XTM Mobile 2.9

XTM Mobile 2.9

Find and manage projects on the go with XTM Mobile 2.9

Manage all your translation projects with confidence with the very first XTM Mobile release of 2022.

Improved search functionality

You can now easily find your projects by filtering your search by Project Name, additionally to using Project ID, or both.

Additionally, you can now access Projects and Project Templates from the same tab, ensuring that you can find everything project related quickly and easily.


XTM Mobile 2.9 is now available for download from

For further information on XTM Mobile 2.9, please refer to the release notes.

XTM is client-led, and many upgrades in XTM Cloud and XTM Mobile are the result of user feedback. We value your suggestions for further enhancements, so please log in to XTM On Demand and share them with us via XTM WishList.