Change log 13.1

2022-06-24 - 2022-06-30

Date of deployment: 2022-07-03
ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-79901Fixed a rare issue where target TS files included additional incorrect XTM attributes when preprocessing was usedFile processingClosed220629_0259
XC-79872Fixed a rare issue with custom variables incorrectly catching parts of already existing target translation in PO filesFile processingClosed220629_0259
XC-82202Fixed an issue where entities in non-translatable parts of HTML files were incorrectly converted.File processingClosed220628_0259
XC-79827Fixed an issue where index entries from .docx files were not extracted fully for translation.File processingClosed220629_0259
XC-79045Warning message displayed when costs are generated for inactive linguist assigned to the workflow was corrected. CostsClosed220628_0259