Change log 13.4

July 27th, 2023 - August 7th, 2023

Date of deployment: 2023-08-09
ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-94033An issue affecting the correct display of the TermWeb template in archived projects has been fixed.PM Term engine UIClosed230807_1852
XC-95613An issue with displaying costs with the EDC factor in the Costs and metrics reports has been fixed.CostsClosed230807_1852
XC-97239An issue with displaying custom fields only in the first row for every project in the Costs and metrics reports has been fixed. From now on, custom fields will be displayed again in every row of the report.Costs ReportsClosed230807_1852
XC-95992An issue with duplicated values in the Costs and metrics report for LSPs has been fixed.Reports Statistics & MetricsClosed230807_1852
XC-95886An issue with editing terms in Workbench has been fixed.Term Manager WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-95290An issue with generating costs using rate cards with a minimum price per language and a currency other than the billing currency system has been fixedCostsClosed230807_1852
XC-95900An issue with importing terminology using the "Add to existing concept" option has been fixed.Term engineClosed230807_1852
XC-96007An issue with incorrectly displayed EDC data in the Costs and metrics reports has been fixed.CostsClosed230807_1852
XC-89881An issue with incorrectly rounded values in the Aggregated PO results has been fixed.CostsClosed230807_1852
XC-94558An issue with not displaying a warning message when importing terms with the wrong language code has been fixed.Term engineClosed230807_1852
XC-89922An issue with some terms sent from TermWeb not being decorated or only partially decorated has been resolved.Term engineClosed230807_1852
XC-93825An issue with the visibility of statistics after the continuous project update has been fixed.Statistics & Metrics WorkflowClosed230807_1852
XC-94880Fixed a bug in Workbench that caused inline tags to be replaced with text when the target of a segment marked as invalid due to missing inlines was edited.WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-96744Fixed a bug that blocked a continuous project if the source file was updated with a broken file.WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-95301Fixed a problem with jobFinishedCallback failing to be sent out if the job workflow ends with a 'non CAT tool' step.Callbacks WorkflowClosed230807_1852
XC-95959Fixed a rare issue affecting the correct processing of .xlf source files and causing some source strings not to be properly extracted for translation.File processingClosed230807_1852
XC-96746Fixed a rare issue where target file generation failed when source language was Japanese.File processing WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-95646Fixed a rare issue where target file generation failed when source language was Japanese.REST APIClosed230807_1852
XC-94880Fixed a rare issue where target file generation failed when source language was Japanese.File processing WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-94518Fixed a rare issue where target file generation failed when source language was Japanese.File processing WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-88555Fixed a rare issue where target file generation failed when source language was Japanese.File processing WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-95828Fixed a rare issue where target file generation for .DOCX files was failing.File processingClosed230807_1852
XC-95798Fixed activation of archived projects.PMClosed230807_1852
XC-85701Fixed an error that caused cross-file repetition to be added to the list of repeated segment matches if it was translated and the project was reanalyzed.TM engine WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-97235Fixed an error that caused the Workbench session of a user working in one bundle to be closed if another user finished a workflow step in another bundle.Workbench WorkflowClosed230807_1852
XC-94895Fixed an issue affecting the correct placement of cross-references in InDesign target files. This resulted in incorrect PDF exports.File processingClosed230807_1852
XC-95319Fixed an issue affecting the correct placement of the nested select arguments for plurals in JSON ICU target files.File processingClosed230807_1852
XC-97113Fixed an issue causing cross-file repetitions to be locked.WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-89362Fixed an issue generating a timeout when trying to finish a task and which was caused by the background consistency checks.NLP-related Workbench WorkflowClosed230807_1852
XC-96787Fixed an issue occurring when the "New source segmentation" option was set for pre-processing projects and which was leading to MT being applied in all target languages.MTs UI WorkflowClosed230807_1852
XC-94960Fixed an issue where fuzzy repeats matched across files did not show the translation in the Matches tab.WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-95496Fixed an issue where the "LSP:" prefix was incorrectly displayed in the "Created by" and "Modify by" metadata of TM matches in Workbench.UI WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-97392Fixed an issue where the user was logged out of XTM while using Advanced options for Google Translator MT.PM UIClosed230807_1852
XC-95217Fixed an issue with API-created projects not respecting the Project template setting to `Hide repeated segments`.PM REST APIClosed230807_1852
XC-94164Fixed an issue with PowerPoint comments not being properly populated with the relevant translations in target files.File processingClosed230807_1852
XC-95297Fixed an issue with jobFinished callbacks being sent out during continuous project update for a specific configuration.Callbacks WorkflowClosed230807_1852
XC-95208Fixed an issue with target file generation ran by LSP failing if there were target files previously uploaded by the contractor.SubcontractingClosed230807_1852
XC-96022Fixed an issue with the "All segments must be completed to finish the task" workflow option, which was preventing LSP PMs to finish non CAT tool steps.WorkflowClosed230807_1852
XC-95451Fixed an issue with the hyperlink style being moved to lower paragraphs in target PDF generated from IDML files.File processingClosed230807_1852
XC-96016Fixed an occasional problem with opening the project Advanced search view.PM UIClosed230807_1852
XC-95968Fixed issues with opening Terminology tab after XTM cloud upgrade.PM Term ManagerClosed230807_1852
XC-93716Fixed minimum and maximum status for projects with Automatic workflow step.PM WorkflowClosed230807_1852
XC-95359Fixed the "Set segments as Completed and go to next incomplete segment" shortcut, which was not working correctly when moving out from an invalid empty segment that was corrected.UI WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-94364Fixed the Extended Table file generation process for jobs with only non CAT tool workflow steps.PMClosed230807_1852
XC-93540Fixed the issue of Automatic steps getting stuck and MT matches not being applied to files after a match was removed from TM and then the reanalysis happened.WorkflowClosed230807_1852
XC-96746Fixed the issue with projects created via REST API not having the same `TM language variant penalty profile` as set in the selected Project template, but the global one instead.File processing WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-93947Improved file processing related to group settings in Adobe Illustrator files.File processingClosed230807_1852
XC-94528Improved handling of special characters in JSON content type send as payload to the Custom MT translation endpoint.MTsClosed230807_1852
XC-94985Improved project analysis performance.Extract WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-94357Improved the mechanism responsible for the deletion of LSP-created steps after they are unassigned from the workflow.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed230807_1852
XC-95738Improved the target file generation process in very big projects.PM REST API UIClosed230807_1852
XC-97423Introduced additional security measures related to the remind password option when entering the name of a non-existing user.PMClosed230807_1852
XC-95271Introduced additional security measures related to the remind password option when entering the name of a non-existing user.PM UIClosed230807_1852
XC-95067Now AsciiDoc files are correctly processed when they contain empty square brackets.File processingClosed230807_1852
XC-94518Now, TM tags set on the job level are considered during analysis.File processing PMClosed230807_1852
XC-94704Resolved an issue which was preventing users from renewing an expired password because of a prompt to provide a two-factor authentication code, even if the process was not yet set up.Security UIClosed230807_1852
XC-95202Solved an issue with the TM import not working correctly if all the parameters related to "Modify the existing TM record if the project has the same" in the Admin settings were disabled.TM engineClosed230807_1852
XC-82600The progress bar in the Workbench now shows more accurate values thanks to an improved digit rounding logic.Statistics & Metrics UI WorkbenchClosed230807_1852
XC-94642When importing users, active workflow steps from LSPs are now also correctly included.PM Subcontracting UIClosed230807_1852
XC-94927Workflow changes done in parallel are now synchronized more accurately between LSP and Contractor instances.Subcontracting WorkflowClosed230807_1852