The Billion Dollar Question

The Billion Dollar Question

XTM Livestream has become a highlight of the localization technology calendar, and this year’s event has been warmly welcomed by industry professionals eager to share their thoughts as we approach the end of a challenging year. Free to attend, this year’s virtual event follows the theme:  

The Goldilocks Zone; how organizations can find a balance between AI, connectivity, intelligent automation and human ingenuity.

Earth is the only planet in our solar system that can support life. If we were closer to the sun, our planet would be a barren, lifeless rock. If we were further away it would be a swirl of cosmic gas. Like the porridge in the Goldilocks story, it’s not too hot or too cold; we’re in perfect balance. That’s why astronomers call Earth a Goldilocks planet.

In terms of language technology, the Goldilocks Zone is the sweet spot where organizations find the right balance between cutting edge automation and human ingenuity. It’s the place we all want to be. On November 18th we’ll share the thoughts of localization leaders who are seeking that balance every day in industries as diverse as TV and film, engineering, sports equipment and food and beverages, and ask the billion dollar question:

Where could a smart approach to language technology take you in the 2020s?

Speakers including Tucker Johnson and Renato Beninatto of Nimdzi, German Basterra of Nestle, Grasi Hanke of Asics, Yuka Kurihara of Scaled Agile, Yana Brown of the Starz network, Brock Hansen of Wish ecommerce, Rocio Gray of Crown Equipment and Fei Liu of RS Components will share insights into their successes to date and the driving ambition that keeps them moving forward. Together we’ll explore global communication strategies that keep market leaders a step ahead. 

In the words of XTM’s Senior Director of Marketing, Billy Burnet:

“The search for an ideal balance between people and process is a universal one. We’re all looking for our own Goldilocks Zone, and for those of us in the language technology industry it is vital to get the balance right. Language is a human phenomenon, and that must always be remembered. But at XTM Livestream 2021 we will also be reminded that developments in language technology can set people free to do things that only people can do.”

American author Elbert Hubbard, who died 80 years before the creation of the world wide web, famously said that while one machine can do the work of 50 ordinary people, no machine can do the work of one extraordinary person. We recommend a slight update to that premise;  One machine can enhance the work of any number of people. One advancement in technology can make any number of working lives easier and more satisfying, giving people the time and motivation to do the things that only people can do.

On November 18th we’re asking and answering the billion dollar question

Where could a smart approach to language technology take you in the 2020s?

Join us and find out.

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