XTM LIVE Silicon Valley

XTM LIVE is an event that brings together executives, localization managers, and professionals from international enterprises to discuss and debate the evolution of language technology, translation and localization including best practices and future innovations. Localization professionals from leading organizations have a chance to present and discuss their use cases. The two-day conference program features TED-style talks, panel discussions, and multiple networking sessions which cover topics such as translation management systems, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine translation (MT), global content delivery, and many more. XTM LIVE is the translation technology summit and participants pick up insights on the latest trends in translation technology and get to network with peers in the industry.

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XTM LIVEStream is the virtual translation technology summit that offers in-depth insights into language technology, the industry trends and beyond. Localization managers, buyers and suppliers, technologists and content publishers will discuss recent technology developments in the industry including artificial intelligence, neural machine translation, continuous localization and many others. The online format of the event allows for more sessions, other ways to access content and digital networking. Participants get to learn about the latest translation technology through keynotes, expert presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions.