Comprehensive quality management in XTM

Comprehensive quality management in XTM

XTM comes with a set of tools for managing translation the quality of localization.

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Learn how to:

  • Perform QA checks in XTM Workbench
  • Check your translation in Xbench
  • Generate QA and LQA reports
  • Measure quality performance
Quality Assurance (QA) and Linguistic Quality Assessment (LQA) will eliminate errors from your translation and help you gauge the performance of linguists while following industry quality standards.

Prevent translation errors

XTM has customizable QA profiles. By default, there is a Global QA profily applying to all projects, customers, and languages. It detects common translation errors including number, punctuation, language or terminology issues. Additional profiles can be created and applied to specific projects, customers or language. Once a QA profile has been set, XTM will automatically run a quality check on the target text. If required, you can also perform additional QA checks off-line in Xbench.

Stay in control of your vendors’ performance

In XTM, an LQA test can be performed in any step in the workflow. The resultant LQA report calculates an overall score of the translation quality based on the volume of the text reviewed, and the number, severity and importance of errors noted. In addition to LQA reports, extended Quality Assurance reports provide more detailed information including matches, revisions, and QA warnings. The results of the LQA test are stored in XTM allowing you to monitor a translator’s quality and punctuality score over time. Finally, you can also check how your translation benchmarks against the industry standards by enabling TAUS DQF on your account.

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