XTM Connect: HubSpot

HubSpot’s integrated CRM platform contains the marketing, sales, service, operations, and website-building software you need to grow your business.

XTM Connect for HubSpot opens the door to real-time localization of your marketing content. Scale your marketing funnel with content localized into any language and engage your clients wherever they are.

Why use XTM Connect for HubSpot?

Seamless process

Send your emails, blog posts, landing pages, forms and more for translation and sync translated content back into HubSpot.

Improved translations

Increase the quality of your localized content while getting it done faster by giving linguists access to visual context previews.

Enhanced workflows

Create fully automated workflows for your teams to collaborate efficiently on global projects for a reduced time to market.

Get XTM Connect for HubSpot

  • Multilingual content

    Scale your marketing funnel by making all your resources available in any language.

  • Translation progress tracking

    Track translation progress in real time and receive it automatically in HubSpot.

  • Visual preview

    Provide linguists context for better translations using the visual mode in XTM Cloud.

  • Real-time localization

    Reach your entire customer base worldwide at the same time with localized content.

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