Silicon Valley 2020

19-20 March


Silicon Valley

United States

Pullman San Francisco Bay

223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City



XTM LIVE Silicon Valley speakers

Sara Basile picture

Sara Basile

Senior Localization Program Manager at EFI

Florian Faes picture

Florian Faes

Managing Director at Slator

Pascale Tremblay picture

Pascale Tremblay

Sr. Manager Localization at Gap Inc.

Keith Kwak picture

Keith Kwak

Project/Program Manager/APJC Engagement at Cisco Systems

Lena Parkinson picture

Lena Parkinson

Director of Localization and User Assistance at EFI

Chris Raulf picture

Chris Raulf

International SEO Expert & Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing

Evelyn Yonhee Kim picture

Evelyn Yonhee Kim

Technical LPM at Gap Inc.

Ken Behan picture

Ken Behan

VP Sales and Marketing at SYSTRAN Software

Anh-Thi Le picture

Anh-Thi Le

Sr. Manager of Localization at RingCentral Inc.

Yves Savourel picture

Yves Savourel

VP of R&D at Argos Multilingual

Agnieszka Sommerfeld picture

Agnieszka Sommerfeld

Project Coordinator at XTM International

Lena Parkinson picture

Luke Hoge

Enterprise Account Executive, North America at One Hour Translation

Joel Sahleen picture

Joel Sahleen

Globalization Architect at Domo Inc.

Allison McDougal picture

Allison McDougall

Senior Vice President of Revenue at Amplexor

Patrick McLoughlin picture

Patrick McLoughlin

Manager of Localization at Eventbrite

Sharon Figueira picture

Sharon Figueira

Pre-sales consultant for North America at IXIASOFT

Silvia Avary picture

Silvia Avary

Head of Localization at Juniper Networks

Konstantin Savenkov

Jenny Reid

Globalization Product Manager at Guidewire Software

Konstantin Savenkov

Konstantin Savenkov

CEO of Intento, Inc.

Chiara Fonasero picture

Chiara Fornasero

Localization Manager at WhatsApp

Renato Beninatto picture

Renato Beninatto

CEO at Nimdzi Insights LLC

Cole Wilson picture

Cole Wilson

Project Manager, Translations at Caterpillar

Elizabeth Riley picture

Elizabeth Riley

Director of Solutions Architecture at Vistatec

Ginger Rosado picture

Ginger Rosado

Accomplished Operations/Program Management at Edwards Lifesciences

Bob Willans picture

Bob Willans

CEO at XTM International Ltd

Antoine Rey picture

Antoine Rey

CSMO at Venga Global

Andrzej Zydroń picture

Andrzej Zydroń

CTO at XTM International

Henk Boxma picture

Henk Boxma

Director, Internationalization and localization consultant at

Alex Zekakis picture

Alex Zekakis

European Solutions Architect Manager at XTM International

Andrzej Poblocki picture

Andrzej Poblocki

Globalization Architect at Veritas Technologies LLC

Sergey Parievsky picture

Sergey Parievsky

Globalization Consulting for Juniper Networks

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Silicon Valley 2020