Specialized localization software tailored to suit all industries

XTM is an all-in-one solution: an enterprise translation management system with inbuilt CAT tool. XTM is designed with localization process automation at its core providing benefits for all industries.

Designed to streamline the localization workflow, XTM is the answer to your needs and the solution to challenges they face. Our goal is to help you optimize your localization process. That is why we work closely with you, to understand your aims and find the best solutions to your translation challenges. This collaboration results in continuously development of new features you can deploy in your organization.

  • Automotive


    The localization of high volume automotive DITA publications does not have to be challenging, if you choose XTM. With optimized file handling, translation memory leveraging, and DITA map navigation in XTM Workbench, you will save money and effort.

  • Life Science

    Life Science

    Where human life is at stake, there is no room for error. XTM comes with tailor-made localization solutions that ensure quality consistency and auditability, specifically for regulated industries in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, clinical trial, medical devices and diagnostic sectors.

  • Marketing


    XTM has off the shelf connectors for CMSs, ecommerce platforms and marketing automation solutions, such as AEM, Sitecore, Drupal, WordPress, Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) which can fully automate your localization process. Combine that with XTM Visual Editor, dynamic previews of Adobe InDesign files or alternative translations for transcreation to help you localize all types of marketing collateral effortlessly.

  • Gaming


    Sudden plot twists are as common in the game production process as in the game itself. Release your titles in all languages using the agile localization platform that will help you deliver translations on time, despite all the unforeseen circumstances.

  • Education


    No theory can replace hands-on experience. Include the latest XTM translation technology in your practical translation and project management classes to help your students stand out in the employment market and successfully start their professional career.

  • Software localization

    Software localization

    Translation of user interface text must take into account context and often requires dynamic previews of the screen, that are provided by XTM. With direct integrations with source control repositories such as GIT and advanced agile software localization features, XTM helps you control and automate the translation of your applications.

  • Retail


    Think globally, act locally. Use XTM Cloud as your e-commerce localization tool of choice. Cater for your customers' needs to localize websites or product information. Easily send content from your CMS for localization and decrease translation costs.