Benefit from XTM Connectors

  • No more tiresome file management

    No more tiresome file management

    Request translation of content directly from within your CMS, with peace of mind. You do not have to remember file structures or e-mail subjects. Your content goes for translation as needed without any file or e-mail management effort. The XTM connector can identify any changes to the content and automatically update the source files in XTM, even when files are already being translated.

  • Automate and save time

    Automate and save time

    Automate the process of translation. Create your localization projects in XTM automatically based on predefined templates. Start projects automatically from your content repository, pre-translate them with machine translation, send for human editing and receive them back upon completion. Alternatively build your own workflow. Choose when to send content or plan an automatic schedule, reducing administration and saving time.

  • Reduced human errors

    Reduced human errors

    The push and pull of content into and out of XTM is fully automated. You can rest assured that the localization workflow in XTM will work smoothly. The projects are created with all the information necessary for translation. This means no human or communication errors should occur, saving you from costly rework and unnecessary delays.

Manage translation in leading CMSs and automate your content localization

  • The XTM Adobe Experience Manager Connector allows you to automate the localization workflow and perform in-context translation or review in the XTM Visual Editor. Connect XTM Cloud or Suite to AEM to streamline localization and reduce the administrative work to just a few clicks from inside your CMS.

    XTM Connect - AEM Visit Adobe Experience Manager website
  • The XTM Sitecore Connector lets you automate the creation of multilingual content managing it directly from your CMS. Translate or review in-context in the XTM Visual Editor, before returning the pages to Sitecore for publishing.

    Visit Sitecore website

  • Streamline the localization of email, mobile, social, digital ads, web management, and analytics using XTM Connect for Marketo. Automatically receive translated content back into Marketo with reduced turnaround times. Avoid tedious file or email exchange, eliminate communication errors, and achieve rapid, seamless, automated localization.

    XTM Connect - Marketo Visit Marketo website
  • XTM Change Control Connector for version control systems such as Git, allows you to automatically scan server folders for new or updated files, take them for translation and return them without requiring any interaction from you.

    Visit git website

  • XTM Connect for Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to translate your linguistic assets into multiple languages instantly and effortlessly. Select content for localization from Salesforce, export it to XTM and publish the multilingual content in a few clicks. No coding or file exchange is required.

    Visit Salesforce Commerce Cloud website

  • Enjoy the seamless localization of your marketing automation content using the XTM integration for Oracle Eloqua. Automate sending content and receiving translations between your Eloqua environment and XTM. Eliminate burdensome file or email management, reduce administration and human errors.

    Visit Oracle Eloqua website

  • The XTM Connect for Drupal 7 and 8 are two plugins based on the Drupal Translation Management Tool module. They automate sending content and receiving translations between your Drupal 7 & 8 websites and XTM. Get the most from your Drupal website by localizing your content in XTM.

    Visit Drupal website

  • XTM Connect for JIRA detects new files attached to JIRA issues. The files are then sent to XTM for translation and the translated files automatically returned to the same JIRA issue. The connector can selectively monitor issues using the built in filters in JIRA.

    XTM Connect - Jira Visit JIRA website
  • The XTM Zendesk Connector automates translation of knowledge base articles. Connect XTM to Zendesk to publish articles in multiple languages without the translation management efforts. Cut down the translation costs, improve content quality and consistency.

    Visit Zendesk website

  • Speak to the world with XTM Connect – Kontent by Kentico. Begin the localization process as soon as your content is ready and have completed translations imported to your CMS as part of a single, uninterrupted workflow. The XTM International – Kentico partnership maintains your brand values and engages your customers with persuasive, real-time communication in any language and any territory you choose.

    XTM Connect - Kontent by Kentico Visit Kontent by Kentico website
  • Use XTM Connect for TeamSite to make the translation of your website content & marketing campaigns an efficient and user-friendly process. Increase your brand exposure, boost user-experience & sales by speaking the language of your local customers. Keep manual steps to a minimum, reduce human errors, and update content in Opentext with a click.

    Visit OpenText TeamSite website

  • XTM’s Salesforce service cloud connector utilises existing translation request functionality within Salesforce. It streamlines authoring and publishing content into multiple languages with automated workflows that can include machine translation.

    Visit Salesforce Service Cloud website

  • The XTM connector automates the extraction of translatable FAQ content directly from the RightNow CX Answer Workspace and the Incident workspace as well as the pushing of translations back into Oracle RightNow.

    Visit Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) website

  • WordPress is a leading open source CMS solution deployed both by startups and international organisations. Connect XTM with WordPress to streamline your website translation process and grow your brand faster with automation of the translation workflow as well as file collection and delivery.

    XTM Connect - Wordpress Visit WordPress website
  • Automate the localization workflow between IXIASOFT and XTM Cloud. Effortlessly translate your content, remove manual tasks, and optimize your translation process. Publish translations in multiple languages and benefit from the localized customer experience around the globe.

    XTM Connect - Ixiasoft Visit Ixiasoft website
  • XTM Connect for Google Sheets enables smarter, more efficient collaboration within your content and localization teams. Automate sending your content for translation from Google Sheets to XTM and receive the translated text back into specified columns. Save the time and effort of copy/pasting or file imports, and ensure document version compatibility.

  • Automate the localization of internal and customer-facing content with XTM Connect for MindTouch. Drive your user experience and sales higher by crafting the message in the language of your target customers. Abandon manual steps, reduce costly rework, and simply translate more content faster.

  • Ovitas CMS content is based on DITA XML. Ovitas integration with XTM Translation Management System provides the opportunity to deploy a full content lifecycle workflow including content creation, approval, packaging, translation and publishing.

    Visit Ovitas website

  • The XTM Contentful connector enables you to manage the localization of your multilingual content in a single content hub and publish to any channel. Speed up your translation workflows, and avoid time-consuming file exports and imports. Connect Contentful to XTM Cloud and reach out to global markets faster.

    Visit Contentful website

  • Use the XTM Crownpeak connector for more cost-effective translation. The integration with XTM Cloud helps you localize content without hassle, on time and within budget. Just select content for localization from Crownpeak, send it to XTM, and publish it on your website in a few clicks.

    Visit Crownpeak website

  • The Figma connector for XTM Cloud enables agile localization of design content. Automate pushing the content out of Figma to XTM Cloud and pull translations back in a single connected workflow. This helps to accelerate time to market and eliminate bottlenecks for products by localizing prototypes and deployable designs early in the process.

    Visit Figma website
  • XTM Cloud’s connection with ServiceNow enables ServiceNow users to send content to XTM Cloud for accurate translation. Content such as legal queries about global data privacy or clinical queries about incident reports can be opened, translated and securely shared for swift problem-solving 24/7. Welcome to your global service desk.

    Visit ServiceNow website

  • Convert your enterprise knowledge into multilingual content swiftly and seamlessly with Heretto and XTM Cloud. Simplify multi-language publishing by creating, managing and translating your DITA content from within your native system. Save the time and effort of file imports and personalize your expertise for any audience, channel and language.

    Visit Heretto website

  • Connect HubSpot to XTM Cloud, the intelligent localization hub, and open the door to real-time localization of your marketing content. Scale your marketing funnel into any language and engage your clients wherever they are. The entire translation process is seamless, intuitive and error free, giving you visibility into the layout of emails, blogs and online forms as they will appear in target languages.

    Visit Hubspot website

  • Integrate Kentico Xperience with XTM Cloud and create multilingual content that resonates with your global audience. Ensure that messages on websites, on mobile apps and in email and social media campaigns communicate in one consistent, persuasive voice. Create superb customer experiences and maintain your brand values throughout the entire content supply chain.

    Visit Kentico Xperience website

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XTM Connectors: take translation management automation to the next level

  • Source content selection

    Source content selection

    Select content for localization into one or multiple languages inside your system or setup a schedule to automatically take any new content for translation. The connector will export it to XTM.

  • Localization


    Request translation in XTM Editor — a comprehensive CAT tool integrated in XTM with translation memory, terminology applied and quality checker tools at users’ fingertips that is available from browsers and is included in the package with XTM.

  • Retrieval of content

    Retrieval of content

    XTM Connector will import the multilingual content back to your system so that you can immediately publish it on your website or prepare a marketing campaign.

  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server

    Microsoft Team Foundation Server

    XTM Change Control for Microsoft Team Foundation Server automatically creates translation projects in XTM with new or updated files from the monitored branches of repositories. The localization workflow is initiated and the translated files are returned without any user intervention.

    Visit Microsoft TFS website

  • RSuite


    The XTM RSuite translation connector automatically extracts relevant content for translation based on ITS and SRX rules. Additionally, the connector returns the files following translation. A template can be preconfigured specifying workflow steps, linguists, vendors, machine translation and more.

    Visit RSuite website


  • SDL LiveContent Architect

    SDL LiveContent Architect

    SDL LiveContent is a component content management system (CCMS) to store, organize and manage modular content. Integrate XTM to easily generate multilingual content. The connector automates the process of sending the content for localization, then receiving and storing the translated content.

  • Adobe InDesign Server

    Adobe InDesign Server

    XTM is tightly integrated with Adobe InDesign Server. When activated, XTM can generate a WYSIWYG preview of the InDesign document incorporating Live Links. This enables a user to click on text in the document to highlight the corresponding segment in XTM Editor, giving the context at a click of a button.

    Visit Adobe InDesign website

  • DITAworks


    The XTM DITAworks connector automatically extracts relevant content for translation based on ITS and SRX rules. It uses the DITA Map to logically structure thousands of DITA files and dynamically assigns linguists.

    Visit DITAworks website

  • Easyling


    Easyling is a website translation platform that has been fully integrated with XTM. Easyling uses a proxy server to publish the translated website. Projects are created in Easyling and the content is exported to XTM as XLIFF files where the text is translated and delivered back to Easyling. Users benefit from a real time preview of the target web page.

    Visit Easyling website

  • ClayTablet


    ClayTablet is a middleware connector solution providing connectors to Content Management Systems such as Adobe Experience Manager or Sitecore. Depending on the CMS version, XTM can connect to these CMSs directly or via the ClayTablet Connector.

    Visit ClayTablet website

  • Muldrato


    Muldrato is an automated software solution for translation of text embedded in CAD Drawings produced in AutoCAD. The integration with XTM Editor enables linguists to translate CAD drawings while leveraging translation memory and terminology.

    Visit Muldrato website

  • XTRF


    XTRF is a global TMS for LSPs and enterprises which can be integrated with XTM to provide the TM, terminology and CAT functionality. The result is a cutting-edge computer aided translation tool and translation management system.

    Visit XTRF website

  • Plunet


    The advanced XTM CAT environment can be connected to the Plunet translation business process management system to expand its functionality with the state-of-the-art XTM translation platform.

    Visit Plunet website

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a connector?

    A connector is a plugin to your system to automate and accelerate the process of content translation into multiple languages. It uses the API connection between two systems. In many of XTM’s connectors there is a menu for XTM, built directly into the source repository software.

  • Can you build a new connector?

    Yes, drop us a line and we will contact you to discuss your needs and build a new connector to meet your specifications.

  • Why do I need a connector?

    A connector will help you to streamline content localization into multiple languages, eliminate e-mailing files, reduce localization turnaround time, avoid human errors and decrease costs.

  • What is the cost of using or building a connector?

    Contact us to receive a quote for deployment or development of a connector.