XTM Cloud translation management for Marketo

Translate your Marketo emails, landing pages and forms with XTM Cloud. Create multilingual marketing content with XTM Cloud’s unique translation management capabilities.

About Marketo

Marketo is a SaaS based marketing automation platform designed to support enterprises in tracking and measuring their lead management and account-based marketing. It’s an end to end marketing solution that helps reach qualified leads and conduct personalized marketing campaigns from web to social and mobile channels. Gartner has also named Marketo a leader in CRM Lead Management for the eighth consecutive year.

Benefit from XTM Cloud Connect for Marketo

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    Request translation from Marketo

    Request and manage all your translations from inside Marketo. Remove the need for long email threads and spreadsheets when you translate landing pages, mailshots, and forms.

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    Automate your translation

    Simplify and speed up your Marketo content translation with automated workflows. Leverage Intelligent Automation to increase your translators’ efficiency.

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    Connect seamlessly

    Download our browser extension from the Chrome web store and connect with Marketo in seconds. The setup is easy and intuitive.

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    Reach a wide client base

    Increase your market share with XTM Cloud. Build a multilingual experience for every step of your customers journey.

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    Save time and money

    Never pay twice for new projects with the use of translation memory. Only new or updated content is sent to be translated by linguists.

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    Secure translation environment

    Keep your content secure until it’s ready to publish. Robust security settings prevent the unauthorized download of files.

Why use XTM Cloud Connect for Marketo

  • Automatically push content for translation from Marketo to XTM Cloud through intelligent content extraction
  • Track the translation status with color-coded icons in Marketo
  • Review your translations in context with XTM Visual mode
  • Automatically publish completed translations back to Marketo
  • Instantly access translation quality analytics via XTM Cloud
Get XTM Cloud Connect for Marketo
Get XTM Cloud Connect for Marketo

How Marketo works with XTM Cloud

XTM Cloud Connect for Marketo is an auxiliary application that enables you to request the translation of emails, landing pages, forms and other content inside Marketo. A request triggers the creation of a translation project in XTM Cloud where in-context previews are available. The translated content is instantly returned to Marketo where it undergoes the standard approval process. XTM Cloud Connect for Marketo can even detect updates to source or target items and resubmit them for translation. The results are streamlined localization and reduced administrative work within your marketing platform.

Learn how to benefit from XTM Cloud

A large variety of organizations rely on XTM Cloud’s capability for Localization Process Automation to create, manage and publish global content. The Translation Management System offers productivity-boosting features for project managers and language experts alike. See how you can put all of XTM Cloud’s functionalities to good use with our range of training resources.

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