London 2019

20-21 May



United Kingdom

The Curtain

45 Curtain Road



XTM LIVE London speakers

Speakers are the core of every successful XTM LIVE. A well-balanced speech can easily grab the attention of every participant in the room and change their way of thinking. This is why we always invite localization specialists with extraordinary skills, expertise and the ability to give breathtaking presentations.

If you want to share your knowledge & experience and you are confident that your presentation will be a real killer, let us know and we will get back to you.

Julian Treasure picture

Julian Treasure

International Speaker

Bob Willans picture

Bob Willans

CEO at XTM International Ltd

Dr Germán Basterra picture

Dr Germán Basterra

Localization & Language Technology Manager at Nestlé GLOBE

Davide Grandis picture

Davide Grandis

Localization Tech Lead at adidas Group – OLIVER Agency

Růžena Wegener picture

Růžena Wegener

Localization Project Manager at Bigpoint GmbH

Philipp Ursprung picture

Philipp Ursprung

Language Technology Specialist at Swiss Post

Chris Raulf picture

Chris Raulf

International SEO Expert & Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing

Andrzej Zydroń picture

Andrzej Zydroń

CTO at XTM International

Pol Kayuka picture

Pol Kayuka

Sales Account Manager at SYSTRAN

Miklos Urban picture

Miklós Urbán

Senior Solutions Architect at RWS Moravia

Deepan Patel picture

Deepan Patel

Sales Director at Milengo GmBH

Adam Parasion picture

Agnieszka Zander

Senior Project Manager at Argos Multilingual

Adam Parasion picture

Adam Parasion

Senior Project Manager at Argos Multilingual

Shamus Dermody picture

Shamus Dermody

SVP & GM North America at XTM International

Jennifer Vela Valido picture

Jennifer Vela Valido

Localization Quality Manager at Expedia Group

Henk Boxma picture

Henk Boxma

Director, Internationalization and localization consultant at

Matt Purchase picture

Matt Purchase

Freelancer Operations Co-ordinator at GetYourGuide

Alex Katsambas picture

Alex Katsambas

Senior Translation Manager at Farfetch

Anne-sophie Delafosse picture

Anne-sophie Delafosse

Localization Manager at Deliveroo

Dr Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino picture

Dr Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino

Senior Lecturer in Translation at University of Roehampton

David Benotmane picture

David Benotmane

Solutions Architect & Product Director at Glossa Group GmbH

Dr Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino picture

Alex Zekakis

Senior Solutions Architect at XTM International

Julia Cassidy picture

Julia Cassidy

Localization Manager at Tenable Network Security

Rory Sampair picture

Rory Sampair

Solutions Architect at XTM International

Charlotte Cole picture

Charlotte Cole

Director of Content at Farfetch

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