Localization Solutions for Life Science Companies

In the world of life sciences, precision and regulatory compliance are of utmost importance. For this reason, localization emerges as a crucial factor if companies wish for their content to successfully reach global audiences in different languages. Localization serves as the linchpin that ensures every piece of content, from drug labels to clinical trial documentation, maintains high levels of accuracy and aligns with strict regulatory standards when distributed to global audiences.

A translation management system (TMS) that meets current privacy regulations and standards is a must-have solution in any successful life sciences localization program. With standardization being key in all life-sciences content, its translation memory ensures that all multilingual content is compliant and always consistent. Furthermore, by being vendor-agnostic, it can integrate multiple machine-translation engines, giving you the option to always choose the best one for each job.

With a TMS, life sciences companies can publish multilingual content in a much faster way yet still confident that it meets all compliance, quality, and accuracy levels.

Trends and Challenges in Life Science Translation

Ensure translators have both linguistic skills and specific life science knowledge to meet the high standards of accuracy and regulatory compliance.

Adapt translations to meet stringent global regulatory requirements, employing rigorous quality control processes to ensure document integrity.

Leverage advanced technologies for efficient translation processes, while localizing content to suit the cultural and regulatory nuances of each target market.

Address the challenge of translating complex medical documents by employing translators with a deep understanding of life science terminology and concepts.

Develop a comprehensive strategy that encompasses understanding of the target audience, market demands, and the specific challenges of translating life science content.

Benefits of Localization Solutions for Life Science Companies

Regulatory Compliance
Leverage compliance-focused translation tools, features, and workflows to ensure your content complies with regulatory frameworks in all your markets.
Accurate Technical Terminology
Customize your localization projects with specific glossaries and term bases that ensure accurate translation of all your terminology to maintain data integrity and clarity.
Rigorous Quality Control
Minimize the risk of costly human error in your translations with robust quality assurance (QA) tools like language quality assurance (LQA), customized QA profiles, and flexible workflows that incorporate in-country reviews.
Secure Data and Information
Protect your sensitive information while still enjoying the benefits of working in the cloud thanks to the use of certified, compliant technology with the highest levels of encryption and customized privacy settings.
Effective In-country Review
Ensure that your content meets the standards of each market by seamlessly incorporating as many in-country review steps as needed into your workflows.
On-time Content Delivery
Decrease unnecessary delays without compromising quality thanks to robust automation and seamless integrations to your content repositories, ensuring your global content is always ready on time.

XTM Cloud For Life Science Companies

  • Version update tracking

    Wide range of auditing and traceability tools to keep an audit trail of all file versions, ensuring efficient tracking and monitoring of any changes made to all multilingual content, and enabling companies to maintain meticulous compliance records throughout the localization process.

  • Wide range of quality-assurance tools

    Leverage Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) to see the quality of each translation, automated QA for spelling, grammar, style, and localization issues; customizable QA profiles to reflect the required quality checks for each individual project; and integrations with external QA tools so you can use your preferred QA tool.

  • Translation memories and terminology glossaries

    Boost cost-efficiency and enable optimal supplier selection and collaboration. Choose the best supplier or the preferred one for each specific job.

  • Vendor-neutral platform

    Consolidate all your language service providers (LSP) and everyone involved in the localization process on one single platform, boosting communication efficiency and a single source of truth thanks to the use of centralized language assets.

  • CCMS and PIM integrations

    Integrate the TMS with your content repository to streamline your localization workflows. With XTM Cloud, you can manage your localization projects from within the CCMS or PIM, and benefit from automated file import and export and decreased time between workflow steps.

Get Precision-Driven Localization Solutions for Life Sciences Documents

  • Drug Labels

  • Clinical Trial Documentation

  • Regulatory Submission Documents

  • Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)

  • Research Papers

  • Manufacturing Process Descriptions

  • Marketing Materials


Some of our customers have reported the following results after using XTM Cloud


Increase in translation quality


Reduction of external vendor costs


Decrease in time-to-market

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Frequently Asked Questions

Localization goes beyond mere translation, as it involves adapting content to suit specific languages, cultures, and regions. It’s an important strategy to  implement localization solutions for life sciences companies because it ensures regulatory compliance, accurate information, and on-time global launches across all markets while maintaining industry standards.

Localization ensures regulatory compliance by ensuring that all multilingual content is adapted and adheres to local regulations and standards. It also maintains content quality and reduces the risk of errors thanks to the use of term bases, glossaries, and quality-assurance tools.

As a localization solution for a life-science company, a TMS, like XTM Cloud, centralizes translation assets, streamlines workflows, and ensures consistency, compliance, and quality across projects, consolidating all language suppliers on one platform and reducing overall costs. It also enables an audit trail for all translated content, giving full visibility to all activities, changes, and file updates.

Vendor neutrality allows life sciences companies to select the best suppliers for each job, collaborate with multiple suppliers simultaneously, and foster seamless communication, by having them all work together on the same platform, considerably enhancing cost-efficiency.

Integrating a TMS with your CCMS or PIM automates workflows between both platforms, allowing users to manage projects within the familiar CCMS/PIM interface. Once the translated content is ready in the TMS, it’s automatically imported back to the CCMS ready to be published, saving considerable time and effort.

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