Choose the best Translation Management System and Computer Aided Translation for your students

  • CAT & TMS together

    CAT & TMS together

    XTM Cloud is a two-in-one solution, incorporating both a Translation Management System and Computer Aided Translation. It lets you enhance your curriculum with practical classes to develop sought after skills in the employment market.

  • Real life scenarios

    Real life scenarios

    XTM allows you to set up a variety of scenarios reflecting real life situations. Students can step into the linguists’, project managers’ or reviewers’ shoes, work with deadlines and in groups as well as develop their translation skills.

  • The missing element

    The missing element

    XTM is not only the perfect choice to teach translation and project management, but also to develop essential character traits for the localization industry, such as quick learning, patience, problem solving, assertiveness, responsibility and leadership.

Transform your educational practice and see the ROI

  • No hardware or license costs

    No hardware or license costs

    XTM Cloud is accessible from virtually any device with access to the Internet. The Software as a Service subscription model requires no upfront capital expenditure. It uses an automatic concurrent licence model that means you don’t have to worry about installing software on student’s PCs or allocating licences.

  • Unique curriculum

    Unique curriculum

    With XTM you can offer students an unprecedented localization curriculum that will pique their interest. Students can practice in the classroom and start translating commercially from home even during their course.

  • Great reputation

    Great reputation

    Embrace the new trends in technology to attract more students with a modern didactic approach. Get a reputation for helping students with the hands-on experience in the enterprise grade translation environment to guarantee them a successful career.

TMS & CAT with students in mind

  • Prepare students for employment

    Prepare students for employment

    Help students master exactly the same version of XTM Cloud computer aided translation and management software that global corporations use for their commercial work.

  • Practical exercises

    Practical exercises

    Spark student’s enthusiasm and passion for translation and project management by conducting practical, absorbing exercises in a real tool they can make a living with.

  • Equal job opportunities

    Equal job opportunities

    Your student’s performance will not be affected by their financial situation as they can use any PC to learn the skills they will require as a localization professional.

Teach translation skills with the XTM Educational Program

Teach translation skills with the XTM Educational Program

Universities participating in the program are supported with greatly reduced subscription fees whilst students benefit from the free use of XTM Cloud for the duration of their course. Many universities have benefited from this program since its launch two years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is an integrated TMS & CAT better for teaching?

    You can have separate translation and project management classes or develop translators with versatile skills. You do not have to rely on sending e-mails about homework as all the information about the task including the progress of each translation is visible in the system. As all the translation is performed within XTM, there are no incompatibility issues, no work needs to be exported and no technical difficulties.

  • Do I have to buy new hardware to run XTM Cloud?

    No. XTM is based in the cloud. It means that you and your students can access it from just about any computer with a connection to the Internet. All the sophisticated calculations are performed in the cloud so there are no heavy loads on the end user’s computer.

  • How long does it take to install XTM Cloud?

    XTM Cloud requires no installation. XTM Cloud is ready to start importing users, language assets and creating projects within just a couple of minutes.

  • What are the costs?

    XTM is based on a concurrent licensing model, so you can share licenses across all your users and suppliers. Licenses are only in use when specific users are logged in to the system. When they have logged out, the licenses are then available for someone else to use. Please contact us and the team will help you determine the number of licenses you need and provide you with a tailored proposal for your institution.