Change log 13.4

September 1st, 2023 - September 6th, 2023

Date of deployment: 2023-09-10
ComponentStatusInstallation package
XC-97901An issue with misplaced inline tags in the aligning file has been fixed.NLP-relatedClosed230831_1923
XC-97262Fixed an error that caused the Workbench session of a user working in one bundle to be closed if another user finished a workflow step in another bundle.Workbench WorkflowClosed230831_1923
XC-97393Fixed an issue occurring when the "New source segmentation" option was set for pre-processing projects and which was leading to MT being applied in all target languages.MTs WorkflowClosed230830_1923
XC-97551Fixed an issue where backslashes at the end of the line were not preserved between source and generated target properties files.File processingClosed230906_1928
XC-97894Fixed an issue where comment content present in dita source file was incorrectly duplicated outside of comment syntax in generated target file.File processingClosed230830_1923
XC-97501Fixed an issue where excel or pdf extended table could not be generated when there were empty segments from xlf source file present in the workbench.File processingClosed230905_1929
XC-98272Improved the TM tab loading mechanism to better handle massive numbers of Customers on an account.API TM ManagerClosed230906_1037
XC-97815Now segments in Workbench are correctly unlocked after accepting a task in the Review type step assigned to a user group.WorkbenchClosed230906_1928
XC-97469Now the Workbench segment filter for machine translated segments works correctly when using Intento offline machine translation.WorkbenchClosed230830_1923