Machine Translation Partners

  • An independent systems integration company that marries translation automation technologies with expertise in process automation. Leverage from seamless integration with XTM Cloud and automate your translation to achieve optimal quality, and higher productivity.

  • Language Weaver is the world’s most powerful, comprehensive and adaptable neural machine translation platform. Language Weaver provides secure enterprise machine translation solutions, adapted to your content – empowering you to communicate without language barriers.

  • SYSTRAN is a renowned language service leader, offering neural machine translation solutions that break down language barriers. With SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Machine Translation, XTM Cloud users can enhance their multilingual communication, swiftly scale their multilingual content and go to market with confidence.

  • Acolad is the global leader in content and language solutions. Its mission is to support companies in every industry to scale across markets and enable growth through cutting-edge technology and localization expertise.

  • Berkeley SkyDeck startup Intento offers premium access to the best-fit cognitive AI services via its Enterprise AI hub. The hub connects seamlessly to XTM Cloud translation workflows, giving users more flexibility in choosing the most suitable MT.

  • Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation engine that helps you translate high-volume projects, such as websites or applications. Integrated with XTM Cloud, it enables you to deliver accurate, natural sounding translations quickly.

  • The company behind DeepL Translator, high quality machine translation system that produces translations of unprecedented quality. DeepL translator provides XTM Cloud users with AI-powered automated translation to reduce time to market, costs and extend global reach.

  • Google Translate is a neural machine translation engine to translate websites and texts into multiple languages. It provides XTM Cloud users with accurate translation that enhances linguists’ productivity, improves the quality of their output and decreases overall translation costs.

  • Microsoft Translator offers cloud-based translation service to businesses across the globe. XTM Cloud users can leverage Microsoft Translator to produce high quality translation to globalize their businesses and reach wider audiences faster and on budget.

  • combines high quality powerful machine translation solutions with functional depth and ease of use. Organizations can use it to increase their translator throughput, deliver secure translation to any channel and increase bottom line profit.

  • A leading-edge supplier of high quality machine translation technologies covering over 550 language pairs. Integrate Omniscien Technologies with your XTM Cloud instance to break down language barriers and publish multilingual content across channels and borders.

  • Lingo24 Machine Translation (MT) offers ultra-low cost translation best suited to descriptive content. Lingo24 is an excellent choice for XTM Cloud users reaching out to new markets, with significant cost savings and high quality in mind.

  • GeoFluent was developed to enable multilingual communication between users who are not language experts themselves. GeoFluent provides XTM Cloud users with cost-effective, real-time translation to broaden their reach and unlock new revenue opportunities.

  • SmartMATE’s advanced machine translation accelerates the translation of your content in XTM Cloud while keeping your data secure. Translate large volumes of content quickly at a reduced cost, while maintaining the quality of the final output.

  • Tauyou offers high quality web-based machine translation via API for language service providers and in-house corporate teams. Get access to accurate machine translation tailored to your global audience.

  • SAP Translation Hub, the cloud-based translation solution provided by SAP, integrates its machine translation API with XTM Cloud, enabling users to deliver machine translation optimized for industry and enterprise-related content in more than 90 language pairs.

Translation Technology Partners

  • TermWeb® from Interverbum provides direct integration with XTM Cloud for advanced terminology management. Manage your enterprise terminology in a connected ecosystem, create termbases, suggest new terms from XTM Workbench and get live term updates from TermWeb in XTM Workbench.

  • TAUS, the language data network, is an independent industry organization which provides users with standard methodology for quality evaluation. They became the language data network offering the largest industry-shared repository of data, deep know-how in language engineering and a network of Human Language Project workers around the globe.

  • The Rigi platform provides XTM Cloud users with robust software localization capabilities offering them live in-context translation, in-country review functionality and interactive HTML previews. Rigi’s ID-based approach to localization ensures high quality and consistent translation.

  • A quality assurance and terminology management system that integrates with XTM Cloud and allows users to run a range of quality checks from within XTM Workbench. As you browse segments in Xbench, these segments automatically become active in XTM Workbench so you can immediately correct errors.

  • Lingoport software helps development teams localize and internationalize their software with ease. Lingoport also provides extensive software internationalization (i18n) consulting services to help clients globalize their products on time and on budget.

Join Our Language Technology Journey

In the crowded language technology marketplace, it can be difficult to make your voice heard. XTM International’s Partners don’t have to shout. Join your voice with ours to create a persuasive, compelling case to enterprise organizations all over the world.

  • You’re The Voice

    You’re The Voice

    Why go through the arduous process of developing a sophisticated technology stack from scratch when you can become an XTM Language Technology Partner and have your offering dovetail with our best-in-class products? The world is waiting to hear from you, and we’ll make sure they do. When you partner with XTM International, you’re the voice.

  • Aspiring and Inspiring

    Aspiring and Inspiring

    We aim high, and so do our Partners. Working on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence, XTM International is constantly seeking new ways to add value. Our enhancements in NLP Artificial Intelligence, saving clients huge amounts of time and money, are giving the language technology sector something to aspire to, and something to be inspired by. As an XTM International Language Technology Partner, you can be part of that success story.

  • The People Business

    The People Business

    The XTM Language Technology Program helps people all over the world navigate digital transformation with best-in-class localization technology. And the most important word in that sentence is “people”. As our Partner, you’ll join us in providing technology with a purpose, freeing up people’s time and enabling them to use their skills. Making their lives better.You’ll reach a wider audience and they’ll listen to what you have to say. For all the advances in language technology, we’re still in the business of helping people. Let’s do it together.

Language Technology Partners

Language technology is advancing at the speed of thought. Machine solutions that might have seemed far-fetched a few years ago are adding value for XTM Cloud clients right now, with enhanced use of AI delivering mathematically precise calculations that tell us how accurate a translation is, and how much human input is needed. Our Language Technology Partners are joining with us in pushing the boundaries further every day. Are you ready to be part of this pioneering journey?

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