Feature Focus – Weighted Word Count in XTM Cloud

Feature Focus – Weighted Word Count in XTM Cloud

Timely project delivery is a juggling act. Project managers are on the front line,  managing conflicting deadlines and often limited resources. Clients dealing with multiple time critical projects need a reliable tool to make informed decisions about project timescales. And this is exactly what XTM’s Weighted Word Count (WWC) offers. Delivered as part of the Selectivity Movement of the Symphony Release (LINK), Weighted Word Counts enable more accurate estimations of project turnaround times and linguistic effort to finish a project. 

Translation Memory – The Basics

Before we dive into the benefits of the Weighted Word Count, let’s start with a brief explanation of how Translation Memory (TM) works. The logic behind it is simple: the more content you translate, the less time and expense is incurred translating future texts. By comparing the segments in a file against the segments in your translation memory, it’s easy to tell how many segments need to be translated from scratch (no matches), how many segments are identical and require little to no editing (in context exact matches or leveraged matches), how many segments are almost identical but require some degree editing (fuzzy matches) and how many segments have been repeated in a project (repetitions). XTM Cloud gives you a breakdown of matches across all categories for all your projects.

Be a step ahead with Weighted Word Count

Not all projects are created equal; those with lower TM leverage will require more human editing whereas those with higher TM leverage will require less rework. Imagine the following scenario: there are 20 translation projects for a marketing campaign, each project has an average of 10 languages, its own custom workflows and varying percentage of TM reuse. Going through the metrics of each project in the Project listing is a huge time drainer. Why take a step backwards when you can move decisively forward? 

First, Weighted Word Counts are displayed at the beginning of the project (Total WWC) and then are updated in the middle of the project (Remaining WWC). Second, WWC values are available per file basis for both Project Managers and Linguists putting project timelines and workloads in the right perspective.

The lower the WWC value is, the less effort is needed to translate project files. XTM Cloud offers predefined weights and custom weights configured by the XTM Support Team for each match category. 

File Weighted Word Counts indicate how much work Linguists need to put into a file to translate it, giving them greater peace of mind. It’s a win-win for all parties.

Instant feedback at a glance

Imagine a situation where, say, 10 projects show a high Remaining WWC value, putting your delivery dates at risk. One way of mitigating the risk would be to make bulk updates to due dates and linguist assignments. This is possible with XTM Cloud’s batch operations that harmonize with the Weighted Word Count feature. In practice, this means Project Managers can quickly reassign linguists across several projects en masse no matter if it’s ten, fifty or two hundred projects. WWC in XTM Cloud gives you instant Weighted Word Counts values when you need them most.

At XTM International, we understand the urgency of getting your documents translated. We know the effort associated with heavy workloads and tight deadlines. We also understand the value of precise information for successful project outcomes. That’s why we’ve put in place features and systems that work for busy language service professionals like you.

The correct estimation of the required work has far-reaching consequences for all project stakeholders and clients. When trust and project delivery are at stake, there’s no room for error. 

With Weighted Word Count you are able to deliver on your promise maintaining a balance between delivery times, costs and quality.