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A persuasive message can propel your business to global growth. Where should it start? How should it be shared?

Right here. Like this.

Kontent by Kentico is a minimum fuss, maximum impact CMS that enables the creation of a winning message. Alignment with XTM Cloud opens the door to equally compelling communication in any target language.

Go global. Right now.

No Head, No Problem

Kontent’s headless CMS simplifies content production and management, giving developers the freedom to choose the most suitable technology for the task at hand. With no front end, a headless CMS can deliver content where and when it’s needed, storing and delivering structured content and allowing the creation of new material.

Powering 30,000 websites in 120 countries, and trusted by over 1,000 international partners, Kontent offers platform independence and targeted support across multiple communication channels.

The XTM - Kontent Advantage

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    Secure your digital assets within XTM Cloud, the intelligent localization platform that sets the standard for data privacy.

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    Create multiple workspaces to store customer and project templates. Translation memories, terminology and settings can be leveraged to save time and money.

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    XTM Cloud’s vendor neutrality enables you to choose your preferred language service provider for any given translation task.

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    Flexible workflows export translated content from XTM back to Kentico either language-by-language or when the project is complete. Your content, your choice.

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    Transfer content between XTM Cloud and Kentico in a single, streamlined workflow. Create, localize and publish digital content at the speed of thought.

Why use XTM Connect - Kontent by Kentico

  • Track translation progress in real time
  • Localize into any number of target languages
  • Move fast with automated workflows
  • Cut costs by fully leveraging your language assets
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