XTM Connect – Seamless localization of CMS content

Automatically send content for translation from your CMS, repository or a different supported system. XTM seamlessly integrates with third party software & services to streamline your localization workflow in a single, connected environment. XTM Connect greatly reduces content, file & email management efforts, protecting you from human errors and saving you a lot of time. Deploy XTM Connect in your organization to optimize translation management and multilingual content delivery.

XTM Connect SDK

Integrate XTM with your systems using XTM's powerful web-service API.

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  • REST

    The XTM REST API offers a modern, easy to implement interface that will future-proof the integration with your service. Build your XTM-based localization application using the better translation technology.

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  • SOAP

    The XTM SOAP API interface provides advanced translation management capabilities in your web application. Rich in functionality, comes with comprehensive documentation for effective deployment.

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