XTM Advent Calendar Day Twenty Four – Personalization At Scale

XTM Advent Calendar Day Twenty Four – Personalization At Scale

Delivering a personalized experience on a large scale may sound like a contradiction, but pioneers across different industries are making it happen.

PA Consulting are champions of technology and ingenuity, serving sectors as diverse as manufacturing, defence, energy, financial services and life sciences. When Covid-19 created an urgent need to contact vulnerable people shielding in their own homes, Britain’s local authorities turned to PA for help. Designing a Wellbeing Automated Call Service in a matter of days, PA used the Amazon Web Services Connect platform to make automated calls to 200,000 people. Those in need of support were connected to a human voice and a human solution. The balance of smart automation and personalized attention and compassion delivered not only healthcare benefits but also social utility. At a time when isolation posed a growing threat to public morale and well-being, a tech solution came to the rescue.

Language is an innately human phenomenon, and as with healthcare support, human translation resources are finite. Over a trillion megabytes of online data are created every day. Vast amounts of this fresh material are in demand in multiple languages, and for all the efforts of skilled linguists, the only way to meet demand is through automation.

Localization technology with the capacity to assess machine translation accuracy as precisely as possible enables linguists to fulfil an editorial role, making the best possible use of their talent and their time. Just as healthcare professionals can use a smart, automated call service to establish where there’s a need for their skills and then act on it, language service professionals can pinpoint where their input is needed and deliver a final, personalized polish to high quality machine translation.

Not every language technology provider offers that capacity, of course, which means users will have an important decision to make in 2022. We wish them well, and will leave them with this thought.

One translation management system offers a solution that calculates, with mathematical precision, the probability of a word in one language being an accurate translation of a word in another. Just one. That system delivers a uniquely informed judgement of translation accuracy. It streamlines the localization process and boosts the quality and consistency of the results. It takes away the guesswork and the manual back-and forth that eats into the time of busy professionals. It cuts down errors and drives up profitability. It enables personalization at scale and helps you speak to the world.

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