The Ultimate Solution for Language Service Providers

As Language Service Providers (LSPs), navigating the ever-evolving challenges in the world of translation and localization can make it hard to grow your agency.

Unlocking Growth In The Language Industry

  • The language service landscape is riddled with obstacles that can hinder your growth and profitability.

  • XTRF is here to guide you through this labyrinth and help you rise above these common challenges:

Client Acquisition
Expanding your client base while maintaining existing relationships can be a challenging balancing act. Your growth depends on acquiring new clients while delivering top-notch service to existing ones.
Financial Management
Keeping your LSP financially healthy requires a keen eye for cost control, budgeting, and profitability. Managing finances efficiently is crucial for sustained growth.
Scaling Without Staffing Up
While the primary goal of expanding your business is to increase revenue, it can seem impossible to achieve growth without increasing your workforce due to the number of manual tasks required.
Lack of Transparency
It can be difficult to gain crystal-clear visibility into client requests and vendor actions. Knowing your vendors’ availability, expertise, and quality ratings so you can assign the right person can be a complex task.

Transform your Operations

With automated workflows, advanced financial insights, effortless vendor management, streamlined quote gathering and invoice payments, XTRF can revolutionize your operations.

  • Reduce Costs by up to 70%

    Our automation tools can dramatically cut your operational costs, making your translation agency more profitable.

  • Enjoy 30% Faster Project Turnaround

    XTRF ensures your projects move swiftly through the pipeline, helping you meet tight deadlines and exceed client expectations.

  • Harness Unparalleled Project Management

    With XTRF, you have complete project management control and a clear overview of your projects at all times.

Watch your Business Thrive

Enhance Translation Quality
Safeguard your brand’s reputation with vendor management and quality control tools that ensure consistent, high-quality translations.
Enter New Markets Faster
XTRF’s streamlined processes save your team hours managing translation projects end-to-end, enabling you to expand into new markets swiftly, seizing opportunities for growth and market penetration.
Improved Project Efficiency
Experience faster project turnaround times and smoother workflows with our automation and collaboration tools that reflect your business processes.
Effortless vendor management
Experience the convenience of centralizing vendor data with a comprehensive overview of your vendors’ availability, rates, specializations, reliability, and beyond.

Ready to Elevate Your Translation Game?

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