XTM Messenger – better team performance

Share centrally stored translation assets

  • Cost-effective

    Centralized TM & terminology with automatic updates improve your TM leverage with instant propagation of TM matches.

  • Time-saving

    Translation assets are always automatically linked to projects and do not have to be sent to translators via emails or FTP.

  • Full online management

    All translation assets can be managed or revised in a single place with just a web browser installed on the PC.

  • TM and terminology always up to date

    Thanks to translation memory update on a segment-by-segment basis there is no need for any manual or offline update of resource.

  • Your own property

    With XTM, you are vendor independent because TM and terminology that is created from translations always belong to you.

  • Real time sharing

    A sentence translated by one linguist is immediately available as a match for a different translator.

Share centrally stored translation assets


XTM supports more than 55 source file formats including formats native to third party CAT tools such as MemoQ, Trados Translators Workbench or SDL Trados Studio. Files can be imported from and exported to the industry standard XLIFF format, TIPP, PDF or Excel. Thanks to the high interoperability and variety of supported source file formats XTM effectively fosters collaboration in a cross-functional localization team.