Change log 13.4

August 17th, 2023 - August 24th, 2023

Date of deployment: 2023-08-27
ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-97241An issue with displaying custom fields only in the first row for every project in the Costs and metrics reports has been fixed. From now on, custom fields will be displayed again in every row of the report.Costs ReportsClosed230820_1923
XC-97438An issue with incorrectly displayed EDC data in the Costs and metrics reports has been fixed.CostsClosed230820_1923
XC-97081File download now works again correctly with the "Join files by Extension" option enabled.PMClosed230823_1923
XC-97558Fixed Workbench initialization error after updating a source file for which the rule of automatic creation of comments based on the source file was applied.WorkbenchClosed230822_1922
XC-97146Fixed a glitch for which it was necessary to click the default Ctrl+Z shortcut twice to undo changes in target segments in Workbench.UI WorkbenchClosed230823_1923
XC-97542Fixed a issue causing the segment status to automatically change to Completed after fuzzy match population when the "Allow hiding repeated segments" and "Populate target with fuzzy matches" options were active at the same time.WorkbenchClosed230823_1923
XC-97139Fixed a rare issue affecting the correct processing of .xlf source files and causing some source strings not to be properly extracted for translation.File processingClosed230816_0947
XC-97441Fixed a rare issue where target file generation for .DOCX files was failing.File processingClosed230816_1926
XC-97152Fixed activation of archived projects.PMClosed230816_1926
XC-97482Fixed an issue where the user was logged out of XTM while using Advanced options for Google Translator MT.PM UIClosed230816_1926
XC-97723Fixed an issue which was occasionally causing a problem opening Workbench when the workflow contained a custom step name starting with a capital letter.WorkflowClosed230822_0929
XC-97136Fixed the issue with projects created via REST API not having the same `TM language variant penalty profile` as set in the selected Project template, but the global one instead.REST APIClosed230816_0947
XC-97291The progress bar in the Workbench now shows more accurate values thanks to an improved digit rounding logic.Statistics & Metrics UI WorkbenchClosed230820_1923