Continuous translation processes in XTM

Continuous translation processes in XTM

How should you manage changes in source texts that are part of ongoing assignments? The leading players in the gaming and localization industries know the answer.

Video highlights

Learn how to:

  • Use the XTM file update wizard
  • Re-analyse projects
  • Calculate costs accumulated for projects
What you need is a continuous processes with project templates which accelerate the processes in your translation management system.

Benefits of project management automation

Continuous translation projects in XTM are a perfect solution for assignments with short turnaround times. Whenever you have a source file with new or updated content, all you have to do is use the XTM file update wizard. You can now update the source files multiple times in a single continuous project and allow more than one user to work on the text at the same time in simultaneous workflow steps.

Automate cost calculations

When it comes to calculations, let your localization management software do the job for you! You can handle the workload without the need to calculate costs manually. Monitor how the project metrics and statistics have changed and estimate the actual costs of the new translation. For a deep-dive on the available steps and parameters check our session video.

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