Change log 13.1

2022-06-17 - 2022-06-23

Date of deployment: 2022-06-26
ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-81971Additional configurations to decide whether or not escape special characters were added.File processingClosed220621_0259
XC-81994An issue with displaying LQA errors from uncommitted segments from Workbench in LQA reports has been fixedLQA Reports WorkbenchClosed220621_0259
XC-80380An issue with the visibility of initial metrics on the subcontractor side has been fixedStatistics & Metrics SubcontractingClosed220623_0259
XC-79680Fixed a SOAP AI method findConcordance that was returning a faultcode response, despite a proper request being sent.SOAP API TM engineClosed220623_0259
XC-82160Fixed a problem with displaying the General info of projects created with a project template after cloning one of them.REST APIClosed220623_0259
XC-79054Fixed a rare issue where empty segments were visible in workbench.WorkbenchClosed220621_0259
XC-80414Fixed a rare issue where language codes were populated incorrectly in target columns for Multilingual Excel target files.File processingClosed220623_0259
XC-79641Fixed an issue displaying the list of Customers in a user's Access rights after importing a user.PM UIClosed220622_0524
XC-80254Fixed an issue where Workbench did not reflect properly new lines from source .po files.File processingClosed220622_0524
XC-79634Fixed an issue where asterisk was incorrectly escaped in MD files when preceded by two tabs indentation.File processingClosed220623_0259
XC-82382Fixed an issue where the subcontractor did not receive an email about a newly created project when it was assigned to a project where a template with automatic assignment was used.Mailing SubcontractingClosedXTM BUILD: 220623_0259
XC-81852Fixed an issue with missing text formatting in IDML target files.File processingClosed220621_0259