appear instead of fuzzy matches when the "Populate target with fuzzy repeat" option was enabled.WorkbenchClosed 220614_0259
XC-78789Fixed an issue where watermarks were missing translation in MS Office Word target file.File processingClosed220614_0259
XC-81833Fixed an issue with disabling the option to receive project creation and update notifications from the subcontractor.MailingClosed220609_1112
XC-77704Fixed issues with emoji in text sent for machine translation using Custom MT.MTsClosed220614_0259
XC-81395Fixed problem with filtering Contractor's projects by Workflow status on the LSP side.PM Subcontracting UIIn Testing
XC-80313Fixed spell check errors prevent a phrase from being highlighted by the "Find and replace" feature.WorkbenchClosed220615_0259
XC-77670Fixed the update process of TM entries where no changes were made to a segment in the Workbench, but the automatic time tracking option triggered a save to the database.TM engine WorkbenchClosed220611_0259
XC-79184Sending machine translation requests in continuous projects has been improved.MTs UI WorkbenchClosed220615_1124