XTM Cloud v12Delivering higher translation productivity

XTM Workbench Visual Mode

The latest version of XTM Cloud provides a completely new XTM Workbench experience, with the all-new Visual Mode for in-context translation. Benefit from a working environment that’s tailored to the translator’s needs, together with a WYSIWYG preview of the source and target file. Score translation quality with the new LQA module by classifying error types within a document. It's only a click away in the XTM Workbench docked panel.

The game-changing Visual mode in XTM Workbench
  • Interactively preview translated subtitles on a video
  • 新しいLQAモジュールで翻訳品質を評価
  • See MS Word and PDF in context with Visual Mode
  • Benefit from an interactive quality tab

真新しいXTM Workbench

Redeveloped using cutting edge technology, the new translation environment comes with a clean and intuitive interface. Thanks to close collaboration with professional linguists, we can offer you an outstanding user experience tailored to the needs of the language service professional. XTM Workbench is designed to improve your productivity and surpass your expectations.

  • Video subtitle localization

    Translate and review video subtitles in context

  • Segment ID options

    Show or hide segment IDs

  • Real-time Quality Assurance

    Review QA findings as they arise on a dedicated panel

  • Support for regex in text search

    Find and replace text with custom regex

  • Docked panel customization

    Move panels within the workspace or to a new tab browser

  • Actionable metrics

    View your current work progress within XTM Workbench

XTM Workbenchの利点

We believe each element of a translation environment should be tailored to user needs. XTM Workbench has been redeveloped to deliver maximum productivity.

  • Simplified Workbench

    Computer Aided Review (CAR) is performed in a technology platform that benefits non-technical users.

  • Interactive video previews

    Preview translated video subtitles in context.

  • より高い拡張性


  • さらに強化されたQA機能

    A grammar check delivers an extra layer of scrutiny.

ビジュアル コンテンツをシームレスに翻訳

We recognize the value of design content, and we ensure your designs will lose none of their impact or persuasiveness in translation. Microsoft Visio’s diagrams and vector drawings from Sketch can now be sent to XTM Cloud and will be managed natively, meaning teams can work on translations in a more agile way. This reduces time-consuming file pre-processing and tedious copy paste work. XTM also supports the localization of FXG, SVG, Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), InDesign (INDD) and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file types. XTM maintains the quality of your designs and preserves your brand values at every stage.

Translate visual content seamlessly

XTM WorkbenchでのAIオートメーション

Simplicity and convenience are the basic principles of XTM Cloud. XTM Workbench leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence automation to perform manual repetitive tasks for you. Bolds, italics or HTML elements - they all need to find their way to the target segment. In XTM Workbench, inline elements are inserted automatically.

  • フィルター


  • ショートカット


  • インラインタグの設定


  • ステータス列

    Accept or reject auto-inserted inline tags

AI-driven bilingual terminology extraction

Building terminology from existing translations is key to ensuring text quality and consistency. Automating the extraction of bilingual terminology is the next level of advancement. XTM has utilized Big Data, artificial intelligence technology and advances in computational linguistic technology including Vector Space to build a robust bilingual terminology extraction feature. Using this, organizations are able to obtain high-quality term candidates in 50 languages.

Intuitive localization workflows
  • Save time

    Run bilingual term extraction during alignment or TM import, and achieve 80% time savings

  • Reduce costs

    Consistent terminology means less rework and no extra costs

  • Improve quality

    Up to 90% accuracy achieved as generic term candidates are removed

  • Brand consistency

    Preserve emoticons for consistent and eye-catching visual presentation

Intelligent automation in XTM Cloud

Intelligent automation removes repetitive tasks from the localization process. This type of automation focuses on the transactional part of the translation workflow and makes smart decisions for the user, enabling content teams to focus on the core area of their business.

Intelligent automation in XTM Cloud
  • 品質

    Run advanced QA checks using regular expressions

  • Time efficiency

    Batch update details across multiple projects with one swift action

  • Accurate resource allocation

    Use weighted word counts to evaluate the resources needed to complete translation

  • Cost reduction

    Enhance TM leveraging and cut your costs with the Weighted Token Levenshtein algorithm


データこそがシームレスなエンタープライズ翻訳のキーです。機械翻訳のパフォーマンス データを提供し、XTMはさらに一歩前進します。Excel拡張テーブルの一部には、MTによって生成された訳、ポストエディット結果、最終翻訳にフォーカスしたベンダーのアMTクティビティの完全な概要が含まれます。このレポートにはXTMにて直接、またはAPI経由でアクセスできます。


  • 最善のパフォーマンスを示すMTエンジンを判別
  • ポストエディターの生産性を解析
  • 「編集距離」を測るためにMTデータを使用する
  • 時間、経費、タイム トゥ マーケットの削減

Edit distance metrics

Edit distance provides a powerful metric towards a more standardized approach to MT evaluation. XTM supports edit distance calculation, meaning you can measure the total number of edits needed to post-edit the raw MT output, and get project costs which reflect the actual effort required.

Edit distance metrics in XTM Cloud
  • Gauge MT performance

    Discover which MT engine performs the best based on standard effort-based metrics

  • Go for effort-based pricing

    Ensure that linguists are paid a fair rate for their work

  • Run post-editing analysis in any workflow step

    Evaluate MT quality with reports including Edit Distance score and savings

Customizability in XTM Cloud Version 12

XTM Cloud version 12 continues to enable enhanced customizability. Additions include Computer Aided Review technology (12.4), the option to drag and drop panels to a new browser window in XTM Workbench (12.5) and ability to add a custom MT engine into your translation workflows (12.5).

  • Computer Aided Review
  • Drag and drop option to a new window
  • Custom MT engines

Learn how to ramp up productivity with AI

Get started with AI

XTM Cloud v12を使用して生産性を高く保ちましょう

XTM v12では、パフォーマンス、生産性、利便性が向上しています。人工知能を備え、新しいREST APIメソッドが拡張されたこの革新的なリリースは、中核に刷新的なテクノロジーを伴っており、翻訳管理にオートメーションをもたらします。真新しいXTM v12に触れ、翻訳プロジェクトをスピードアップさせましょう!

Intuitive localization workflows
  • Intuitive file analysis

    Use regex to exclude untranslatable content in filter templates for Excel and MultiExcel files

  • Superior quality

    Run advanced QA checks using regular expressions.

  • AI-enhanced TM

    High quality Machine Translation results with SYSTRAN and XTM Cloud.

  • Greater choice

    Keep whitespace characters in your translatable content or remove them.

Take a closer look at XTM Cloud

The Symphony Release, in Sound and Vision

XTM Cloud 12.8 - video

XTM Cloud 12.8

XTM Cloud 12.5 - video

XTM Cloud 12.5

XTM Cloud 12.3 - video

XTM Cloud 12.3

XTM Cloud 12 - video

XTM Cloud 12

New XTM Workbench - viedo

New XTM Workbench

Manage your continuous projects smartly

Continuous Localization programs require automatic systems which manage workflow, deliveries, connections, and measurement seamlessly. XTM Cloud gives you the power to manage your continuous projects with ease and confidence, enabling reduced time to market, increased quality, and improved customer satisfaction.

New REST API methods
  • Enjoy more granular authorization options for each XTM integration
  • Download metric files for a specific job or an entire project
  • Download source files for a single project
  • Remove a target language from a project
Enhanced connectivity with Git and Adobe Experience Manager
  • Reactivate an archived continuous project (XTM Connect - Git)
  • Customize commit messages to track changes (XTM Connect - Git)
  • Use advanced search options to find files across multiple projects and branches (XTM Connect - Git)
  • Ensure smooth content exchange between AEM and XTM when the connector is restarted

Software and web localization enhancements

Software has specific requirements when it comes to the localization process given the type and character of the strings and segments. In XTM Cloud we support software localization natively and have enhanced some of the software localization features in version 12.

  • Edit GIT buckets directly from the XTM user interface
  • The ability to copy or hide string ID for better user experience
  • Higher levels of accuracy and automation for projects with Portable Object (PO) files

Discover next-gen translation management technology

What is a TMS?

タブレット用のXTM Mobile Appをご覧ください。iOSとAndoroidのユーザも、さらに効率良くプロジェクト管理をするためのより大きな画面と使い勝手が良いインターフェースを利用できるようになりました。Apple StoreやGoogle Playからアプリをダウンロードし、いつでもどこでも、進行中のプロジェクトを管理できます。

  • デスクから離れていても翻訳プロジェクトの作業を実施


  • タブレットでも優れたユーザ エクスペリエンスを実感


    タブレットでも卓越したユーザ エクスペリエンスを実感してください
  • オフラインでのプロジェクト管理


  • 翻訳の進捗を追跡


XTM Mobile App

XTM Cloud v12から利益を得る方法を把握しましょう!

XTM Academy

New XTM Connectors for your content systems

XTM v12 expands our range of off-the-shelf connectors for leading content systems. Seamlessly deliver multilingual content across the globe in a fraction of time. Automate your translation workflows, reduce costs and improve quality by eliminating manual work. Use the XTM connectors to grow your global presence now.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

XTM Connect for Salesforce Commerce Cloudを使用して、eコマースのエクスペリエンスをさらに多くの言語で効率良く作り出しましょう。XTMへのソース コンテンツ送信や翻訳の受け取りを迅速に簡単に実行し、製品データすべてのアジャイル翻訳を展開しましょう。長いターンアラウンド タイム、コミュニケーション エラー、予算の超過などは忘れましょう。

XTM Connect for Oracle Eloquaを使用してマーケティング資料の翻訳を快適に進行しましょう。ボタンをクリックするのみで翻訳済みコンテンツをOracleに返します。管理費用を軽減し、煩雑なファイル交換を回避し、人為エラーを削減します。迅速で問題のないコンテンツ翻訳を、いま、実現できます。

Localize content residing in the Contentful CMS system easily. The XTM Contentful connector automates the export and import of content to and from XTM Cloud. This means project managers have less administrative work, work in one connected platform and reduce copy and paste errors. XTM Connect for Contentful helps you achieve seamless translations from within the Contentful CMS.

The XTM Crownpeak connector allows users to get Crownpeak content translated using XTM Cloud. This avoids manual translation processes and export and import of Crownpeak CMS pages.

XTM Connect for Figma seamlessly connects your design teams with XTM Cloud’s powerful translation management. Start translating your content as soon as the design prototypes are ready and get your product or service faster to market.

Kentico Kontent is a headless CMS that gives marketers flexible, intuitive authoring tools so they can focus on content and business workflows. Connect your creative teams with XTM Cloud for fast, agile translation from within Kentico Kontent. Build compelling user experiences in real time, on any channel, in any language.

データ セキュリティの新しいレベル

XTMにアップロードされた言語アセットは安全に保管されます。時として、ターゲットファイルへのアクセスは制限が必要なこともあります。セキュリティ設定は難なく実施できるため、カスタマー、プロジェクト、プロジェクト テンプレートのレベルにて言語アセットに対する制御が可能です。

  • さまざまなアクセスレベルでのカスタマイズ設定
  • 管理者とプロジェクトマネージャによる制御
  • データ保護へのさらなるレイヤー

New integrations in XTM Cloud

XTM translation technology works well alone and with other systems. As a varied business environment is the norm today, we’re constantly adding new integrations for your business. The goal is to automate the localization of your communications across channels and make it seamless, scalable and user-friendly. We currently provide out of the box integrations with the following third-party service providers:


Rigiと連携させたXTM Workbenchでは、かつてないほど迅速に、そしてたやすく、Webベースのアプリケーションを翻訳できます。翻訳者、インカントリー レビュアー、チェッカーのためにソフトウェア翻訳を最適化するため、Rigiの機能を使用してXTMでの翻訳管理を活用しましょう。納期と予算を遵守するため、HTMLプレビューやライブモード、高度なインカントリー レビューソリューションを利用しましょう。


Xbenchとの連携によって強力な品質保証の性能がXTM Workbenchにもたらされました。1回クリックするのみで、完全性、一貫性、スペル、数字などに対して高度な品質チェックを実行します。エラーに対してはXbenchでフラグが立てられ、修正作業のため、XTM上の該当セグメントにジャンプさせます。

The addition of Iconic’s state of the art NMT to XTM Cloud enables users to benefit from MT integrated into their localization workflows. This way, the entire process becomes more efficient as file imports and exports are now a thing of the past. Iconic’s bespoke, proprietary NMT gives users the ability to translate texts more with speed and accuracy.

Take your translation queries to Slack, the collaborative instant messaging platform. It’s the fastest, most transparent way for project managers, linguists and suppliers to manage and resolve queries. Using Slack to discuss XTM Cloud translation projects makes collaboration easier and eliminates communication bottlenecks.

XTMを無料でお試しください - 30日無償トライアルをご利用ください