Change log 13.2

ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-88299Added language mapping for languages supported by SAP MT (Arabic, Indonesian, and Serbian).MTsClosed221128_1113
XC-88340An issue causing terms to be incorrectly flagged in the Workbench QA check has been fixed.QA Term engineClosed230101_1902
XC-94378An issue with adding the sum of the management fee values from several target languages ​​to one target language has been solvedCostsClosed230608_1803
XC-88798An issue with autostep causing warnings when generating costs has been fixedCosts WorkflowClosed230209_1309
XC-89958An issue with contractor name being displayed instead of LSP linguist as evaluee in LQA tab has been fixedLQA Subcontracting UIClosed230131_1902
XC-89933An issue with displaying a warning when generating costs if the user has zero values ​​in rate cards has been fixedCostsClosed230608_1803
XC-89762An issue with displaying an empty context menu in the Tasks > LQA tab has been fixedLQA UIClosed221226_1902
XC-89571An issue with displaying an unwanted warning when generating costs after using the "Use zeros for missing rates/time" option has been fixedCostsClosed221205_1902
XC-88185An issue with displaying character count instead of word count in PO reports and Costs and metrics reports for Machine Translation matches has been fixed.Costs ReportsClosed221115_1118
XC-89276An issue with displaying current metrics instead of initial metrics in the "Metrics, custom fields included" report on the subcontractor side has been fixedReports Statistics & MetricsClosed221128_1902
XC-89930An issue with displaying different LQA scores in the LQA tab in the project editor and in the LQA report "per language" has been fixedLQAClosed221226_1902
XC-90636An issue with displaying the "Forbidden term translation" QA warning when the forbidden term has not been used has been fixedNLP-related QAClosedXTM BUILD: 230220_0856
XC-93989An issue with duplicate cost records has been fixedCostsClosed230517_1803
XC-96757An issue with editing terms in Workbench has been fixedTerm Manager WorkbenchClosed230719_1148
XC-87019An issue with generating LQA reports via REST API has been fixedLQA REST APIClosed221109_0825
XC-89874An issue with generating costs in a project with many steps of the same type has been fixedCostsClosed221220_1101
XC-90089An issue with ignoring exchange rates when generating costs has been fixedCostsClosed221220_1902
XC-94059An issue with incorrect calculation of the EDC score while using quotation marks in the translation has been fixedStatistics & MetricsClosed230503_1802
XC-89836An issue with incorrect number of total words being displayed in the PO report while using the subtraction calculation method has been fixedCostsClosed221209_0859
XC-94006An issue with incorrectly displayed wordd/characterd information for non-translatable segments in Costs and metrics reports has been fixedCosts ReportsClosed230608_1803
XC-89602An issue with manually generating costs based on statistics has been fixedCostsClosed221226_1902
XC-90968An issue with minimal price padding being calculated before EDC discounts has been fixed.CostsClosed230628_1015
XC-90156An issue with missing headers with costs for workflow steps in the "Initial metrics, assignment and cost" report has been fixed.ReportsClosed230316_0928
XC-88796An issue with non-Latin characters not being displayed in the name of Multi-project LQA reports has been fixedLQA ReportsClosed221118_1027
XC-91637An issue with not including LQA errors in auto-approved segments that received a repetition match in the translation step done by the LSP user has been fixedLQAClosed230220_0856
XC-86324An issue with obtaining incorrect dates related to terms from a TBX file during the terminology import process has been fixedTerm engine Term ManagerClosed221229_1902
XC-92942An issue with redundant QA warning appearing when using the term variant has been fixedQA Term engineClosed 230611_1803
XC-92332An issue with sending emails about due date has been fixedMailingClosed230306_1902
XC-91999An issue with statistics not updating correctly after finishing pre-processing has been fixedStatistics & MetricsClosed230519_0943
XC-90014An issue with the cost generation including EDC has been fixedCostsClosed221220_1101
XC-91514An issue with the duplicate ID value in the LQA Extended report has been fixedLQAClosed230209_1902
XC-92186An issue with unnecessarily displayed warning regarding the deleted workflow step when generating costs has been fixedCosts Statistics & Metrics UIClosed230307_1902
XC-94905An issue with using a dictionary for invalid language in the "QA warnings" column in the Extended table report has been fixedNLP-related QA WorkbenchClosed230531_1031
XC-90916Changing a step's workflow to another step in Edit Workflow no longer causes errors.PM UI WorkflowClosedN/A
XC-92800Corrected the updateDueDates REST API method behavior, so it matches the documentation.PM REST APIClosed230313_1902
XC-94673FIxed an issue with the accuracy of delivery dates shown in the "Project delivery dates" report when generated for a big number of projects. ReportsClosed230523_1056
XC-88602Fixed File navigator and highlighting of files that are currently displayed in the Workbench.UI WorkbenchClosed221114_0840
XC-89279Fixed QA profile content displaying from active project.UIClosed230201_1902
XC-94379Fixed Workbench initialization error caused by bad performance of the Edit Distance Calculation process started for segments containing large number of characters.Statistics & Metrics WorkbenchClosed230531_1803
XC-85359Fixed a bug that prevented linguists from finishing a workflow step for non-analyzable files if such files had been reanalyzed.Workbench WorkflowClosed221127_1902
XC-90508Fixed a bug where Total weight was zero in LQA report opened with Google Sheet.LQAClosed230104_0818
XC-90244Fixed a bug where the progress bar in the Tasks tab was not displaying correctly, reflecting the number of “to do” for CJK languages.PM Statistics & Metrics UIClosed230209_0839
XC-88173Fixed a glitch inside the QA docked panel in Workbench that was causing the view to jump to the middle of the tab when clicking a QA error.UI WorkbenchClosed221114_1902
XC-92678Fixed a glitch that was preventing some users from accessing the Tasks page.PMClosed-
XC-91841Fixed a problem in which project analysis was stuck because of the “Automatically finish steps where all segments are green/done” option.PM PM processingClosed230214_1902
XC-87251Fixed a problem with deactivation of projects on the Subcontractor side after the Continous Project Update.SubcontractingClosed221102_1902
XC-89720Fixed a problem with displaying projects from the Contractor in the Advanced Search view when searching for projects using the target language options.PM SubcontractingClosed221214_1902
XC-86415Fixed a problem with displaying the Tasks Active tab where columns were sorted by WWC, access to which was hidden.PM UIClosed221114_1046
XC-95405Fixed a problem with jobFinishedCallback failing to be sent out if the job workflow ends with a 'non CAT tool' step.Callbacks WorkflowClosed230711_0808
XC-90146Fixed a problem with project "update dates" not being correctly updated automatically, causing unexpected results in the getProjects REST API call.PM WorkflowClosed221221_1902
XC-94279Fixed a problem with the SOAP method obtainPMConcordanceLink not correctly opening the Concordance page.API Concordance SOAP API UIClosed230517_1803
XC-88324Fixed a project listing bug and now custom fields shared by LSP are displayed correctly in columns and tooltips.Custom fields PM SubcontractingClosed221118_1027
XC-91587Fixed a rare issue causing empty segments to appear in XTM Workbench.File processing WorkbenchClosed230220_1902
XC-92514Fixed a rare issue causing errors during generation of target MIF files.File processingClosed230316_0928
XC-91073Fixed a rare issue causing incorrect translations to be placed in the target file with cross-file repetitions.TM engine WorkbenchClosed230207_1902
XC-88936Fixed a rare issue for which any text added after a line break in Workbench was removed in DOCX target files.File processingClosed221211_1902
XC-85197Fixed a rare issue for which it wasn't possible to upload two source files with the same name through REST API.File processing PM REST APIClosed230111_1902
XC-87077Fixed a rare issue for which no files were shown in the main project workflow with pre-processing and occurring when uploading new source files and finishing the pre-processing step at the same timeFile processing WorkflowClosed221128_1113
XC-82243Fixed a rare issue that caused empty segments to appear in Workbench.File processingClosed221031_0836
XC-92283Fixed a rare issue that was preventing the Filter templates page from loading correctly.File Filter BuilderClosed230227_1902
XC-88044Fixed a rare issue where <script> html tag was not properly recognized and shown as HTML inline in Workbench.File processingClosed230220_0856
XC-91004Fixed a rare issue where .xlsx file could not be analyzed properly.File processingClosed230209_1902
XC-91077Fixed a rare issue where Visual preview could not be generated when external link were present in source file.File processing WorkbenchClosed230214_1902
XC-93232Fixed a rare issue where YAML target file could not be generated.File processingClosed230423_1802
XC-88419Fixed a rare issue where a comma was missing in JSON ICU target files.File processingClosed221127_1902
XC-94792Fixed a rare issue where additional curly bracket was incorrectly added in generated target JSON file with ICU plurals.File processingClosed230529_0530
XC-91064Fixed a rare issue where content of html tags was duplicated in Visual mode for .docx files.WorkbenchClosed230220_1902
XC-91092Fixed a rare issue where emoji character was sometimes moved outside of CDATA element in generated xliff target files.File processingClosed230130_1902
XC-85710Fixed a rare issue where generated .xlsx target file thrown an error while opening it in MS Office Excel.File processingClosed221226_1902
XC-89235Fixed a rare issue where generated JSON target file was empty.File processing PM Repo connectors WorkbenchClosed221127_1902
XC-86819Fixed a rare issue where generated target .docx files were sometimes missing correct links to images.File processingClosed221025_0943
XC-86911Fixed a rare issue where generated target for .xliff 2.0 files did not contain translation from the workbench.File processingClosed221114_0840
XC-90234Fixed a rare issue where junk strings were included in generated .xml target files.File processingClosed230213_1902
XC-88320Fixed a rare issue where numerical values from source files were missing in multilingual Excel target files.File processingClosedN/A
XC-86982Fixed a rare issue where some of the strings originating from source .docx file were missing in generated target file.File processingClosed 221115_0902
XC-86889Fixed a rare issue where the reanalysis of continuous projects with pre-processing reverted the source file to an older version.File processing WorkflowClosed221024_1902
XC-88249Fixed a rare issue where translation was incorrectly merged into one segment in generated target file.File processingClosed221114_1046
XC-86396Fixed a rare issue where uploaded target file caused incorrect folder structure in a target file zip that was generated afterwards.File processing PMClosed221026_1902
XC-85618Fixed a rare issue where workflow was empty after double project reanalysis when project has pre-processing enabled and files were divided into bundles.File processing PM Statistics & Metrics UI Workbench WorkflowClosed230105_0851
XC-89265Fixed a rare issue where zip files inside zip archive were not properly analyzed when uploaded after project creation.File processing WorkflowClosed230111_1902
XC-89900Fixed a rare issue with incorrect html code recognition for MS Excel source files.File processingClosed221227_1902
XC-93023Fixed an error that caused the workflow to freeze during the execution of an automatic step if the "Automatically start the project" and "Automatically finish steps where all segments are green/done" options were used in the project.WorkflowClosed230316_0928
XC-92764Fixed an issue affecting subcontractors' access to jobs after a reassignment or in continuous projects.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed230327_0707
XC-88074Fixed an issue affecting the correct display of the project Reference ID value in the project list for subcontractors.PM UIClosed221027_0901
XC-93879Fixed an issue affecting the correct generation of .csv multilingual target files.File processingClosed230425_1802
XC-95167Fixed an issue affecting the correct placement of cross-references in InDesign target files. This resulted in incorrect PDF exports.File processingClosed230629_0822
XC-91340Fixed an issue affecting the date format when the workflow was edited by a Project Manager that was not the project creator.PM UI WorkflowClosed230209_0839
XC-93241Fixed an issue causing HTML markers to appear as plain text in match-rate colored HTML preview files.File processingClosed230504_1802
XC-88021Fixed an issue causing inline tags to be in the wrong order in the aligned file when a specific filter template was used during the alignment process.File processingClosed230220_0856
XC-89349Fixed an issue causing the Chat docked panel to be displayed in Workbench when opened via API link even if the Chat feature was disabled in the account configuration.Chat REST API SOAP APIClosed230102_1902
XC-90780Fixed an issue causing the target file generation to be sometimes stuck for all project files whenever a specific target file was previously uploaded for a job manually.File processingClosed230129_1902
XC-88950Fixed an issue connected with the discrepancy in Due dates between workflow view and edit workflow view after due dates were changed.UI WorkflowClosed221226_1902
XC-90236Fixed an issue for which an additional backslash was occasionally inserted before the exclamation mark in markdown target files.File processingClosed230202_1902
XC-89542Fixed an issue for which empty cells in Excel extended tables were populated with invisible characters.File processingClosed221211_1902
XC-86915Fixed an issue for which hyperlink inline tags in DOCX files were described as "Unknown element" in the Inline tags docked panel in Workbench.File processingClosed221207_1902
XC-91706Fixed an issue for which it was necessary to add again customers to existing tags after adding a new tag.Tags UIClosed230306_1902
XC-91305Fixed an issue for which the step name in the project workflow was not updated if it was changed in the global settings.WorkflowClosed230511_1803
XC-88323Fixed an issue in the LSP workflow with bundles in different steps rolling back to align on a single step when a new step was added.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed230226_1902
XC-90609Fixed an issue in the TM Export page for which it was not possible to change Customer selection back to "All" after selecting a specific Customer.TM Manager UIClosed230129_1902
XC-86737Fixed an issue in the generateTMFile REST API method that was affecting date ranges not being properly processed.REST API TM ManagerClosed230129_1902
XC-89569Fixed an issue leading to non-translatable segments from XLIFF source files being matched against the TM even if the relevant option at system configuration level was off.TM engine WorkbenchClosed230523_1803
XC-93764Fixed an issue leading to user groups not being correctly reassigned to the workflow in continuous projects, despite the proper setting enabled in the Configuration.WorkflowClosed230414_1251
XC-88464Fixed an issue occasionally affecting cost generation when a workflow step was added by the subcontractor.Costs WorkflowClosed230202_1902
XC-90233Fixed an issue occasionally causing the chat details popup not loading correctly.ChatClosed230123_1152
XC-94678Fixed an issue on the UI causing the file group and workflow dropdowns to occasionally disappear.WorkflowClosed230711_0808
XC-90313Fixed an issue preventing TM Expert users from editing ICE match entries in the TM from the Matches docked panel in Workbench.TM Manager WorkbenchClosed230315_1210
XC-90867Fixed an issue preventing Workbench from opening for the target language Hindi (Thoda English).WorkbenchClosed230213_1902
XC-91359Fixed an issue related to file AI analysis.File processingClosedN/A
XC-90314Fixed an issue that caused warnings to be incorrectly displayed in the Workbench QA docked panel after running QA on the entire document.QA UI WorkbenchClosed230307_1902
XC-92260Fixed an issue that caused workflowTransitionCallbacks to not be sentCallbacks WorkflowClosed230313_1902
XC-88119Fixed an issue that was affecting the correct display of values in project list columns.PMClosed221027_0901
XC-92459Fixed an issue that was blocking the target MT match population with target after updating the source file.MTs WorkbenchClosed 230306_1902
XC-92588Fixed an issue that was enabling the assignment of linguists that didn't have the exact language combination set for the project or job.WorkflowClosed230515_1803
XC-92282Fixed an issue that was leading to LQA errors not being correctly displayed in the Extended table tab of LQA reports.LQAClosed230301_1902
XC-92787Fixed an issue that was occasionally affecting the correct generation of LQA reports for big projects.LQA ReportsClosed230418_1802
XC-91333Fixed an issue that was occasionally leading to projects being showed multiple times on the project list when performing a simple search.PM UIClosed230306_1902
XC-92235Fixed an issue that was preventing projects from being returned through the advanced search if they were in the process of being auto-archived.PMClosed230226_1902
XC-89243Fixed an issue that was preventing target MS Word files to be correctly opened in Word.File processingClosed230129_1902
XC-90729Fixed an issue that was preventing the workflow dropdown to be displayed on the project workflow editor.PM UI WorkflowClosed230116_1335
XC-92674Fixed an issue that was preventing users from being redirected to XTM Portal after logging in via SSO if they were already logged into XTM Cloud.SSOClosed230309_0740
XC-93440Fixed an issue where .msg files could not be opened properly when sent as attachment in chat message.ChatClosed230510_1025
XC-89801Fixed an issue where .xliff 2.0 target files had incorrectly added <target> elements even if segment was excluded from translation using translate attribute.File processingClosed230214_1902
XC-87068Fixed an issue where AEM preview package html files were incorrectly renamed during the preview files upload.File processingClosed221025_0943
XC-89339Fixed an issue where Match coloured preview HTML files were showing markers as text.File processingClosed230129_1902
XC-88730Fixed an issue where Segment match did not update after changing the translation.TM engine WorkbenchClosed230608_1803
XC-89805Fixed an issue where XTM markings that are not part of the source files were visible in Visual mode for AEM files.File processing WorkbenchClosed221228_1902
XC-88215Fixed an issue where an option "Show only unread chats" in query management wasn't working properly for newly created chatsChatClosed221031_1152
XC-90263Fixed an issue where an updated Workflow due date by the Contractor affected the Workflow due date previously set by the LSP.WorkflowClosed230311_1902
XC-91745Fixed an issue where configuration created through Filter templates would in rare cases overwrite already existing configuration parts that are not yet supported in UI.File Filter BuilderClosed230220_1902
XC-89267Fixed an issue where custom HTML tags were incorrectly recognized as HTML inlines when using a specific backend configuration.File processingClosed221228_0907
XC-87218Fixed an issue where date picker in query management popup wasn't working properly.ChatClosed221027_1902
XC-88449Fixed an issue where due dates could not be removed through the Manage projects option on the project Actions tab.PM UIClosed221222_1902
XC-86390Fixed an issue where embedded links in IDML target files were incorrectly shown as missing link.File processingClosed230419_1030
XC-87003Fixed an issue where in rare cases custom variables weren't working properly for .po filesFile processingClosed221106_1902
XC-88175Fixed an issue where incorrect analysis status label was displayed for non-analyzable files in project workflow tab.File processing PMClosed221118_1027
XC-85488Fixed an issue where line breaks added during translation wasn't properly kept in target and pdf preview for .docx files.File processingClosed221114_1046
XC-83012Fixed an issue where mentioned name was not properly highlighted in chat window when chat window was opened on mentioned user side.Chat PM UIClosed230425_0905
XC-91777Fixed an issue where new lines were not preserved properly between source file and generated target file for Asian languages.File processingClosed230226_1902
XC-87008Fixed an issue where only first sheet was imported for translation from embedded .xlsx files insides .pptx file.File processingClosed221120_1902
XC-92358Fixed an issue where single backslash at the end of the line was not treated properly as line-continuation character in string files.File processingClosed230313_1902
XC-90152Fixed an issue where some elements containing text for translation were not properly parsed for IDML files.File processingClosed221222_1902
XC-90594Fixed an issue where target was not populated with translation in generated .xliff target file if only custom variable was present in segment.File processingClosed230209_1902
XC-88072Fixed an issue where terminology permissions were granted to a user despite canceling the Terminologist role for the user.Role management UI WorkbenchClosed221026_0923
XC-90194Fixed an issue where the cross-file repetitions were not hidden in the second file.PM WorkbenchClosed XTM BUILD: 221228_1902
XC-86842Fixed an issue where the customized logo was not displayed correctly after logging out.PM UIClosed221024_1902
XC-91423Fixed an issue where the project name was added to the name of the source files downloaded by LSPs.File processing SubcontractingClosed230227_1902
XC-92894Fixed an issue which was affecting the possibility to edit segments in Workbench right after accepting a task assigned to a user group.WorkbenchClosed230423_1802
XC-90227Fixed an issue which was leading to the chat list being incorrectly closed whenever the user clicked anywhere inside the chat list pane (without selecting chats).Chat UIClosed230425_1802
XC-94636Fixed an issue which was preventing XTM Workbench from being correctly opened when Intento MT was used.MTs QA WorkbenchClosed230522_1803
XC-90782Fixed an issue with Korean characters not being correctly displayed in PDF previews.File processingClosed230226_1902
XC-89305Fixed an issue with LQA reports via REST API that was leading to some file information not being included when the LQA score was 100%.LQA REST APIClosed221228_0907
XC-86401Fixed an issue with a configuration for escaping characters in android xml files.File processingClosed221107_1902
XC-86809Fixed an issue with available Manual time tracking for LSPs after contractor changes at the language and group level.WorkflowClosed221024_1902
XC-88931Fixed an issue with callbacks being occasionally sent too early for automatically finished steps.REST API WorkflowClosed230214_1902
XC-93992Fixed an issue with changing the status of more than one term at once. Term ManagerClosed230523_1803
XC-88438Fixed an issue with deleting dates on the project.PM UIClosedN/A
XC-91144Fixed an issue with displaying the list of projects where Custom fields were added or removed.Custom fieldsClosed230214_1902
XC-87257Fixed an issue with duplicated languages in project templates when setting language specific workflows for them. PM UIClosed221026_0923
XC-87012Fixed an issue with incorrect subtotal values being displayed in Purchase Orders if the rate for unmatched words was lower than 100% and the selected calculation method was subtraction.CostsClosed221205_1902
XC-96001Fixed an issue with jobFinished callbacks being sent out during continuous project update for a specific configurationCallbacks WorkflowClosed230725_1803
XC-90781Fixed an issue with missing quote character at the start of a segment in excel extended table report.File processing ReportsClosed230210_1902
XC-94084Fixed an issue with missing spaces before punctuation in French when using SYSTRAN machine translation.MTsClosed230425_1802
XC-89365Fixed an issue with outdated due dates being displayed in the Edit workflow view.UI WorkflowClosed221205_1902
XC-91669Fixed an issue with projects not being deleted for LSPs further down the LSP chain, after the Contractor deleted it.SubcontractingClosed230213_1902
XC-93561Fixed an issue with projects stopping in the auto-archiving process.PMClosed230425_0905
XC-86577Fixed an issue with proper displaying manually set costs in generated cost reports.Costs ReportsClosed221108_1128
XC-86496Fixed an issue with respecting the "Search only if there are no ICE matches" setting for fuzzy repetitions.File processingClosed221115_1118
XC-93884Fixed an issue with the 'Manage projects' action occasionally failing to assign linguists to a workflow.WorkflowClosed230420_0834
XC-91895Fixed an issue with the DeepL MT option being incorrectly activated by default for target languages added after project or template creation. PMClosed230531_1031
XC-94149Fixed an issue with the SOAP API method obtainXTMEditorLink not working for LSP linguists if the workflow step has a different name on the Contractor side.SOAP API Subcontracting WorkbenchClosed230515_1803
XC-88969Fixed an issue with the Workbench Simplified mode settings affecting the view of the Project Files tab.PM UI WorkbenchClosed221121_1902
XC-94837Fixed an issue with the `projectFinishedCallback` failing to be sent after finishing a project that contained deleted files.API CallbacksClosed230529_1803
XC-88168Fixed an issue with the emoji conversion when importing TM.TM engine TM ManagerClosed221031_1336
XC-92589Fixed an issue with the getProject REST API method which was returning the wrong customer name for projects created by an LSP.REST APIClosed230418_1802
XC-90026Fixed an issue with the inability to setting the workflow due date past the delivery date.UI WorkflowClosed230129_1902
XC-94753Fixed an issue with updating the delivery due date for the subcontractor assigned to the project.PMClosed230527_1803
XC-85581Fixed bug and now DeepL MT formalities settings in the project template are preserved when creating the project.MTs PMClosed221103_0953
XC-91261Fixed displaying very long filenames in the Workbench dropdown menu after hovering over them.UI WorkbenchClosed230210_1902
XC-93474Fixed download of generated files from archived and auto-archived projects.PMClosed230425_1802
XC-92773Fixed error when removing translation memory when selecting "Delete all" for all Customers.TM ManagerClosed230424_1802
XC-90116Fixed hint disappearing inside the Terminology docked panel in Workbench.WorkbenchClosed 230104_0818
XC-86728Fixed incorrect QA errors for the "Missing or incorrectly formatted number" rule when target language is Hindi or Arabic.QA WorkbenchClosed221101_1902
XC-88046Fixed incorrect displaying of the phrase search result in Workbench if the "Include segments from all files" option was used.WorkbenchClosed221120_1902
XC-86854Fixed incorrect match return to the first occurrence of a phrase if the "Hide repetition" feature was used in the project.TM engine WorkbenchClosed221120_1902
XC-92515Fixed incorrect processing of HTML tags in PO filesFile processingClosed230424_1802
XC-90118Fixed incorrect project URLs occurring in the project reanalysis emails.MailingClosed230511_0647
XC-89327Fixed incorrect saving of the change date in the segment history after updating the source file.WorkbenchClosedXTM BUILD: 230104_0818
XC-91338Fixed incorrect updating of the status of translated segments in metrics if the workflow definition was changed in a continuous project before and after updating the source file.Workbench WorkflowClosed230126_1019
XC-88344Fixed information in the popup about the current software version after the server upgrade.PMClosed221103_1902
XC-90391Fixed issue with missing extended version of LQA report.LQAClosed230101_1902
XC-90255Fixed lack of footer message inside the "Find and Replace" popup in Workbench after redirection to another file.UI WorkbenchClosed221228_0907
XC-90596Fixed multiple issues and disparities between Asciidoc filter and its documentationFile processingClosed230209_1902
XC-92734Fixed multiple issues with zipped source files upload via REST API.PM processing REST APIClosed230329_1902
XC-88408Fixed problem with QA camelCase error incorrectly invoked.QAClosed221103_1902
XC-88048Fixed problem with correct loading of segments into the working area view in the Workbench.WorkbenchClosed221107_1902
XC-92587Fixed project workflow synchronization between Contractor and Subcontractor.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed230329_1902
XC-88692Fixed rare issue where embedded HTML <code> element caused analysis failure for json source files. File processingClosed221201_1902
XC-93411Fixed shortcuts with B, U and I keys - now they can be configured in Workbench.WorkbenchClosed230530_1119
XC-94829Fixed sorting order for many segment ID exact matches returned to a segment - order criteria will be the modified date and the context will not be taken into consideration.WorkbenchClosed230601_1803
XC-96948Fixed the Extended Table file generation process for jobs with only non CAT tool workflow steps.PMClosed230810_1803
XC-93032Fixed the LSP PM not being able to add workflow steps in the middle of the flow of contractor projects.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed230316_0928
XC-94034Fixed the REST API createProject method failing when the 'Auto-calculate due dates for workflow steps' options is enabled and the due date is not specified in the request, despite the default due date being set in the global settings.REST APIClosed230425_0905
XC-88301Fixed the REST API method postProjectSearch returning incorrect results when searching for false value, checkbox type Custom FieldsCustom fields REST APIClosed221122_1902
XC-91730Fixed the ability to activate archived projects that used a template including a language for which no files were uploaded.PMClosed230222_1902
XC-90822Fixed the archiving of auto-archived projects and their display in the project list.PM UIClosed230129_1902
XC-93756Fixed the jobFinished callback not being sent for jobs with manually uploaded target files.CallbacksClosed230515_1028
XC-92280Fixed the problem with displaying the available languages when the “System defaults with customized language” option is enabled on the Global and Customer levels.PM UIClosed230227_1902
XC-89216Fixed the problem with empty metrics in the PO after manually editing any value in the Project cost details.Costs Statistics & MetricsClosed230110_1057
XC-88220Fixed the working of filters in the Advanced search view.PMClosed221027_1902
XC-87171Fixed various issues for zipped .idml target generation process.File processingClosed221121_1902
XC-89269Fixed various syntax differences between documentation and XTM parser for ADOC files.File processingClosed221228_1902
XC-91594From now on, whenever a langauge/step combination ceases to exist in a Project Template, its default assignee is removed along with it. WorkflowClosed230210_1902
XC-90388Improved .po files filter capabilities to extract msgctxt as comments.File processingClosed230209_1902
XC-90316Improved auto-insert inline tags when the target segment has been modified while processing inlines - the old target revision should no longer be populated.WorkbenchClosed230101_1902
XC-94909Improved handling of machine translations returned by Microsoft MT containing angle brackets.MTsClosed230531_1803
XC-95630Improved handling of special characters in JSON content type send as payload to the Custom MT translation endpoint.MTsClosed230725_1803
XC-91308Improved management of <mrk> elements during translation memory import using XLF files - such elements will be converted to inline tags.TM engineClosed230226_1902
XC-93619Improved performance of the Callbacks page.API CallbacksClosed230423_1802
XC-87005Improved performance when adding source files to high volume continuous projects.API REST API Statistics & MetricsClosed230523_1803
XC-93067Improved performance when running QA on a big number of segments in XTM Workbench.WorkbenchClosed230419_1030
XC-91570Improved processing and segmentation capabilities for .txt files that use line breaks and empty lines to separate strings.File processingClosed230306_1902
XC-89277Improved project search in the Advanced search by Date created option.PM UIClosed221128_1902
XC-89284Improved the Advanced search when using Custom fields and Workflow status as project search parameters.PM UIClosed221201_1902
XC-89298Improved the Advanced search when using Target languages as a project search parameter. Now preprocessing languages are no longer considered as target languages, leading to more accurate search results.PM UIClosed221201_1208
XC-89192Improved the ICE matched segments locking mechanism associated with the "Allow to editing ICE segments" option usage.WorkbenchClosed221128_1902
XC-88905Improved the focus of active segments in Workbench when applying changes and loading new segments quickly.WorkbenchClosed221120_1902
XC-92042Improved the handling of subcontracting workflow when dealing with LSP added steps.WorkflowClosed230226_1902
XC-91096Improved the interactive user experience in XTM Workbench Visual mode with AEM projects.File processing WorkbenchClosed230209_1902
XC-91175Improved the presentation of updated matches in the Workbench in the Matches tab. In a situation where the TM record returned as 100% Leveraged match has an updated context as a result of the segment status change, it will not be returned as ICE match during the next segment match update process, but will remain in its original form with the warning "This TM entry has been changed and no longer qualifies as a match."TM engineClosed230307_1111
XC-95738Improved the target file generation process in very big projects.PM REST API UIClosed230726_1803
XC-91134Improved the way inline content from entities is shown in the Inlines docked panel in XTM Workbench. Now, in addition to the entity name, the entity value is also displayed.File processing WorkbenchClosed230511_0846
XC-95272Introduced additional security measures related to the remind password option when entering the name of a non-existing user.PM UIClosed230716_1803
XC-97424Introduced additional security measures related to the remind password option when entering the name of a non-existing user.PMClosed230810_1803
XC-89590It is now possible to request a custom configuration of project emails sent to LSPs to display the contractor's PM name.Mailing PM SubcontractingClosed230129_1902
XC-92676Limited Project Managers can now correctly see their projects under the “My projects” tab.PM Role management UIClosed230507_1802
XC-91803New error messages have been introduced to make it clearer that it is not possible to reopen finished jobs during analysis.PM UI WorkflowClosed230306_1902
XC-92947Now a popup appears informing us that another user made changes to the project while making changes, and The ‘Save’ button keep inactive.UI WorkflowClosed230328_1902
XC-94374Now projects with cancelled jobs are no longer treated as 'In progress'.PMClosed230523_1056
XC-91260Now the Subcontractor sees projects archived by the Contractor as greyed out.PM UIClosed230201_1902
XC-91118Now, the workflow due date is not saved when creating a template.PMClosed230214_0951
XC-89894Performance issues with TMX import with "Extract bilingual terminology" enabled have been fixed.NLP-relatedClosed221215_1902
XC-88068Statistics visibility issue for broken files after continuous project update update has been fixedStatistics & Metrics SubcontractingClosed221114_1046
XC-86340The "Mark segments as done in subsequent steps when not changed by corrector" option now sets a proper segment status when the corrector performs a batch status change.Workbench WorkflowClosed221128_1113
XC-88070The Advanced search functionality has been fixed.PM PM processing UIClosed221027_0901
XC-90010The Aligner now provides more accurate results.NLP-relatedClosed221229_1902
XC-90242The Custom fields column on the Project list page can now be correctly sorted.Custom fields PM UIClosed230425_1802
XC-91680The Google MT column from the project listing table has been removed.PMClosed230216_1036
XC-86815The Save button freezing issue after upload Reference material has been fixed.PM UIClosedN/A
XC-87123The behavior of the automatic step has been corrected and now segments that are not saved in the translation memory and are not a duplicate of the existing records will be saved as new records if they meet the conditions of the automatic step.TM Manager WorkflowClosed221025_1902
XC-90802The blocking of bundles for inactive steps has been fixed.PM Workbench WorkflowClosed230214_0951
XC-94858The list of supported languages by Amazon MT has been updated - added: Irish, Marathi, Portuguese (Portugal) and Punjabi.MTsClosed230608_1803
XC-89281The option to set matches from not approved memory to done is now maintained when not approved memory is activated again after being deactivated. PMClosed230214_0951
XC-93712The problem with advanced search for projects by Workflow status by Limited PM with access to specified language combination pairs only has been fixed.PM UIClosed230425_0905
XC-89323The problem with the automatic assignment of linguists from the template to the workflow after changing the source language has been fixed.PM WorkflowClosed230129_1902
XC-90765The redundant "Statistics based on" field has been removed from the pop-up window associated with the "Costs and metrics per Linguist" report in the Actions tabPM Reports UIClosed230221_1902
XC-90317When opening a segment chat in XTM Workbench and an already closed chat existed for the same segment and with the same settings, the previously closed chat will now be correctly reopened.Chat WorkbenchClosed230425_1802
XC-93432When trying to import a file with invalid language combinations for a Customer, the process will now be correctly blocked and result in an error.PMClosed230510_1025
XC-91412Whenever Google AutoML is disabled, when selecting the "Do not match for this language" option for Google AutoML at the project level, MT model mappings will be ignored. This avoids issues with Google NMT.MTs PMClosed230216_1036
XC-92755Whenever a TM entry has been changed and no longer qualifies as a match, the relevant information is now shown in the Matches docked panel in XTM Workbench.WorkbenchClosed230420_0834
XC-88192Workbench behavior for LSP linguists assigned to many files in the same project has changed. Now after finishing one file, the Workbench session will be preserved and directly show the next available file.Subcontracting Workbench WorkflowClosed221031_1008
XC-89580Workflows in continuous projects are now updated more reliably when replacing no-content source files with files with content, and vice versa.WorkflowClosed230105_0851