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  • 最大50%の翻訳経費を削減する


  • 手動の翻訳プロセスを自動化する


  • コンテキストを見ながら翻訳してレビューする


  • 翻訳プロジェクトを管理する



複数の地域をまたがってマテリアルをローカライズしたりデプロイするのは、単純な作業とはいえません。シンプルで拡張性が高く頑強な翻訳ソリューションが必要です。より早く、より費用効率を高く、コンテンツを多言語へ翻訳する際、TMS(Translation Management System、翻訳管理システム)である「XTM」が支援します。 XTMについて

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6 Tips for Website Localization

Customers are far more likely to buy a product from a website in their native language. Common Sense Advisory provides convincing evidence for this: 75% of respondents stated they are more likely...

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XTM Cloud v11.5 – the next level of translation management automation
XTM International releases XTM Cloud v11.5.

London, December 16, 2018 — A new version of the localization platform developed by XTM International has been released to the market. XTM Cloud version 11.5 is a major step ahead in...

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XTM Cloud v11.4 translation management system
XTM International releases XTM Cloud v11.4.

London, September 30, 2018 — XTM International has released a new version of its award-winning translation management system. Performance optimized, equipped with a connector for a new...

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XTM Cloud v11.3 translation management system
XTM International releases XTM Cloud v11.3. The new version offers better...

London, July 29, 2018 — XTM International has released a new version of XTM Cloud. The new version introduces a new, more user friendly terminology interface, a brand new connector for...

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XTM International welcomes David Webb
David Webb – Business Development Director at XTM International

July has brought some changes to the team at XTM International. We are pleased to announce that David Webb has joined us! As a Business Development Director, he will proactively help our global...

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