XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager

“Keep the customer satisfied”.

Easy to say. Not so easy to do.

But you can do it with content management and localization that prioritizes the user experience, day in, day out. You can do it with a Content Management System and a Translation Management System that communicate securely and seamlessly.

Welcome to automation with a purpose.

Welcome to XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager.

Managing the User Experience – Maintaining the User Advantage

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    Secure your digital assets with XTM Cloud, the localization platform that only allows access to individuals and devices that are granted your specific permission.

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    Users can initiate a project directly in XTM Cloud and auto-update project status in Adobe Experience Manager. Seamless communication between systems adds continuous value for the user.

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    XTM Cloud’s vendor neutrality enables you to choose your preferred language service provider for any given translation task.

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    Leverage centralized translation memories and specialist glossaries, and take advantage of flexible, agile localization workflows tailored to your precise needs.

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    Project updates in one system trigger automatic notifications to users of the other, enabling immediate action and swift project completion.

Why use XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager?

  • Best in class systems working in harmony for your benefit
  • Advanced visual editor features giving you a picture-perfect view of project status
  • Increased productivity, consistency and quality, saving you time and money on every project
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XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager

To XTM and Adobe Experience Manager, “keep the customer satisfied” is far more than just words. It’s a daily essential. Find out more, and claim your share of the benefits.

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