Want to cut translation costs?

Want to cut translation costs?

To discuss how to build a seamless integration of your product with XTM Cloud, contact us. Then work hand in hand with our development team to create an elegant solution for international enterprises to localize their content efficiently. There are many machine translation integrations available in XTM.

Powerful localization management tools for different types of retail content

  • Easy localization of product labels

    Easy localization of product labels

    You can effortlessly translate Adobe Illustrator and InDesign files. Use the LiveLinks feature to generate an interactive preview of InDesign files to see how the preview is updated as you translate or review the file. Optimize your localization workflow by making sure there is no text overlap or costly rework required.

  • Marketing copy easily translated

    Marketing copy easily translated

    Benefit from the powerful integration with Google Sheets. Send marketing content for translation into multiple languages straight from the Google Sheets user interface. The translated text is returned to the specified columns or a new sheet is created for each language giving you the unprecedented convenience and process efficiency.

  • Centrally manage, automate and control your translation projects

    Centrally manage, automate and control your translation projects

    Make sure your translation fits the space by controlling the target length in XTM. Take the source length as reference or specify the maximum number of characters to save yourself from the trouble of shortening texts on posters, ads, labels or other collateral. Have your translations right the first time.

An end-to-end translation management system automating the localization process for the retail market

  • Send content from your CMS

    Send content from your CMS

    Send content for translation directly from your CMS without performing any manual tasks. The completed translation will be automatically delivered back to your content management system so that you can instantly publish it in all languages. See the full list of XTM connectors.

  • Complete Translation Management Solution

    Complete Translation Management Solution

    XTM Cloud is geared with advanced project management tools designed specifically for the localization process. You can easily build or customize translation workflows, increase translation quality and efficiency with advanced project management features. Submit, manage and deliver your multilingual content on time and on budget with the full control over the project.

  • Full linguist work environment

    Full linguist work environment

    With translation memory at the core, automatic terminology recognition, concordance, built-in QA and LQAs as well as a WYSIWYG translation editor, XTM provides a user friendly, fully featured translation environment. Unhassled by software installation or compatibility issues, linguists can immediately start to translate online in XTM.

  • Translate your site for more business

    Translate your site for more business

    Open local online stores to more visitors. Present buyers with the same consistent message and tone localized into their native language across all your communication channels. Benefit from translation memory leverage, terminology base, and quality assurance checks. Use translation management to your advantage.

  • Localize to thrive on local markets

    Localize to thrive on local markets

    According to Common Sense Advisory research, 75% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language whereas 60% of respondents rarely or never buy from an English only website. If globalization is your aim, achieve complete success by localizing content into the buyer’s native language and culture.

  • Integration with Google Sheets

    Integration with Google Sheets

    Treat localization as part of your product development process. Empower your organization with flexible localization software that can become an essential tool for all your team. Integrate it with your Google Sheets, and centralize all your translation assets for easy access. See the increase in your team’s efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have XTM Cloud installed on my servers?

    Yes, when installing XTM on premise, we refer to it as XTM Suite. If this is required please contact us so that the team can specify the correct IT infrastructure you will need.

  • Can you help me migrate to XTM?

    Yes, our team has already assisted a number of customers in migration to XTM. The whole process takes place without any business disruption.

  • Is it possible to build a new integration?

    There are XTM connectors to a number of CMSs, ticketing systems, DITA systems, and various other solutions. Also, integration is possible with the use of XTM REST or SOAP APIs. Custom developments are available upon request. Contact us to discuss the purchase or development of a new connector.