XTM Connect: Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service enables users to get personalized, content-led experiences into market faster, by combining digital asset management with the power of a content management system.

XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager makes this process even more efficient by enabling users to request, manage and automate translations from within a single, familiar connected system communicating securely and seamlessly with XTM Cloud.

Why use XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager?


Translate all multimedia files and see them in-context using a single system, no matter the content type, including web-pages with images.


Manage all translations within the Adobe Experience Manager interface, fully leveraging its connected Translation Framework.


Leverage Translation Memories and specialist Terminology, and take advantage of automated workflows tailored to your precise needs.

Get XTM Connect for Adobe Experience Manager

Create global growth by harnessing the power of Adobe Experience Manager’s cloud-native solution and XTM Cloud’s smart automation.

  • Visual mode: Empower translators with in-context previews

  • DITA files support: ensure content is organized based on the DITA map

  • Continuous localization: ensure content is always fresh and up to date

  • Advanced in-context preview: leverage the proprietary XTM Cloud page exporter for AEM

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