Change log 13.3

ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-95963An issue with displaying costs with the EDC factor in the Costs and metrics reports has been fixedCostsClosed230716_1849
XC-95998An issue with duplicated values in the Costs and metrics report for LSPs has been fixed.Reports Statistics & MetricsClosed230726_1851
XC-95336An issue with generating costs using rate cards with a minimum price per language and a currency other than the billing currency system has been fixedCostsClosed230713_1849
XC-95918An issue with importing terminology using the "Add to existing concept" option has been fixedTerm engineClosed230710_1849
XC-96746Fixed a rare issue where target file generation failed when source language was Japanese.File processing WorkbenchClosed230726_1851
XC-95168Fixed an issue affecting the correct placement of cross-references in InDesign target files. This resulted in incorrect PDF exports.File processingClosed230717_0749
XC-95333Fixed an issue affecting the correct placement of the nested select arguments for plurals in JSON ICU target files.File processingClosed230629_1849
XC-95334Fixed an issue with API-created projects not respecting the Project template setting to `Hide repeated segments`.PM REST APIClosed230725_1150
XC-95675Fixed an issue with the hyperlink style being moved to lower paragraphs in target PDF generated from IDML files.File processingClosed230717_0749
XC-96745Fixed the "Set segments as Completed and go to next incomplete segment" shortcut, which was not working correctly when moving out from an invalid empty segment that was corrected.UI WorkbenchClosed230725_1851