Localization for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies that wish to go global and market their products in other countries cannot carry this out successfully without a localization strategy. Localization ensures technical accuracy in product information, compliance with varied regulations, and effective marketing to diverse audiences. Being able to meet all of these requirements would be impossible without the right localization solution, like a translation management system (TMS).

XTM Cloud is a localization solution for manufacturing companies that streamlines the localization process by automating translation, and reducing time and cost while maintaining consistency with the required terminology. It enables companies to land more quickly in new markets, supports efficient supply chain communication, and facilitates consistent branding, enhancing a company’s global competitiveness.

Get Precision-Driven Localization Solutions for Manufacturing Documents

  • Product Manuals and User Guides

  • Safety and Compliance Documentation

  • Technical Specifications

  • Training Materials

  • Patents and Legal Documents

  • Marketing Materials

  • Website and Digital Content

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  • Service, Maintenance, and Policy Manuals

  • Packaging and Labeling

  • Regulatory Filings and Documentation

Benefits of Localization for Manufacturing Companies

Higher Translation Quality
Ensure quality through robust translation memory and terminology management, facilitating consistent and precise translations for accurate product information conveyance.
Meet Regulatory Requirements
Customize your translation processes to match a market’s specific regulatory requirements, reducing risks associated with legal and safety compliance issues.
Navigate Complex Documentation
Translate intricate technical content more easily and efficiently with features like workflow automation, collaborative tools, and advanced formatting support to preserve complex terminology and formatting accurately.
Optimize Your Time
Leverage project-management tools, automated workflows, and machine translation integration to speed up the translation process without sacrificing accuracy and cultural appropriateness.
Ensure Consistency
Use features such as terminology-management functionalities that ensure consistent terminology usage across translations, preventing confusion and misinterpretation.
Coordinate Multiple Resources
Easily communicate with suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors by providing multilingual communication tools, reducing language barriers within the supply chain.

XTM Cloud For Manufacturing Companies

  • Streamlined workflows
    User-friendly workflows speed up translation requests for internal teams like marketing, product, legal, and engineering, ensuring quick adoption, consistent localization, and compliance.

  • Translation memories and terminology glossaries
    Centralized translation memories and glossaries in TMS help language suppliers produce high-quality, tone-consistent translations with accurate terminology, ensuring top-notch product-related content.

  • Vendor-neutral platform
    Boost cost-efficiency and enable optimal supplier selection and collaboration. Choose the best supplier or the preferred one for each specific job.

  • CMS integrations
    Integrate the TMS with your content management system to streamline your localization workflows. With XTM Cloud, you can manage your localization projects from within the CMS, and benefit from automated file import and export.


Some of our customers in the manufacturing industry reported the following results after using XTM Cloud


Reduction in human translation


Decrease in localization workflow steps


Increase in machine translation quality

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Best Practices for Manufacturing Localization

Adapting to Global Markets with Compliance-focused Localization Solutions
Employ manufacturing-specific localization solutions to navigate the complex landscape of global compliance and industry standards. These solutions help translate and localize essential documents to meet each target market’s regulatory requirements and industry standards, such as ISO and ASTM.
Streamlining Processes with Customized Localization Workflows
Implement customized localization workflows that incorporate advanced localization solutions for manufacturing. These technologies, including translation memories and glossaries, ensure content consistency, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency and quality of localized materials.
Enhancing Global Product Acceptance through Comprehensive User Experience Localization
Ensure all user-facing materials, including manuals, labels, and packaging, undergo thorough localization to meet each market’s linguistic and cultural expectations. Effective localization solutions for manufacturing consider all aspects of the user experience, adapting content to reflect local customs, legal requirements, and consumer preferences, thus boosting product acceptance and success in new markets.
Engaging Market-specific Expertise through Localization Solutions
This insight is invaluable for tailoring marketing materials, packaging, and product designs to resonate with local consumers, enhancing your brand’s appeal and facilitating deeper market penetration.
Maintaining Brand Integrity Across International Markets
Ensure consistent brand identity and messaging across all markets by utilizing comprehensive localization solutions for manufacturing. These solutions help maintain brand consistency in all communications, carefully adapting language and cultural references to align with your brand values while ensuring a cohesive global brand experience.
Ron Egle
Ron Egle

We had a phenomenal setup with our content management system feeding automatically into and out of XTM. Adding SYSTRAN MT to the process made it even better. Now we’re able to harness the very best of both machine translation and human editing for outstanding cost efficiency.”

Ron Egle

Content Systems Administrator at Ariel Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions

Localization is adapting content to suit specific languages, cultures, and regions. It’s vital for manufacturers to ensure accurate technical information, regulatory compliance, and effective communication, fostering global growth.

Localization guarantees accurate translation of technical details and adherence to international regulations, preventing legal and safety risks associated with non-compliance.

A TMS, like XTM Cloud, centralizes translation assets, streamlines workflows, and ensures consistency across projects, improving efficiency and maintaining quality.

Vendor neutrality allows manufacturers to select the best suppliers for each job, collaborate with multiple suppliers simultaneously, and foster seamless communication, enhancing cost efficiency and support.

Integrating a TMS with your CMS automates the workflow, allowing users to manage projects within the familiar CMS interface. Once thee translated content is ready, it’s automatically imported back into the CMS ready to publish, saving time and effort.

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