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About Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager has been recognized by Gartner as the leading web content management system. AEM aids enterprises to manage and deliver personalized customer experiences across multiple channels including websites, mobile, email, social, as well as the community. It’s designed with efficiency as its backbone – global brands can drive more engagement by tracking and measuring how their content performs across various channels.

Benefit from the XTM Cloud - AEM integration

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    Speed up the delivery of multilingual content across all customer touchpoints. Exceed manual limits with localization process automation.

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    Cut localization costs. Thanks to the centralized translation memory and terminology, you'll never pay for translating the same sentence twice.

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    Request translation directly within your AEM instance and eliminate copy/pasting and tedious file transfers.

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    Rest assured that the localized content is error-free and ready for publishing. The connector will save you from costly rework and delays.

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    Achieve quality translation by using XTM Workbench - a comprehensive CAT tool with a full range of QA tools at your disposal.

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    Stop working in silos, or switching between systems - your AEM content becomes multilingual within a single, uninterrupted workflow.

Why use XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager?

  • Automate the creation of translation projects in XTM using project templates
  • Translations retrieved in AEM automatically
  • Seamless exchange of content and assets between AEM and XTM
  • Translation jobs may include multiple files
  • Option to scope translation job metrics in AEM before confirming
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Get AEM Connector

How AEM works with XTM Cloud

The XTM Adobe Experience Manager connector automates sending your CMS content for translation and receiving it back in AEM. Once the translation workflow is complete, the translated files follow the standard publishing process. The connector also allows for thorough in-context quality checks. Deploy XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager in your organization to decrease costs, turnaround times and communication errors.

Learn how to automate your content localization with XTM Cloud

Use XTM Cloud for seamless, scalable and fully automated content localization. Reduce localization costs and take advantage of the centralized translation memory and terminology for improved real-time collaboration. The enterprise-class translation management system is what you need for agile and flexible localization workflows. View our videos and tutorials and future-proof your translation management with XTM Cloud.

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