Change log 13.4

August 25th, 2023 - August 31st, 2023

Date of deployment: 2023-09-03
ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-97901An issue with misplaced inline tags in the aligning file has been fixed.NLP-relatedClosed230831_1923
XC-97081File download now works again correctly with the "Join files by Extension" option enabled.PMClosed230823_1923
XC-97146Fixed a glitch for which it was necessary to click the default Ctrl+Z shortcut twice to undo changes in target segments in Workbench.UI WorkbenchClosed230823_1923
XC-97542Fixed a issue causing the segment status to automatically change to Completed after fuzzy match population when the "Allow hiding repeated segments" and "Populate target with fuzzy matches" options were active at the same time.WorkbenchClosed230823_1923
XC-97262Fixed an error that caused the Workbench session of a user working in one bundle to be closed if another user finished a workflow step in another bundle.Workbench WorkflowClosed230831_1923
XC-97795Fixed an issue causing metadata in markdown source files to be incorrectly recognized, resulting in incorrect segments in Workbench.File processingClosed230829_1921
XC-97393Fixed an issue occurring when the "New source segmentation" option was set for pre-processing projects and which was leading to MT being applied in all target languages.MTs WorkflowClosed230830_1923
XC-97894Fixed an issue where comment content present in dita source file was incorrectly duplicated outside of comment syntax in generated target file.File processingClosed230830_1923
XC-97880Fixed an issue where source files without file extension that contained specific file extension in file name were processed as they would have that file extension.File processingClosed230830_0939
XC-97814Fixed the issue with TM update when segment ID is present in the match.TM engine WorkbenchClosed230825_0907
XC-97469Now the Workbench segment filter for machine translated segments works correctly when using Intento offline machine translation.WorkbenchClosed230830_1923
XC-97067Terminology is now recognized more accurately thanks to additional improvements added to the XTM Multistemmer and term decoration logic.NLP-related Term engineClosed230829_1235